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  1. Yup! Most often the answers came when I was a devotee to Loki--the things I asked for and needed always happened before there were real consequences for not having gotten them, the ones I wanted but didn't need did not. Usually the things I needed and hasn't gotten were because of a like of money or resources, but after communing over it, opportunities would show up to give me what I needed. For example, I needed $400 I just didn't have a couple months ago (my car needed work unexpectedly) and I had no idea how I was going to make that much. I can't just pick up extra hours at my job because it's a set schedule, same every day, and nothing I was listing on Craigslist was selling. I asked Loki about it, and the next day I sold two old game consoles and a computer, giving me $300 out of the $400 I needed, then I finally got a letter saying that I was approved for $125 per month in food stamps, leaving my grocery money suddenly free. Talking about well done Loki plan i had a debt for phone once 200$ and i just suddenly found freelancer job for illustrations and did 220$ instead
  2. I am wiccan and i do have receved answeers from Gods ussually when i ask for soething it usually comes in as opportunity to take for something i have lonnged or needed
  3. I personally think of God/Gods as one massive entiny sytem witch created us and every one of us as independent as we are have our right to understand it as we wish eather it is trinity god of crhitianity or god pyramid of greeks or egyptians in the end it all comes to 1 entiny who created us and speaks to us time to time wheather we understand it correctly or use it to do our own thing is up to our level of spirituality to connect to God you have chosen cause there are as manny truths as are people so its bound to be understood diferently by every being
  4. Well i just dropped idea it might be liked for those with 10000 of dragons since they might think its right dragon but lineage would end up inbred or messed up ^^ i tried giving idea to help^^
  5. I dont see how that would be given that called warning if u read previous answer as it is only 2 dragon pyramid and wouldnt be understood as warning but if people would be wished to have this the option should be able to be disabled if it is disliked
  6. Well in my understanding messy lineage would be if u try breed together 2 different lineages witch would have different dragons like ln 1 (mother gold father gold 3rd gen) and ln2 (mother black father sky wing 3rd gen) that way lineage would appear messy but as there is used 3 or more dragons in ln completely Well thats why it has yes/no meaning: 1. yes you don't care of warning and wish to continue 2. no you care and wish to breed with right dragon (if you have) There are people who make lineage projects of the ln witch you may think are messy so cb bred with ln is not messy unless you adding 3 dragons in case if its not specified to breed the dragon you are planning to have ln like eliment of creativity, it will give 1 warning when you make lineage but if you for exaple wish to make ln Eliment of Creativity and Black alt then in first gen of the parents it will ask for "are you sure" Other way to actually see witch ones are messy is have a name option to ln itself witch would appier as family name to all dragons that way (family names can be revelently same with others if so since there are posibilities and projects so if you breed 2 ln of same name it would not be considered messy by your standarts if wished and if they all are unnamed and site thinks it might be messy it will ask
  7. Also would be nice to give % of possibility of the witch egg will be given mother or father sutch as example 10% fathher (gold) and 90% Mother (black tea)
  8. Or more like if it has lineage and the breeding with other dragon who has lineage too it could say "are you sure you want to breed with this dragon it will be messy lineage (yes \ no)" "are you sure you want to breed with this dragon it will be inborn(has the same father mother already form same lineage) (yes \ no)"
  9. Then i might aswell give up cause i have no valid idea for cross over breds >.< i just tought mints are so tiny they could fit pigmys but now i seen enaught posts to prove me wrong ^^ so taking down this post ^^
  10. Well if mints would be a size comparable with pigmys then in update Mints would have to be clasified as pigmy that way no code problem just saying
  11. With this it should be then eather made contests by the sprite authors for it or made drawings by them themself after all they did put into sprites hard work so they have really final say here if TJ accepts the idea
  12. the way Mints describtion givven gave a feel they are even smaller than a car if they are car sized then they could hunt hares deers and perhaps fish fishes at shallow ends of rivers like bears
  13. well that makes sencse restrictions for drakes as drakes perhaps counts as different breed i was more thinking size varienty cause HOW can mint being mere dog size breed with 4floor building sized dragon? hen logically its breeding range could be pigmys Rages off lineagers will be unventable if tis is sugested witch i did suggest right now
  14. Since mint dragons are at size of pigmys i think....well maybe bit larger. I think they should be able to breed with them perhaps? I just thought cause they are too small to logically breed with regular ones....
  15. Wow this topic is sooo interesting and awesome ^^ i am wiccan my self tho i am in learning process and i dont mind learning other people beliefs ^^
  16. I didnt put in thought that far but i do agree with ab613 ^^ originally i thought it would look awesome if u get to see more details on the dragons as sprites are small and can be hard to see their true beauty ^^ But i trully think this would make encyclopedia even better ^^
  17. I want sings up finally >.<
  18. yeah those refusas are annoying as hell
  19. Yay there are loads of likers for this awesome
  20. Yeah also it then wouldn't be exactly 'copy' of the magistream if done in encyclopedia and i think that way people could admire dragons even more as they could see on some of them more details (or admire nebulas even more hahahaha)
  21. I wouldn't mind do like cool drawings of bigger version for there that was dropped an idea to drop in somewhere if liked
  22. Well it was an idea if it would go then i would like to add in some of it ^^ perhaps its just cause i love this game and finding excuse to try get my art more out^^
  23. true But its always can be found a way to make it similar but not same it was an idea and layout can always be made the way it would not be same to theirs