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  1. Oh yeah? Get this. I got a CB dorsal dragon alt. I was a new user, and I wanted other eggs, so I abandoned it because I didn't know about alts at that point. Later I found out how hard it is to find alts, and especially the fact that it was cb!!!! Someone rescued it. I think it ended up being male(I tracked it through the action log). Biggest regret ever.
  2. Hey guys if y’all want to start the project or anything and I’ve been quiet, y’all can do it without me! (I know I was never a leader or anything but I don’t want y’all to feel bad or anything). I have work and school is about to start. Also I have to move my stuff out of my dad’s house because he’s about to move to a different state and I’m at college. I will try to participate but start if y’all want to with the actual planning haha. maybe even, since august is around the corner, you can wait to see if it’s the gusty month. Have fun ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Haha when i have the time I think I will make a template for us all to use so we can swap woth assigned people. Like say six players with their first pairinsg, and then the second gen swaped and bred. Then the third gen swapped and bred till it leads to a singular dragon
  4. It’s not a requirement but for fun! We’re not making anyone do this. It’s just for who wants to. No one can prove a true Gustitch other than it being a July 1st Alpine. Only people who have them will know, and I think that’s good enough. This thread was made early enough that i believe everyone on it! Many of us talked to each other before the change even happened because we were all hoping we got to keep the gusties haha. We decided to make this to make light of a dissapointing situation (that TJ had no control over, this happens). These aren’t rare other than the dragon type. Many people have a “Gustitch” dragon due to the glitch. Even the name sounds silly. Also breeding projects look fun and that’s allthis is for. We chose the black tea dragon because it’s contrasting in colors but has many bodily similarities. Also because we wanted to use another food-themed dragon. i think an even lineage like everyone says would be good! It’s also easier for people like me who only have one Gustitch 😂
  5. Alright so how this works is that we just trade each other eggs and hatchlings to continue the breeding lineage. We need to establish though what kind of lineage we want. A normal one, step or spiral.
  6. Also we have to be careful when breeding starts getting further down so that we don’t inbreed or do weird crosses because that would ruin the lineage. Breed your dragons however but in the direct lineage, neat as possible! I got a black truffle from Pavawna (black truffle) and her black tea mate!
  7. I tried to get Gustitches from trading but that was hard! Couldn’t get a single one. You can tell it’s a Gustitch when the player is trying to rid all of their Black Truffles, all from the alpine with the same time stamp and date, while the other realeases on their scroll have older timestamps
  8. Sorry guys was at work and busy on July 4th!!! black teas would be a great idea!! Contrast and a food dragon, both with exotic descriptions. A couple ideas Black Truffle x Glaucus Dragon (https://dragcave.net/view/WyaLp this is a glaucus) Black Truffle x Kingcrown (very similar body shape but very obvious contrast)
  9. Haha I only made the thread! Anyone is obviously welcome
  10. Haha a mod found us anyway! Kaini came through and edited out the spoilers so we don’t have anything to worry about now.
  11. I think it’s fine but from now on, refrain from releasing the description of the gusty! On the drag cave wiki, there will most likely be trivia saying “a few musties were released as gusties by mistake, but was quickly resolved by TJ” or something
  12. It’s alright! It’s good to be talking so the thread isn’t forgotten. We are waiting till our Gustitches are even grown up! I am named mine after her code but also with Gustitch at the end
  13. That is amazing!!! We could put it in our siggy!!
  14. Wow that’s pretty good! Well I just have the one and she’s gonna be female.
  15. Well it’s still cool to have a glitched egg! Some of us are even going to do a breeding lineage of Gustitches using the glitched musties!
  16. Alright so it seems like there is an agreement of sorts, breeding will wait! This is perfectly fine. Maybe we could do a spiral? We’ll figure it out once we tally up the Gustitches entering!
  17. So I mentioned this in a pm with Rex... “Hmmmm be careful! Since it’s a breeding project and we can’t breed with each others dragons, we will have to have a CB dragon chosen to start the lineages. I think in the breeding thread we should choose a dragon, probably something relatively common so everyone can get one, to participate. This will be tedious!” Maybe we could even wait until the release of the gusties. If TJ hints that it will be a long time then we could use other dragons. However, I think the best option is to breed our Gustitch dragons with CBs to have acleaner lineage. Easier to track too and prevent accidental inbreeding! of course not everyone has to do this. It’s all for fun ❤️
  18. Yess! HERE IS THE THREAD EVERYONE! I will edit in in the future! For now we can just discuss on how to go about things with it.
  19. Was your Gusty turned into a Musty? Well don’t abandon it and don’t be dissapointed! Several other users and myself have decided to do a breeding project. How it will work and turn out is something yet to be decided. As easily told, Gustitch comes from Gusty and Glitch since TJ had to turn the too-early-released Gusty into a Musty. We decided to have a little fun with our special coded Musties! if your dragon is a musty that was once a gusty and you like the idea of lineage with it, use whatever first name you’d like, followed by the last name Gustitch. Please be honest!! The closest we can get to confirming a Gustitch is that it was stolen from the Alpine July 1st. expect some edits in the future once we figure this out more!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  20. O come on now, we’re just having a bit of fun.
  21. I will put the thread in breeding! I will post a link after making it
  22. Y’all were should I make the thread? I was thinking about breeding discussions since this falls under lineage
  23. I will make the Gustitch thread!
  24. I was hoping someone would name theirs Gustov. I want mine to be female so I wouldn’t be able to