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  1. Is this for real? I got 5 eggs and is very confused...
  2. Joined 13th Feb 2015, thought valentine eggs looked stupid, didn't grab any. Saw the new release, could have grabbed some, thought it was a bug or something that all the eggs had the same description. Didn't grab any. Now I am scurrying around grabbing valentine's eggs like crazy cursing past self of being such a noob. Got all the Valentine eggies I wanted this year! Yay!!! Now to wait for the release and still hate on past self cause of the pretty CB Heartstealer I could have had.
  3. Got a naughty badge, hehe. Really wanted to steal that pie, and present and cat ok!! Is it just me or does the coal badge look cooler?
  4. I wanted to make a month where I bite an egg on each day of the month, currently I have had the worst luck ever! 3 vampires, 1 abandon and 8 dead! My page looks like an egg grave yard!
  5. Why did you have to say that! Now I see it too! Creepy!!! Ghostly fetus!
  6. Great updates, glad the Nilia's neck has been fixed, like the dimorphism a lot now! Wish I had Holly, they look real good now and the male Horse is fabulous!!! Can't wait till the Silver updates, I always felt they were lacking (no-offense to the spriter, my tastes are just different from yours).
  7. I would return an egg if I was asked to nicely and if the person explained why the egg held so much value to them. If a person ever expects me to return the egg without them even asking for it back then too bad for them. My scroll name and forum name is the same so it will be easy to contact me about something like this. I also believe it is finders keepers on the AP page. So if you didn't pay close attention to tour scroll limit when breeding rares then it is not my problem.
  8. https://dragcave.net/lineage/VdTD9 Chrono gives white eggs
  9. Tried 4 Xeno x Stripe, 3 Xeno and 1 refuse. They will be on AP in a few days, their lineages aren't great though. http://dragcave.net/lineage/uVzvy http://dragcave.net/lineage/7roHy http://dragcave.net/lineage/95lAv
  10. I will have to test this out. I must have a Stripe to pair with each of my Xeno's. Will breed them as soon as they all come of cooldown and I am a little less egg locked.
  11. 2/4 turned 1/4 repulsed 1/4 killed Statistically still in my favour, for now
  12. Just caught a Vampire egg from the AP! I am utterly shocked, I've never been able to catch a rare from the cave or AP!
  13. I just realized all my seasonals are related! Will have to grab the summer babies as they are lain. Anyone planning a mass breed to welcome summer? I don't like mass breeds but will sure be useful.
  14. I must say the Gemshard egg sequence is beautiful. Even the dead egg is amazing! I like the Colossus sprites best, those big dragons look so majestic Can't wait until mine hatch!
  15. I don't really mind the background image, doesn't make a difference as long as it isn't straining on the eyes. I think the new logo looks cool, navigation is nice and clock with day/night indicator is a good idea. I appreciate making the site more practical that trying to pretty it up the whole time.
  16. None of my bloody dragons produce what I want them to produce. I've been breeding multiple pairs for 3 weeks now and it is always the egg from the parent I don't want, or they refuse, or aren't interested. I don't know how anyone manages to breed in this game. Those who make checkered lineages, you must be the luckiest buggers alive or have a ton of patience. I salute you in your awesomeness. For a new player like me it seems the only worth while thing to do is catch eggs.
  17. I for one would have been happier if certain breeds almost never refused each other and that only dragons that were very different from each other had a chance to refuse (maybe even smaller chance than now). And the fact that refusal stays to the end of time is also a bit silly. It should have a cool down as everything else or on valentines it is reset. There is no challenge to it, just annoyance as everyone expresses or tries to suppress by making up stories about their dragon's sentience.
  18. I'm not sure what you are trying to get at in this last paragraph. If you think I approve the Refusal system then you are mistaken. I think it is utter rubbish. I was just suggesting that if you would implement a refusal mechanic is should have followed a more logical bases but since it doesn't it should be removed. I would say a crossing between a moonstone and a white dragon would be completely plausible anyway and no morphological differences would have suggested that they would refuse each other. The only time I think a refusal could have occurred is if dragons are too morphologically different to be compatible, a water dragon and tri-horn wayvern as I already gave an example. If they wanted to simulate nature in any given way then there would have been a very small chance of refusal between same/similar species but in such a small amount that no one would have even noticed. Maybe 1 out of thousands of matings. I personally hate RNG deciding if you win or lose, get the best loot or get your experiments to work in games. It makes much more sense to put in hard work (planning out where you going to get egg drops and how you are going to construct your perfect lineage in this game for example) to do well in games rather hoping that luck will be with you and the crummy dice roll does not decide if your dragons will hate each other or not.
  19. I am in full support for this. If there was any logical sense behind refusals I would be fine with it but having dragons of the same species refuse while stuff like water dragons and wyverns can breed to their hearts content makes no sense! I think they should redo the whole refusal thing. Make it that non-related species have a higher likelihood in refusals and the closer the species are to each other, the less likely the refusal up until breeding of the same species there is only a very small percentage that they would refuse. There is so little interesting mechanics that is going for this game, can they at least fix those that could have brought some depth to it?
  20. I am so disappointed, I got gifted 2 pink hatchlings that ended up as male and female, they were not related so I wanted to breed them for more pinks. Guess what! Refusal! How in hells name does a pair of the same species refuse each other while my water dragon and tri-horn wyvern produced an egg! Name : Marina's Heart Breed : Pink Mate/s : Amelia's Heart Fail to produce : Any egg, refused Progeny : None, the buggers
  21. So why are they bothering to calculate Easter? Why don't we have it just every year that Jesus was crucified on the same date? It's because the lunar cycle Easter falls in is important just as the lunar cycle of other historical events would be important to calculate if we though they held religious meaning and such to them. But since something like an assassination of a man that was planning to be a dictator is not very important it is not needed the same amount of calculation and celebration each year. I also just thought it would be nice to know that the lunar cycle Julius Ceaser was assassinated in held more importance to the people of the time then the solar cycle we follow, sad that you didn't even seem to bother to read what I suggested you do. The leap years is not the only problem, it is because the Julain Calender and Gregorian Calender (apparently the one we follow these days, wasn't aware when and by who the leap year was introduced) both follow solar cycles and the Roman calender is a lunar Calender which makes it difficult. But since people always try and do the impossible, there would be reasons to calculate it. Even when people would refer to dates in their own time frame, they would then point out in which calender it is or have an approximation of the current calender dates. If you like going by, it is too difficult or stupid to do, so that is why we don't do it, it must be really hard for you to live in the current world. Almost everything around us was achieved by people who decided the things others think are not important is important to them and they will achieve greatness through doing what others though was stupid or unnecessary.
  22. Necroing this thread Hazzah! Cause I'm interested in hearing some first dragon stories. My first was a Dorsal from the AP. Then Ridgewing, Blacktip and Yellow-Crowned from different habitats cause it sounded interesting to collect eggs just based of the description and getting a surprise afterward when you see how the egg looks and what specie it is.
  23. Julius Ceaser was assassinated in the ides of Martius (15 Martuis 44 BC on the Roman calender) which is actually on the 14th of March on the Julian calendar (the one we now use) this is a approximation however. If the ides were estimated now for each month it might even fall on the 16th. Wow, now I know why they called the Romans crazy! The original calender system was wacko! Just read a bit here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_calendar. Feel sorry for any historians that were trying to figure out the corresponding dates to the modern calender. Luckily they wrote most of their stuff down.
  24. The modern correspondence date for the ides of March is the 14th not the 15th, but since this is an approximate calculation since going over from the Roman month Martius (in which the assassination occurred 15 Martius 44 BC) to the month March we now know it could be any day around the 15th of March. So having it at the 14/15/16 is still applicable because the date is not exactly known since our calender systems have changed.
  25. There would be no need for BSL if breeders bred dogs responsibly. I do think BSL is needed until dog bite rates and dog bite mortality have gone down. The biggest problem is pure breeding which leads to inbreeding of dog species. Not only can it lead to aggressive dog species, it causes genetic diseases to spread. (hip displasia in German Shepards anyone?) What this thread has thought me is that humans are sick and laws now have to be implemented to right the wrongs that people have created. A quote form one of my favourite authors: “Dogs are not like cats, who amusingly tolerate humans only until someone comes up with a tin opener that can be operated with a paw. Men made dogs, they took wolves and gave them human things--unnecessary intelligence, names, a desire to belong, and a twitching inferiority complex. All dogs dream wolf dreams, and know they're dreaming of biting their Maker. Every dog knows, deep in his heart, that he is a Bad Dog...” ― Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms I can't believe some of the less dangerous and small breeds are added to the list though, yes they tend to have temperament issues some time but does not need BSL to be added for them. LOL, I see how they classified them, they might want to revise it. Must agree that whoever made that list should be stopped. Soon they will be banning Guinea pigs!