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  1. i've put eggs in hatcheries during releases before, and it's been fine. i was the first to comment on the new release post by TJ, though. maybe some ne'er-do-well wanted to wreak havoc on my scroll, i dunno.
  2. welp this is the first time i've ever been viewbombed, and i lost two eggs because of it. does that mean i'm one of the cool kids? god i've been playing this game since 2008, i can't believe it only just happened 😕
  3. i have only ever been attracted to a small handful of men. and one of those men is Chris Hemsworth. i have a life-size cardboard cutout of him as Thor. i love him. also do Youtube celebrities count?
  4. okay yeah impressed was the wrong word. i would have loved to see one too! i just finished the series 😂
  5. i just recently saw Thor Ragnarok and the Loki/Thor egg makes me so, so happy tbh. by far my favorite marvel movie, and thor is my absolute favorite super hero. he's the only dude ive ever been attracted to lol
  6. oh god. there's so many. the Twilight movies are up there, for sure, and i'm not just saying that because it's cool to hate on Twilight. they're just... bad. the most recent Bad Movie that i've seen is the "horror" movie Wish Upon. it's not even so bad that it's good (like The Room, or Troll 2, or anything like that.) it's just... it's trash.
  7. i just finished the second season and oh my god. oh my god. i'm ruined forever.
  8. i'm kinda impressed there weren't any Stranger Things eggs this year. that show is so wildly popular :0
  9. oh my god I KNEW IT i had this pon and she was by far my fav. i would have taken a bullet for her.
  10. i would take a bullet for the game grumps to be honest
  11. @StormWizard212 aaa bless. i finally have my pain medications, which has helped tremendously!
  12. bunnies. oh my god. so many bunnies. also spacecraft models! i want a huge pile of spacecraft models. like. i need a little curiosity rover model
  13. a dragon species except it's invisible. the picture is transparent. it's not there. it's just blank.
  14. oh lord okay so my family is Mormon, and a big part of Mormon culture is keeping track of our ancestors and geneology. and we're good at it. you know those websites that let you build a family tree, like Ancestry? those rely on Mormon records. the church wants to compile this information for everyone, because we believe that everyone should have the right to where they come from. my mom's side of the family came over from sweden starting with my great great grandma, and on my dad's side we're predominantly welsh, but we also have some irish and scottish. my family can trace our ancestry as far back to 700 BC, and some notable figures include a couple scandanavian kings and some very angry celts. if it wasn't a dead language with no existing language families i'd be trying to learn gaulish or something to honor my heritage. my dad's side of the family has some interesting immediate heritage. when i say we're Mormon, i mean we're really Mormon. we go allllll the way back. one of the founders of the church, Orson Hyde, is one of my great grandfathers (or...something. he's up there.) it's like a direct line. my great great great great grandfather, William Hyde (this dude) led the Mormon Battalion and majorly influenced the history of the american west. the city of Hyde Park in Utah is named for him. we have a copy of his journal. i'm hoping to learn more about my family history as time goes on.
  15. i don't know what i did to piss god off yesterday but hoo boy he came for me today. i deal with pretty severe chronic pain on a regular basis, but every so often i have flare ups that make moving around and functioning extremely difficult, if not impossible. i had physical therapy today and my therapist suspects it might have something to do with the change in weather... apparently sudden weather changes can trigger flare ups. good to know. i live in the worst part of the world for that. also i came back to DC after like 3 or 4 years so that's something i guess
  16. Yikes I disappeared on you guys. Im really sorry about that!!! Im guessing the RP is dead now. x.x
  17. Perhaps adding a permanent second row of eggs would be ideal? I think it'd be easier to find rares that way.
  18. Right now I'm working on all the other requests; I've got a lot to do. x_x Can you maybe wait for a few months?
  19. I don't really mind the gen as long as the lineage is pretty I love stairsteps, honestly.
  20. Nope, I don't have a job. TPBM likes bananas.
  21. Yeah, he's on a harness! He's mad I'm not letting him have the full run of the place. Esko yasssss get pics of ur bun ;v; I don't believe so? What kind of payment did you have in mind?
  22. While not technically art, I got some hella cute pictures of Teddy at school today. ovo