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  1. 1. What's your forum name? The Stig 2. What's your preferred fruit or vegetable? Tomatoes
  2. Thank You to Organizers Its been so much fun 😀 My last lot of gifts have just been sent or i hope so🙂 hope my giftee was pleased with what i sent took some advance planning but i think i done well 😓
  3. CB Red Coppers one z code Offer a dummy Offer a dummy 2nd Gen Silver Hatch Offer a dummy
  4. above still available plus CB Red Copper CB Aeon Purple Dino
  5. got one for you https://dragcave.net/teleport/67eeff712545224414ccd40cfd283f5b
  6. coming to last week of gifting have a few more for gifting just offer dummy on links CB Silver Hatch 2nd Gen Silver Hatch influenced to be male Cheese Hatch Chicken Hatch CB Aeon Hatch
  7. 2nd Gen Silvers for gifting offer any random egg X Blue Zyu X Moonstone
  8. couple of 3rd gen prize one spiral one stair offer a dummy offer a dummy
  9. have Dino and 2nd gen prize fail to help gifters🙂 purple Dino Hatch Red Dino 2nd Gen Gold Prize fail offer a dummy on links if you need to gift these are offered to persons participating in the event, on other eggs/hatchies i have posted, persons have offered that not participating😟
  10. Have couple of Dino's Purple hatch and red egg, also a cheese hatch PM if you need one to gift
  11. Offering just put a dummy if you want CB Purple Floret 2nd Gen Prizekin CB Aeon
  12. above still available and some more 3rd gen prize stairs Silver Tin X Kingcrowne offer a dummy Gold Shimmer X Bright breasted offer a dummy Gold Tinsel X Golden Wyvern offer a dummy Cancelled will try and trade for other stuff
  13. Offering 2nd gen bronze shimmer egg X Arcana want to go to someone unable to get and to go to someone with none or very few 2nd gen prize proof needed please PM also 3rd gen Gold Shim offer dummy offer a dummy
  14. Have with help from Carmelita Fox will gender Female CLAIMED
  15. Anyone need for gifting 3rd gen stair with Aria https://dragcave.net/teleport/ce56c3768b38b0221117b6fee70152c9 comment if you take
  16. have to go to bed and no one wants will check in the morning if not grown will need to be a quick turnaround
  17. 2nd Gen Silver tinsel Hatch 2nd gen Silver Tin X Celestial hatch is gendered to match the female prize need to go to someone unable to fulfill request and giftee to be online very short time to it grows was stunned on the 5th but i am not sure how long it last proof of list would be appreciated dont need name just the list🙂
  18. Have 2nd Gen PB Holly Want Good Offers PB Holly