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**I accept IOUs :) ** Officially collecting soulpeaces! \o/ Any lineage welcome. Goal: 72/100

Xylene: It's not really going to be a Neo x Gold lineage, though It's more like... neos only. Golds are neofails.


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    Open to PMs and breeding requests within reason. :) Frequently found on the IRC where I am a hOP!

    ~Shimmers I Own~

    ZYOX1 - -CLOSED- - 6th gen from Geumseol Menoth

    Optic Enigma - -CLOSED- - 3rd gen from Logic x Lumina
    Treasure From Layla - -CLOSED- - 4th gen from Layla x Thunder
    Spark Of Logic - CLOSED - 4th gen from Logic x Blusang
    Forged In Silver - CLOSED - 5th gen from Kawa-no-Kami x Gold
    Lotto Crazy - Lotto only - 6th gen from Echoes In The Deep x Halloweens

    Shimmering Little Ring - -CLOSED- - 6th gen from Crazy Little Diamond x GW
    Sheen Of Copper - -CLOSED- - 7th gen from brFA8 x f hellfire )

    Credit to Seraphinu for hOP badge!