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  1. Have CB lurker hatchling (precog'd male) and CB Caligene egg (influence of your choice available) Desperately seeking CB Pumpkin! Willing to trade for either or BOTH though the Caligene egg is not old enough to trade yet so please PM me to set up the trade Basically, I was waiting to make sure I got 6 of this years and then went to the halloween biome to get my pumpkins and then... I MISCLICKED! And there's not enough time left to abandon I am also willing to add an IOU of a hatchling from the resulting pair of CB pumpkins if I manage to get me one!
  2. Starwind


    I kept getting Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX8 when I try to reply to threads ... apparently my img tags were the problem?
  3. Happy Halloweeen!!! Can't wait to see what these babies look like!
  4. Oh my gosh, I just wanted to say how amazing it is to log in to the forums and see that 2 folks had sent me offers of diamonds when I'd mentioned that I'd miss-clicked and gotten a bolt by accident. I *did* manage to snag a final diamond and suggested they find someone who hasn't managed to... Just, sending out a HUGE thank you to those folks, (they know who they are!) it gives me super warm fuzzy feels.
  5. ..... WAT!? Bolt eggs in there suddenly. Now I have to wait 3 hours to try to get my last diamond. I really hope they'll still be dropping at a high rate.
  6. OK, wild! I wasn't able to get on yesterday because, it was my one's ... 10th birthday! lol Nice. Now I just wish I had room to collect two of each!!!
  7. 16/60 Working three jobs and being a mom has = no more than a couple hours a day to spend on fun things like this. :/ Seems like it hit that way for a lot of folks. Maybe time to start doing like many other games do with holiday collection events and running them for a week? Just a thought. If I don't get them all its disappointing but it is just pixels.... ((At least that's what I'm telling my inner collection compulsion!!!!)
  8. *peeks in* Hey all! I'm still around. Just super busy.
  9. I think I have a new favourite dragon...
  10. Still alive! I am working like crazy to make enough money to cover my partners residency application. Hopefully things will settle down again soon. <3
  11. Finally, caught one of each. I have to say, these are lovely lovely sprites! <3 Thank you TJ and spriter(s)! <3
  12. Sorry I have been so quiet, I am still around! Just training for a new job at the moment so I have only really enough time to check on my eggs <3
  13. Sorry I've not been around much recently. I'm in the middle of training for two jobs while still working another one and being a mom. >.< WooF!
  14. My oldest dragon is Virys Egg Stolen on: Sep 09, 2008 Hatched on: Sep 16, 2008 Grew up on: Sep 25, 2008 Unfortunately I forgot about DC after a bit and was away for ages. I released dragons that I had doubles of, like a derp and I missed a lot of special seasonals though I do have one CB Yulebuck. I also lucked out in a brief return in 2011 and managed to get a CB Rosebud.
  15. Oh, fingers crossed then! You need to get some pinks so you can influence when you want to
  16. lol I am still waiting for my gifting neb egg to get adopted as well... We obviously need more folks to join and adopt our babies!
  17. Snag! Also.... I want to Gift a Galaxy Dragon! Forum Name: Starwind Scroll name: starwind Lineage Link: lineager Lineage Type/Gen: Egg, Even Gen, 4G, PB, Persephone (Zeus + Demeter) descendant Teleport Link: Please post in thread if you snag it!
  18. This. Recently. M'Bezzeq and Akeforis are paired, have previously produced but the last three attempts they have just 'not been that interested'! And I'm trying to get an egg from them for Kigyptnee!
  19. Happy Birthday DC! Sad face Starwind only had room for one of each but still delighted regardless
  20. Breeder List Document Update I have added my offspring, my owned offspring and Sylph's newest breeding pair as well as added LegendaryDragonofAwesome to the breeder list and the first pair posted. I did not add breeding pairs that have been announced by individuals who have not submitted the form request to be on the breeding list. As a reminder, if you are a breeder you need to send Stellaluna your gmail email in a PM if you are willing to be added to the editor list so you can keep your pairs and offspring up to date. At this point it's not a requirement but it would be very helpful! <3 EDIT : Breeder List Doc < click!
  21. I know it! I've run adoptables that required extensive data entry before. I know not everyone will be up for it but at least then those editing would only have to worry about those few as compared to absolutely every one's. <3
  22. I want to announce a Galaxy Dragon Forum Name: Starwind Name of the Dragon: Galaxy Lady 9 Jewels Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Ldy9J And I will try to update some of the out dated sections on the doc this week Stella, I know I have neglected adding my own offspring. Maybe it would be best if breeders were responsible for adding their own offspring to the list? Just a thought...
  23. Nice! Tracking topic so I'll think to come back to it and see your progress.
  24. Thanks to Kigyptnee... I want to announce a Galaxy Dragon Forum Name: Starwind Name of the Dragon: Qydom Galaxy Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/2qYdm if he and Lauracea don't refuse, we'll have a very pretty even gen lineage going on... Lineage Preview