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I have a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel.nameoath.pngslytherin_pride_banner_by_ayume_matsumotMy Wishlist

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    Glam rock fan turned goth, major major geek for my age (old), love my beloved fiance whio's teh kindest man in teh world and our sweet son. I've a number of chonic illnesses but ti doesnlt stop me frm being weird. Sci fi, fantasy, horror/thriller fan. Like the dark side of life. Am a dark witch (not evil -dark - there's a difference)

    Very spiritual and psychically aware, believe in dragons and unicorns and other so called mythical creatures that truly exist on other dimensions. Am a Celtic Pagan, very friendly but also quite blunt so please don't take offence if I say things the way they are. Pretty old fashioned in many ways, quite old school but also a forward thinker. Can't stand new Age crap and false gurus, fake psychics and cults.

    Favourite dragons: Magmas (No1); Magis, any black coloured especially rare black; any green coloured and Whites.

    HUGE Harry Potter fan and proud Slytherin. I wear green all the time and wear a snake pendant around my neck.