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  1. Wow they're much brighter now I love the description.
  2. Oh It's quite late now but I'm too excited to sleep...Egg locked and hopefully will have the slots in several hours.
  3. Still hunting for my second batch... Couldn't remember when the glitch was corrected in last release, but for this time I do hope the beautiful new eggs will come back for a while so I could get at least one pair from each biome.
  4. The babies are so cute, colorful like candies
  5. They're sooooo pretty! Just hope I could have more slots to grab one from each biome.
  6. So curious about whether we would have new release today though I'm hatchling locked now...
  7. Yes,the slot will be occupied when the eggs are dead because of the earthquake,being killed or bitten to death by a vampire
  8. What a pity I do not have enough slot to take all of them as pairs... Can't wait to see the adults!
  9. Just got my first hatchling! Wondering whether it is a girl or a boy
  10. Thank you TJ and the artists! It's exciting to have new dragons two month successively.
  11. Just summoned my first GoN successfully! Maybe this egg also would like to celebrate the earth day Also, got this beauty as a gift. Love the breeder soooooo much! http://dragcave.net/lineage/q4T7u
  12. https://dragcave.net/lineage/3Mxw5 I love this checker from my favourite shadow walker and cute terrae. Thanks so much to whoever bred it!
  13. Great I love Terrae and all these green guys! I would breed some when there is a slot.
  14. Sometimes I got beautiful checker from AP and then forgot to influnence the egg... It was really sad to have such a beautiful lineage destroyed on my hand...
  15. Thank you for this, love it! https://dragcave.net/lineage/OZsjt
  16. I could see my basket now, thanks TJ!
  17. The background looks awesome and the font is cute. Love it.