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  1. Yes it seems a shame in a way but then again they hog space.
  2. Nice, I like it, are you keeping the weapons?
  3. Maybe a bit more color like ginerbread gumdrops?
  4. Wowzers 13310! Gorgeous. SO many lovely forts this year I think you've all done really well. Can someone tell me how to do a screenshot? I just revamped mine.
  5. I've started to put a wall around the perimeter of mine now, not sure if I prefer it with or without. Can I get a couple of opinions?
  6. Thanks, accidentally found out how to upgrade the base too, might still change it a bit more before tomorrow and remove the weapons. Does anyone know when the event will end time & day ?
  7. I don't think I've got paint... I've tarted it up a bit now, do you think it's better?
  8. Thanks, I'm pressing that button but nothing's happening.
  9. I still can't figure out how to get print/sysrq up and ys I am.
  10. OMG you forts are lush!!!!! Mine is super super naff by comparison, I can't post a screen shot as I don't know how but can you guys look at my scroll and give your honest opinion...don't be nice...give it to me straight - I think my fort if naff and needs changing, I am willing to spend all day tomorrow doing so if needs be, lemme know what you think leas.
  11. Ok so this isn't a life or death problem but this year I just don't know what to do with my ort design wise, last time I was full of inspiration, now I'm stuck and it is getting boring using just snowball canons to destroy stuff but I'm reluctant to buy bigger weapons in case I run out f funds for the fort building. Can anyone chime in here? 😐
  12. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but when I click on 'build' and bring up a list of items some of the boxes are below/off the screen and there's no scroll bar at the side to bring them into view so I can't see/get all the items on the list. Anyone know how to get past this?
  13. Anyone know how to repair their tent? When I click on it the spanner option is muted.
  14. ok thanks I just went to my fort and there's a bar up by my tent which suggests it's been damaged and needs repairing but it won't let me do it when it goes on to the spanner.
  15. I have to agree there, the sound is annoying, no way to change from building to battling unless you refresh and no facts to actually destroy. Is anyone wanted their fort destroyed like with Snow Wars?
  16. When I try to attack a fort randomly keep getting forts that are unbuilt or already destroyed, it's tiring me out to keep refreshing the page and getting the same old things again - forts you can't destroy.
  17. Great, I loved Snow Wars, nice to have it back.
  18. UPDATE: OK for some unknown reason (just when we were nearly there) JADE UPPED HE SIGNATURES NEEDED FOR nETFLIX TO 50,000 LEAVING US WAY BEHIND. We need more signatures urgently AND REMEMEBER, PLEASE DON't JUST SiGN BUT FORWARD THE PETITIONS ON TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN THINK OF. Don't spam every single ember on this site but pass it on to everyone you know persoanlly whether it just be someone you know online (on here or otherwise) or 'in the flesh', so to speak like mum dad, neighbours, school friends, work colleagues, cousins, extended family, teachers, bosses - anybody and everybody. Thanks again :bounce:
  19. You're very lucky to have him - and to everyone not wanting kids that's their decision but some of us can't have them. It's breaking my heart I might not be able to as im getting too old, might be going through the menopause and one of my conditions could mean a pregnancy would kill me. QUOTE (oddinomaly @ Apr 13 2015, 07:13 PM) My OB/GYN actually thinks it could be PCOS or endometriosis, but they aren't going to do the surgery because they want to try everything else first. Honestly I want a hysterectomy--I'd be getting one anyway because I'm trans and that's part of my plan to transition--but they won't let me get one because "What if you want kids?!?!? What if you change your mind!!! What if you want children!!! We don't care that it's literally ruining your education and your quality of life, we see you as a brood mare!!! Your value is only as high as how many kids you can produce!!! Ahhhhhh!!!" It's so stressful... I think the docs are only looking out for your best interests when they ward off a hysterectomy. They certainly don't think of women as brood mares, they're looking out for you. Being a mother is the best job in the world and the most beautiful thing one can be - to create life, to carry life within you. To help bring another spirit being to earth. It's a huge life changing operation. Certainly not one I'd want in spite of the pain I'm in through geany problems.
  20. Well done and thanks again Don't forget - don't just sign up, check it out - you'll love it We need viewers as well as signatures