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  1. My suggestions for the valuable thing: Choose one: - Magical value (but we don't use magic here, do we?) - a shiny rock No, really, a shiny rock with magical properties, I dunno, Healing Stone or something? - Defensive value - some hunting equipment, left by a hunter who was hunting somewhere nearby. This could give an additional plot point (finding the hunter), boost defensive abilities of the pack (traps and such) and/or help the pack grow (because of the stuff they found). Or at least something like that :I - Spiritual value - an object of worship of sort. Be it a statue of something/someone, some religious thing or something like that. But eh, dunno if we want to bring a religion of sort to this RP :I Waddaya think?
  2. One way or another, that's when he will tell his son who his half brother is
  3. "Don't worry, I live not that far from here too." The magnomancer smiled and looked at the dragoness. In his opinion, she looked cute - despite knowing what creature she really is (only theoretically, as he hadn't seen her true form). Moreover, she was really caring, at least for him, which made him feel both very well and awkward at the same time, because no one ever who he had known for mere hour had shown that kind of sympathy to him. "Actually... I guess I can walk you home, unless it is in other direction than along the road" He told Crimson, trying to sound as confident as he could.
  4. I think the perfect occasion would be when Avion gets his wolfy butt beaten by Ace
  5. If it would be a dragon, I think that the drakin on the ship should sense it somehow, that's why I'm asking :I
  6. I actually didn't mention it in his history, but I think I need to fix it now so it fits everything: UBER HISTORY TWEAK (bold is changed) (consulted with Esko) I'd be glad if Mia accepts these changes as I think they are obligatory for the RP to actually make sense character-wise. (and it adds possibilities for new plots and plot twists )
  7. ...are you planning a dragon here or is it just me? x3 Or a hulk?
  8. That actually makes more sense than it should :x
  9. It's okay, sometimes people just don't notice, eh :3
  10. "Nope. Work and family kinda leaves me no time for stuff like this." Avixiam replied to Crimson as they were walking through the silent city. There was some odd, calming feel in the air that really relaxed him and eased his nerves, making him forget about the situation at bar. Probably it was just the fact that the magnomancer needed some fresh air to calm down, yet he didn't care that much. What he knew is that now he was safe - he didn't know why, but he was certain of it. It just felt like there wasn't any possibility of a life-threatening situation. "Night surely has some magic in it, heh." He said as he looked at partially clouded sky above him. Suddenly he felt really tired - everything that happened before had to leave a mark somehow at him, not counting the mental condition of his brain. "I think that's enough or me today... I need to get some sleep. Do you leave anywhere nearby?" He asked the dragoness.
  11. "Actually... yeah, some fresh air will be good." Avixiam said as he raised his head up. He began to function normally, though he knew that a walk would still be a good option for him, he stood up, eyeing the building around - everything was a mess. Signs of fight, despite of it's length being short, could be seen. Some tables and chairs were fallen over, one table was broken - it was probably the one that the demon threw a human at. The door was widely opened and evening wind was flowing through it. The magnomancer looked at the barkeep who was busy fixing the place up. "If you need any help, just call." He said and left a business card at the bar in case Sarkan needed help. "Shall we go, then?" He asked Crimson as he turned to her. The eyes thing was already better, though he still wasn't able to look to much at them. Nevertheless, he was able to notice her slightly round face, which in his opinion was quite nice to watch.
  12. Avixiam and Crimson are, Avi's kinda shocked and is trying to get his toghether
  13. Blake, Hunting Leader "It's not about the rules, you moron!" Blake hissed at Tor. "Do you even listen to what I say? Wolves before you tried to poison the leader and no one succeeded so far! What makes you think your plan would be better?!" He shouted the last sentence at the scouting leader. Even though he liked him and just like him hated the fact that Ace's the leader, not his sister, he angered him now. It seemed that he didn't even listen to what the older and more experienced wolf had to say. But what could I expect from a youngster like him... he thought. "Anyway, the last word is for the Red to decide, isn't it?" He asked both of them, completely ignoring the fact that Ren was here.
  14. ((Don't worry, Yarzoth's on the way to fix what he has done )) "Oh, ye scurvy dogs!" Yarzoth cursed as he saw the elves that outnumber Zefel, who has apparently fainted. Without further hesitation he started running, took out his curved dagger and threw it while running at the elf with a hammer who wanted to do a final blow to his crew mate. It hit him in the chest, causing the weapon that he had to drop behind him, making no harm to the navigator of the Blade. After throwing his weapon he immediately began to load his dragon blunderbuss with a shot, allowing him to shoot one more shot at the attackers surrounding Zefel. Then he approached the navigator and took the second bottle he had, labeled 'ACID'. "Hands off, ***s! Yarzoth shouted as he opened the bottle and spilled the liquid around him, making every attacker surrounding him cower in pain. Then he took his dagger from the corpse and sliced another one's side as he tried to approach him from behind. "Come on now, show me what ye got! He threatened the elves around, who were already few in number. ((EDIT: First post on a page. Again. Wow.))
  15. "Name's Avixiam." The magnomancer quickly replied to Crimson. He began to nervously tap his fingers on the bar as he tried to recall how it exactly went. Just by doing it he noticed what he had done wrong - he acted to impulsive, to aggressive. Instead of conjuring a defensive spell, he magically shot the screws at the beast. That's something that I should remember... He noted in his mind. Then, in front of his eyes once again appeared the scene in which the strzyga was clenched on his back. The manomancer stopped tapping his fingers, closed his eyes and hung low his head as he tried to not think about this anymore. "This will surely give me nightmares." He thought aloud and opened his eyes, though he didn't raise his head. "Thank you, Crimson. I owe you my life... If not you I'd be probably be lying on the floor with bloodied neck by now." He said and turned his gaze to his savior. She was a slender girl with long, black-red hair and red eyes, which recalled him once again of the beast. "Sorry... It's just... your eyes, you know..." He apologized after turning his gaze back to the floor. Damn, this is awkward
  16. Blake, Hunting Leader "You don't get it, do you?" The old wolf growled at Tor. "The end doesn't justify the means, at least in this case. Listen up, pup: I've been in this pack for longer than any of you and I know how things work here. You think you're the first who wants to try anything like this? No, you're not. Has anything like it ever work? Guess it." Blake spat at the ground. "What I'm trying to say is that it's just no use. We need to confront it directly and not try to find another way around"
  17. The ships collided and the drakin almost fell over because of the power with which they smashed. "That's what me's talkin' about!" Yarzoth yelled as he dodged the fireball that Serra shot. The elves panicked - a fire on their ship truly disorientated them as a big part of their crew was burning. However, they still were attacking them; seeing it the alchemist pulled out a potion labeled 'FIRE'. "Take cover, lads!" He shouted to his crew mates as he threw the bottle in direction of their enemies. When it was nearing the Willow Queen, the drakin shot his dragon blunderbuss at it, hoping that at least one shot would hit the potion mid-air. Somehow, one bullet managed to collide with the bullet and a rain of liquid fire rained at the elves that were attacking them, igniting quite a part of the crew of the attackers. "Eat flame, ye scurvy dogs!" He shouted at them.
  18. ((I am back! Sorreh skwerl, I'd reply but I needed a break :I)) Caulxir "Hmm... I don't know if that's a good idea... The Black Marrow mumbled under his muzzle. It could prove useful to have minions that would actually be able to do more than blindly obey his and Terra's commands as it would greatly help the combat abilities of his army, but on the other hand he was afraid of one certain thing - what if they would create some sort of advanced consciousness and decided that it would be easier for them to live without their master? However, they needed his power to live and prosper... "Actually, if we limit the amount of zombies we create with this we could make them commanders of our army so it would be easier to manage it while battling... Let's do it!" Caulxir finally decided and grinned maniacally at his and his mate's idea. Kiyan The Spessartine was disoriented - he didn't like what was going on there. Blade letting them go was a good thing after all, but that's not what he expected after trying to save her from being a prisoner at Vylainne's dungeon. Nevertheless, he realized that it wasn't a good moment to complain and went after Revera. "Coming!" He replied to the Hellfire and darted to her. "So... what will we do now? He asked her. Corr & Coo "I stand with Irupi. If anyone should go, it should be Cicero, he's the only one who knows how to fight." Corr interrupted, yet Coo didn't seem to agree with him. She started to cluck furiously and peck the Olive dragon on his head. "Hey, calm down girl, you wouldn't fight anyway!" He told the chicken, yet it didn't calm her down. It seemed that she was angered just by the fact that he was too cowardly to join a fight.
  19. ((Sorreh guyz, needed to take a break for a while :I)) Thoughts were swirling in Avixiam's head as he was sitting on the stool. It felt like meeting with death face-to-face with him: that demon surely scared the out of him, as his nerves weren't the best. The deeply red, lightly swirling eyes; the two rows of teeth that were almost sunk in his neck; the feral voice that threatened him, which he heard so well as the beast whispered to his ear - all of that combined in one really worsened his mental condition. Luckily, there was that dragoness that saved him - if not her, the magnomancer would be cold dead by now. Everything after that was blurred for him, though he recalls that it seemed that the demon flew away from the bar, as the others managed to fight it off somehow. Avixiam came back to his senses as he felt a hand on his shoulder and a voice asking him if he's alright. He turned his head to notice the same dragoness that pushed the Strzyga of him. "I... I'm fine, I guess." He replied, stuttering. "I just need to get myself together, that's it.
  20. No stress, just don't forget about it x3
  21. Sorreh but I have different plans for the strzyga AND I ACTUALLY WANT HIM TO LIVE x3 But don't worry, I'll bring him back some time in the RP, that's for sure. For now I just wanted him to be an event-triggerer that would show at either crucial moments in the RP or when everything would be getting boring and people would have no idea on what to write Be patient, you'll kill him later~
  22. The Strzyga shouted after he got knocked off of his prey with a fire blast from another dragoness' mouth.Then, after he noticed that another dragoness was lunging at him he dodged to the side and got up. He was breathing heavily and he looked even more feral than before - his sight was even more piercing than before and if one would be able to look in his eyes for longer than few seconds he would notice that it looked like some kind of faint, dark red liquid was swirling in it. His body was ore masculine than before, hair wilder, claws and canine teeth longer than before and his second set of teeth was more visible - in fact it could be easily seen by anyone who looked at him. His voice had also changed, replaced by a deep, dark voice with a savage feel in it. "It doesn't matter what happens now. People will spread the word and a war between mundane and magical will start. My work is done." He said. Before anyone could react, he turned back to his owl form and flew as fast as it is possible out of the bar and hid well on a nearby tree. The strzyga was exhausted and needed to recover from the scorch he had just earned. Meanwhile, Avixiam was trying to get up, pale as a bone and with a fear in his eyes. He tried to say something but everything that left his mouth was an unrecognizable mumble. His jacket was torn by the claws of his attacker, but fortunately for him he didn't have any serious wounds, only few scratches. The magnomancer somehow managed to get up and sit on the stool, but he still couldn't gather himself together - all because he was aware that he had almost died by the hand of a strzyga. ((That's enough of that fella for now, unless someone wants to interact with him or has an idea for a character that could get together with an evil slavic demon x3))
  23. OH COME ON it is unfair, 1 vs 4? :C Anyway, I wonder how it will end