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  1. Cooling into more of a paper glider than a firework, the Magelight came to rest on the shoulder of a familiar warrior, a guard checking anyone who wanted to enter the base. A little surprised by the sudden pygmy at first but soon realizing her purpose, he took the message from her with an accompanying beak-scratch. No snack yet, but the Magelight held out hope, watching intently as the guard examined the message. She even offered her tail as a light, which received thanks as the guard took advantage of the flame to examine the message perhaps more carefully than required (he really felt he cou
  2. Pygmy heads certainly turned, though only the nearest crowd of them seemed interested enough in the newcomer to actually maintain their focus as the rest just went right on chattering or sleeping. Despite staring, they didn't seem too eager to stir, with the most collective effort coming from pygmies which stretched towards the Misfit, their tails and tongues flicking with curiosity as a few even squeaked out "Hello!" or "What?" A few did break off from their crowd, fluttering a bit closer, but seemed the most apprehensive of the bunch. They barely got close enough to even look at the message,
  3. Hesitating only to ensure no more hell was about to break loose amongst the group, the interrogator set off to find a superior. Luckily (or maybe unluckily, with how much of an embarrassment the disarray was), it didn't take long. The leader had already been walking towards the group, approaching with a furrowed brow and small entourage of human warriors behind him. Among the entourage was a scowling Ezra, who might as well have had hackles raised but, instead, had to settle for gripping his sword hilt. The interrogator disregarded it as he flagged down the superior, quickly promising crucial
  4. Taellonn had made his way beside Drake as Fingers was integrated into the group, and if it weren't for all the conversation he'd have liked to pull her aside. Not to try to calm her down or anything (despite the fact that she seemed to take Fingers' inclusion well), just to get her take on the development, or know her plan for him in the long run before she decided to hastily dump it on the Royal Blue later, expecting perfect compliance. He hoped that wouldn't be the case as he had to now wait, and being caught up in his thoughts meant he almost didn't notice Isirion's glance in his direction-
  5. Drake readily accepted the Red's compliance and ushered the lot out, nearly thanking them for coming along before biting her tongue. It felt too much like a pushover move, even if she was genuinely glad she'd gotten them to come along. She instead filled the short trip's conversation with some more informing about the stables: there were dragons both inside and outside, far more than one might expect, but that just meant there was no more room inside. The dragons would have to stay in the outside stables, unfortunately away from the rest, while Fingers could stay inside, where Drake would lead
  6. Drake's grin faded almost as quickly as it formed, but the change didn't express much of anything,despite the fact that, behind that new look was the tying up of some loose ends and plan adjustments before responding... She had to account for Fingers now and, well, she could be leading him straight to the slaughterhouse. It didn't really bother her as much as it just interrupted her initial plan of just taking the dragons back to the base and just... leaving it at that, for the most part. She knew that defiance upon realizing at least the partial reality of her purpose was always a possi
  7. Alone again, and with purpose, Drake couldn't have been more content with her small excursion to the dragon stables. With Taellonn still at the Draikenflaeme base, the only remnants of his protests were the moments of hesitance in the directions to the stable he'd described, which now kept repeating in her mind. She was alone, save for an eye in the sky or two watching her back, belonging to ready volunteers who claimed a certain Royal Crimson had greatly praised them and, no, weren't going to prove it. It hadn't been Drake's choice of lookouts anyways, and she could care less about whatever b
  8. Drake was ready to explain why it clearly wasn't her fault she wasn't informed on the situation in the first place, and why she was actually right, and why there was, once again, absolutely no reason to mention Taellonn, but she was interrupted more than once- first by Mythy, then by Isirion in his reply to the dragon, and finally by the interrogator, who felt his own frustration rising as he began to tune out occasionally and now wanted nothing more than to break the tension in the air that could have been cut with the knife this 'Death' or 'Isirion' or whoever he was held. He forced his way
  9. ((I'll be posting soon))
  10. "I can't- You really-" Drake barely inhaled before actually saying something worthwhile, the moments it took to compose her filled by the interrogator pushing his way past the rest, including a practically unresponsive Taellonn, to check on the Golden Wyvern. "What the hell was that, Isirion? I mean, think for one second, won't you? You can't just stab anyone out of nowhere here! You..." She glanced at Mythy. "...You've even hurt Golden Myth with that! Do you think that's helpful in any way? Productive? And, as you should have foreseen, since we can't leave a pygmy bleeding, we're going to be
  11. Drake was almost surprised and maybe even slightly offended at the question, but upon realizing Wallet knew just about enough about her to warrant the question, she calmed down. "Alright, you caught me," she began, in a borderline sarcastic way that was nothing short of an indication that she was answering a dumb question, "No way would I kill a little kid. Like you said, she did nothing wrong." Drake considered some truthful embellishing about her stance on- odd as it was to consider, child-killing- but stayed quiet instead. She had her own set of morals and enemies, and the only way kids or
  12. Satisfied with Isirion's response and sure that she wouldn't be relying on a Fever Wyvern to attack him anytime in the future, Drake accepted his answer with a "Glad to hear you're willing," and took it upon herself to get the approval and support she needed for the plan, confident she had enough grasp on the situation to earn it. Anything she forgot from Pride's ideas could be elaborated upon later, especially considering she wanted some more concrete facts from wherever she could find them; from scouts, from city dwellers already on hand, or from a certain hostage. She was already thinking o
  13. Taellonn had stayed behind during the reunion, saying he'd wanted at least a little rest until being thrust into the unknown, but Drake knew he probably just didn't trust himself to not be a wreck if Isirion was there and said something particularly concerning. Drake appreciated that choice more now than before. "It's at least where they came back to. From what I hear the Royal Crimson's being told to come back here and most people say she's not going to be happy about being cramped up outside. And, I suppose about any other wyvern or Fever-Wyvern-sized dragon would fit more comfortably than h
  14. Along with Mythy and just about any other dragon in range, Taellonn smelled the bloody presence which had arrived. Unlike the dragons which could physically witness the absurd juxtaposition of the scent with the flower-curtain-cape and either laughed or gazed on in sheer curiosity, Taellonn found no such distraction as he ignored everything but that scent, and was relieved when Drake seemed to look at him for confirmation on Mythy's observations. Small city, Drake thought with a barely visible head shake, accepting that, if Isirion really was here, there was no point in turning him away if Pri
  15. (( Hey, it's a good little chance for some set up stuff. May implement a type of posting schedule guide soon though; nothing too strict, just something to help people keep tabs on imperative posts. )) Cathryn had watched as 49 walked off and had glanced up at Simon a few times as he wandered around until he stopped. She gave the moment a while before turning sideways in her seat to look at the agent, with one arm slung over the seat's back and her boots thudding against the floor as her legs landed in a relaxed but almost confident stance. Her other hand gripped her D-TAG, and as
  16. Drake had listened intently and let the intricacies of the plan get filled out by the others. Sure, the plan just about amounted to "bloodshed," but at least getting out seemed straightforward. "I've got a feeling that this party will have Neb attention before we've even begun, and there's no way we can know the exact number of people attending. We're either going to have to find a safe place to have people lurking on the outside, find some way of hasty communication or both; it's still probably going to fall to chaos, but at least the descent there won't get us killed. We can't entirely rely
  17. With lying and infiltration seeming to have become the norm for Drake recently, Pride's idea was nothing too far fetched. Then again, putting Taellonn more in harm's way than usual had started to become the norm too, but that was nothing Drake had grown comfortable with as a result. And perhaps that'd have saved Taellonn from even Drake's sheer consideration of this plan; if not for the anecdote which had managed to upset both Golden Myth and the three Draikenflaemes within earshot. The interrogator had been taken by slight surprise and grown even more attentive, Taellonn had a rush of fear do
  18. The doors to the ship closed diffinitively once every agent was on board, and Cathryn seemed to be taking pride in managing not to lose anyone this early. She left the agents to reach their seats and made her way to the holographic map at the front of the ship, which was visible but not exactly clear from the ship's seats, since the only cockpit of the ship was a decoy to be quickly set up if need be. With the course set but the ship left without clearance to take off, the division leader began to clearly struggle to figure out why exactly it- both the process of starting the ship and the path
  19. From the short distance he'd allowed himself to stray the interrogator had heard everything Pride proposed, something he'd anticipated but didn't expect the man to bring up so quickly. Swinging his foot forward almost casually, he stepped in front of the Royal Blue that'd parked himself right beside his rider. With a more aggressive yet just as protective dragon he may have been more conscious of his legs, but the real dangers to him presently, as he saw it, were Drake's suddenly unclear convictions coupled with her impulsive drive to get back in action. After all, why would she have been so a
  20. The interrogator sighed. "Horrid systems all over, corrupting whoever they touch. Though-" he looked behind him, and that glimpse of royal blue scales resurfaced, though much more obvious now, "-I think you're mistaken. I agree that dragons are as easily corrupted as humans, and as capable of evil. It's why a dragon forced under such influence is such a terrible sight, as terrible a sight as a corrupted member of my own species, because we know that dragons and humans are of similar minds, capable of so many of the same thoughts and emotions and more. It's why dragons stripped of free will ser
  21. Clearly glad that she'd received some sort of response, albeit it just a question she'd asked for, Cathryn walked towards the seats and didn't hesitate a second before responding. "No, not that they've told me." She shrugged. "But, don't worry about it. You guys have been specially selected for this mission. The exact reasons are confidential, of course, but as long as you can prove to be as confident in your abilities as our statistics people are, we should all be fine. And if you're not..." another smile planted itself on her face, just as genuine as before, "...I've got enough confidence in
  22. Pride's answers-turned-epics had managed to get the interrogator leaning against the wall, an option made viable when the accompanying Golden Wyvern seemed to be just as exhausted by the encounter, most likely proving that Pride wasn't some maniacal genius biding his time with misleading conversation and theatrics to prepare to massacre everyone, or something. The interrogator had been kept quiet, only because whenever he had thought to interurpt he'd just get another of the man's answers or something actually noteworthy imbedded into a story; the most recent ones being about air bandits and h
  23. Any conversation or attempt at such was cut short by the loud, decompressing, and almost airlock-esque noise of the sliding metal doors to the room opening. They weren't even fully open by the time a woman rushed in, shoes thudding against the floor with either serious purpose or serious restlessness. Even in motion, it was clear that there was no way that this woman was naturally shorter than 6'2, and sturdy boots with visibly armored metal tops did nothing to lessen that aspect of her presence. On top of that, she'd practically announced her entrance with the not-so-silently cursing out of h
  24. Location: Assignment Room 38-38-B The room was nothing unique; a typical, yet perhaps generously sized, assignment room, with rows of seats that gradually rose towards the back, all facing a large screen that had table-height shelves on each side. Above the screen was a thin display that showed the time in an analog fashion in the top left corner and displayed it digitally in the top right. Below the times was bold white lettering which displayed "M ᴇ ᴛ ᴀ ʟ C ʀ ᴏ s s Dɪ ᴠ ɪ s ɪ ᴏ ɴ" across the otherwise black screen, which was nothing particularly od
  25. Earlier on Taellonn had taken it upon himself to lead the others inside the base after Drake had rushed off, and offered as much explanation as he could to the first significant ear: they'd come with Drake, these people needed protection from the Nebs, and from what he'd seen they'd done nothing wrong. The little group had been ushered away by some well-armored and visibly armed man (him being selected to escort them almost seemed random, but he didn't appear to question his purpose for a second) from the majority of Draikenflaemes and dragons scattered about and crowding the building, and nav