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  1. ((Sorreh for the delay, things were happening and I forgot to write a post :I)) ((Actually wanted to wait with Caulxir until Alex posts, but well...)) Caulxir The Black Marrow smiled as he heard that Terra has learned so much of the necromancy spells they had found some time ago; his joy could be compared to a time when one earns the main prize at the local fair, except in this situation it would prove far more useful than some stupid competition reward. "That's great to hear, sweetheart" He replied to the dark Desipis as he went with her to the cave. Before he entered the cave He re-cast a Shadow spell over his army to make sure that the sunlight wouldn't burn them - if he wanted to take over the world, he couldn't afford any losses! Nevertheless, everything seemed to be find and he could go after Terra into the cavern. "Well, what do you want to train first?..." Caulxir asked while rubbing his cheek on Terra's. Kiyan Kiyan curled as the Hellfire yelled at him, yet he knew she's right. However, he didn't have any power inside him to either respond or say anything to anyone. Suddenly, he could hear a voice he swore he had already heard before. The spessartine raised his head and recognized the the voice of guardian dragon that had been with them few months ago in the cell, even before they tried to run away from their previous cell, yet there was something odd about her - she wore a black and red armor completely covering her and some kind of weird aura was unfolding around her. She dismissed the guard that was watching over them and commanded Kiyan and Revera to follow her. " B-Blade? A-are you here to save us? The pyralspite foolishly asked the dragoness with a slight hope in his voice. He was weak from all those days spent in there and he was moving very slowly. If only I had something to it...
  2. Anger filled the face of the strzyga as his clothing was burned by the half dragoness and that anger quickly turned to rage as the fire alarm rang and water started to sprinkle from the ceiling. He hated when his feathers were getting wet - and fact that he was almost naked didn't help it. "You moronic ****hole!" He yelled at the already transformed lady dragon and tried to lunge at her, but the stool he was sitting on fell over as he tried to get up, disorienting him for a short time. Worked like a charm Avixiam thought and a smirk appeared on his face. However, the feathered beast noticed that and immediately realized that it was the human who did that. Strzyga changed his target from the half dragoness to the magnomancer without hesitation - he was easier prey than her and it didn't seem to be hard to overpower him. The feathered newcomer lunged once again, this time with no bigger problems; Avixiam seeing it tried to launch screws and nuts at the incoming enemy, but it was no use - the strzyga changed immediately to his owl form as he noticed the metal pseudo-bullets flying in his direction making them miss him by mere millimeters. Using his smaller form for his advantage, he used it's agility to quickly fly behind the magnomancer and rested on his back. Then he changed back to his half human form, revealing that he tightened on Avixiam's back, immobilizing his arms and making him in such a position that one side of his neck was revealed. "Tell me, have you ever thought how it wold feel to get bitten in the neck with someone who has two sets of teeth?... He hissed through his greeted teeth and prepared to bite a chunk of the mage's neck of. Poor magnomancer could do nothing - he could only hope that someone would make something to get the strzyga off him. ((So much drama.))
  3. ((Um, my character is already at the bar so it is kinda strange how she could stand between me, Damia and the bartender)) Oh come on guys, you really want to fight now? The strzyga asked all those who began threatening him. He laughed at the draconic lady who protected the barkeep. You can't fool me, sweety. Everyone at the bar here is either a magical being or has some magic potential. Saying that, he looked at Avixiam, who was still calmly drinking his bourbon. In reality though, that strzyga hadn't noticed one thing - while the magnomancer didn't seem to care much about all the ruckus around, he actually was using his metal manipulation skills to unscrew the barstool the newcomer was sitting on. Slowly but steady he was making progress and as for then he still didn't manage to notice it. In the meantime, the strzyga continued with a quieter voice. "Now, that I have your attention - all I wanted to say, is that the world has changed. People now know of our existence, so there's no need of hiding it. The way they react to us is unacceptable!" He hit the bar with his fist. "We were before the mundane humans even existed. It is us who should have the power, not them! Now, just so you know, some idiot has probably filmed the whole situation here, the word will spread and they'll demand their justice on us. Funny, isn't it?" With the last words the strzyga smiled. Everything went just as he planned. ((Do I need to explain why he did so? ))
  4. I'm thinking about it, though I dunno, now that he's involved in a relationship with Terra... I need to think about it
  5. *feels proud of himself* I see no objections Esko, so I guess yus :3 you want to make somehow your character connected to mine? EDIT: Oh right the OP :I
  6. ??? "Sure, I'll buy something, because that's what I'm here for, aren't I?" The strzyga cynically replied to the bartender and walked to the bar, still smiling. He took a seat on a far edge by the water spirit, a being that was native to the land he lived in. He leaned on his hand and glanced at the barkeep. "So, tell me my friend, for how long have you been working under cover of human? Let me guess, over a hundred years?" He asked aloud as if there were no one around - and because of a silence that stayed in the place everyone heard it. Gasps could be heard and whispers arose again, many of them being like "There are other's like him here?" or "What, the bartender is not normal too?". The newcomer smiled deviously as everything was going according to his plan...
  7. "Who cares, dammit! I be not goin' easy on them whatever t' reason may not be!" Yarzoth replied to the automaton and fired a blind shot from his dragon blunderbuss in direction of the ship. "Me thinks you might be right though, yet it be not important now. Show your blades, scoundrels!" He yelled the last part of his sentence to the sihp that was approaching them. ((Same here, just showing I remember about this ))
  8. Woop woop, introduced a new character! Just so you know, here is some info - he is a male Strzyga, kind of a Slavic vampire. Here's some info from wiki: "A strzyga (Polish pronunciation: [ˈstʂɨɡa]) is a female demon somewhat similar to vampire in Slavic (and especially Polish) folklore. People who were born with two hearts and two souls and two sets of teeth (the second one barely visible) were believed to be strzygas. Furthermore a newborn child with already developed teeth was also believed to be one. When a person was identified as a strzyga he was chased away from human dwelling places. Such strzygas usually died at a young age, but, according to belief, only one of their two souls would pass to the afterlife; the other soul was believed to cause the deceased strzyga to come back to life and prey upon other living beings. These undead strzyga were believed to fly at night in a form of an owl and attack night-time travelers and people who had wandered off into the woods at night, sucking out their blood and eating their insides. Strzyga were also believed to be satisfied with animal blood, for a short period of time." Yeah, I kinda took that and changed it a bit. Also, males are also present in Slavic mythology, as far as I know, just FYI
  9. ??? A black owl with red eyes landed on a lamp post in front of the bar where it sensed high concentration of magical beings. Time to have some fun... It thought and flew down to the entrance of the building. As it did, a black mist engulfed it for a while and revealed it's true nature - the bird changed into a full-grown man with sharp nose and long black hair, yet he still had some animal features. His fingers and toes were topped off with sharp claws, like ones of an owl, and he had feathers on his shoulders and outer side of his arms. Though normally unseen, he had two sets of teeth - a sight that terrified everyone who happened to see the second set. His red eyes pierced anyone who happened to stumble upon his gaze; some kind of uneasiness could be felt when around him. Somehow, after changing to his human forum, he already appeared with a pair of black jeans on him. After landing in front of the door, he dusted off feathers on his shoulders and went inside. Just after he entered some people turned their gaze on him. They started to whisper among themselves - some were scared, some curious, some just drunk-brave. One of the latest group, a young man sitting to the left of the entrance stood up with a mug of beer in his hand, almost falling over because of his state and pointed at the newcomer. "Look, it's one of those weirdos!" He exclaimed with a sloppy voice. Just after he finished, the newly arrived smirked and dashed to him, just to grab him by his clothes with his hands and lift the drunkard up, who sobered immediately. "You better remember not too call me this way, or either I'll end your pathetic life and feast on your body. Understood?" He spoke with a strong voice to the youngster; an European accent could be heard in it. His red eyes stared at his prey, who was filled with fear - in response to the words of the 'weirdo' he just shook his head up and down nervously, hoping it would calm down him at lest so he could put him down. Unfortunately for the man, it didn't - the newcomer threw him in direction of a nearby table where a couple was sitting. Not caring much about the reaction of the mundane people who were mainly scared of him, he turned to the bartender, smiled and spread his arms with resignation. "Well, what kind of bartender are you to allow that kind of insults to ones of my kin, huh?"
  10. That will be hard And that's also the point, I want the humans to see the 'bad' side of the magical so they have an excuse to not like them I'll make a post later today. Maybe after I get from school, maybe while in it.
  11. So, I have an idea to spice up things a bit at the bar. I thought of making a character (a creature from slavic mytholoy) who wouldn't care much about hiding the fact that he is 'different' and would cause a commotion at the bar because of his disrespectful and bossy personality. And he'd be a bit creepy. Then the normal humans would contact someone and chase after magicals would begin. Waddaya think?
  12. Kiyan The young Spessartine loosened his grip around the cold, metal bars of his cell and began on looking blankly at the floor he was standing on - made of ice, as everything around here. Tears were falling from his face to the ground as he continued on sobbing, becoming one with the rest of ice thanks to the magic protecting the cells. "But... we got away... then returned..." Kiyan said with a weak voice. He was on an edge of a mental breakdown, thanks to the memories of past few months, and fact that he was locked down in this cell for quite a long time. "Why did it happen to me?!" He suddenly burst out and began on hitting the ice beneath him with his paws. He had enough of it. --- Caulxir The necromancer stood on a dune, looking with pride at the army he gathered during past few months. A legion of mindless creatures obeying his every command and not questioning any of his words... Caulxir knew he was living in his prime now. And being a ruler of a gigantic undead army wasn't the only fact saying it... Terra, the beautiful, colorful Desipis he had met some time ago... The same that wiped out part of his army with no greater effort and seeked a wealth beyond anyone's imagination... She and her companions had joined the Marrow in his quest of wiping out life out of Galsreim. The joy he felt when she agreed to help him! Having such a beauty and a powerful ally beside him had been a dream of this wicked dragon... Now, thanks to the time they had spent together and their affection to each other they got really close to each other - they were already mates at the time being, despite their short acquaintance and breed differences. Caulxir felt like he had found the mate of his life and found it strange that someone as unpredictable and crazy as him could feel something like that. The Black Marrow flew back to his mate and her companions who were waiting near the front of his - or actually their, as he shared the rule with Terra - army for him, as he went to see what laid before them. "There's nothing special behind that dune... I noticed some big cave. We'll rest there for a while." He informed them. His gaze turned to the Desipis and his face expression turned from a maniacal grin typical to him to a warm smile. ((Is it right, Dragoness? ;-; )) --- Corr & Coo The idea of moving to the desert didn't really make Corr happy - he preferred green forests and plains over sand, stones and gravel, but nevertheless went with Cicero's idea - he liked the black dragon, even though sometimes he would make an inappropriate joke with Coo, like trying to eat her or anything like that, but the hen knew how to defend herself - it looked like she knew what would hurt or annoy him most. After a screams could be heard, Coo began to cluck nervously."S-seems that someone's getting hurt..." Corr said - violence and fighting were the least liked activities by him and he didn't like both participating in and witnessing such acts.
  13. I can wait. I already have dragons in 4 parties so I won't grumble
  14. MEHEHE CAN'T TOUCH ME I'M SANIC FAST So, when will be the hatchies born?
  15. I WANT A LITTLE GEMSHARD YUSSSS! That'd be awesome
  16. Kiyan Kiyan woke up because of the Hellfire's grumbling with the same feeling as yesterday and many days before - he was tired of all of that. He wanted it to stop, the imprisonment, not being able to move freely and do what he wanted to do.... He just wanted to be FREE! The Spessartine's only hope was that one day it would end and he'd be out of here... When, he didn't know. It literally was the only thing he lived for. Kiyan slowly got up and sat in front of the cell bars, gripping them with his paws. "I want to get out..." He said with a weak voice, staring at the wall in front of him. The dragon started to sob - it was too much for him. He was too young to experience this... he was barely and adult, dang it! I should have stayed at my cave with all my treasure, good access to food and no problems whatsoever... The Pyralspite leaned his head down and conitnued on crying. "What should I do..." he sobbed
  17. So... I think we should plan what are we doing next and what major events will be going on soon. It's all nice now, but having a plan is always a good idea :3
  18. After hearing Sarkan's telepathic voice, Blake finished what he had left in his glass - not that much, to be honest - and leaned on the table. "Keeping the crowd under control, huh?" He said and looked around. Surely many magic wielding personas gathered in one place, he could feel it. It seemed that this bar was a place for them to meet, discuss their affairs, or just chill out or celebrate something, just like Blake was doing. Still, it was obvious that sooner or later some drama would see the light of day and find it's way to the public view if left without control, just like it happened with the video that made the mundane people notice the magic and magical beings around them. Opinions about them varied from one person to another, that's why most of them still prefer to live under cover - some people are afraid, some pessimistic, others say that there is no place for the magical to live... That's what was forcing people like Blake or Sarkan to stay low and live a false life. However, that's not what the magnomancer wanted to think about - he made a deal of his life today, dang it! "Free drinks, you say..." He mumbled under his nose and began on searching for anything that would catch his eye. Soon he noticed a bourbon named "Elijah Craig 'Barrel Proof'", made of whiskey, caramel, black pepper and vanilla. It fit the requirements that the former guardian stated before and seemed to have a quite interesting flavor. "Give me some Elijah Craig 'Barrel Proof' bourbon then, Sark."
  19. If so, Caulxir will turn the whole world to undead.
  20. Right now Blake is kind of busy talking with Tor and Red so sadly no from me :/
  21. A smile appeared on Blake's face as Damia used her telepathic skills to greet herself. The voice he heard was almost the same as her natural voice, but a kind of wild power could be sensed in it. "Now, tell me Sarkan, what's hot in the bar?" Joked Blake, still in a good mood after making a deal of his life. He always had to make that joke when he was feeling well - he might had told it way too many times already. Before the bartender could reply to him, he heard another voice in his head, talking how it's not easy to be a dragon in this human society. Not hiding the surprised look on his face, he turned his gaze first to Damia, but the voice wasn't the same as hers, then he looked over his shoulder. He noticed a girl and a guy, the later glancing at her as like she did something impressive, while she just looked abashed - it didn't take Blake long to realize that she was the one who made that telepathic message, probably to every one in the bar, or at least every magical being here. "Well, missy, if you wanted to talk you could always just walk to us, you know..." The magnomancer said, startled.
  22. "Sure, lemme get it..." Blake said and pulled out a business card from the inner pocket of his jacket. He handed it over to the woman - who according to what Sarkan said was a dragoness of some sort - and gave her a curious look. He tried to recall when he last met a dragon in human form. Of course it happened sometime that he went on some business trip to apparently non-inhabited place were a dragon had it's lair, but in a town... No, not really. The magnomancer took another sip of whiskey before speaking. "Anyway, my name is Blake Farnham, magnomancer and jeweler, coming from a noble Farnham family, once one of the most influential in our world." He greeted himself to the lady. Then he noticed that yet another female took a seat by them. Luckily she didn't hear his words - he was smart enough to greet himself quiet enough, so only the owner and the dragoness heard him.