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  1. Definitely Sanctuary. I love Kingdom Hearts.
  2. My kitten chases my dog. Next: Rise to vote, sir.
  3. Edit: Request has been fulfilled! Thank you. ^^ Newbie Request! Forum Name: Fire_Shine Scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/Fire_Shine PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=216883 Egg Request: Red, Pink Do you have any dead eggs on your scroll? Nope ^^ Favorite Animal: Wolf
  4. In the end I got a deep sea dragon She certainly was a surprise. I had not seen any deep sea dragons coming by until now. Overall, I rather enjoyed this event. Arranging my favorite shinies in a pile, watching as people researched the mechanics, and anticipating the final mate, all made for an enjoyable Valentine's Day and week. Kudos to the talented sprite artists and TJ for his enigmatic code.
  5. It seems that this Desipis enjoys roasted dragonflies
  6. I solemnly swear that I, Fire_Shine will never view bomb other players' dragons and I will not add any eggs or hatchling to any hatcheries without the owners' express permission. I think someone is/was view bombing one of my hatchlings...I'm glad it didn't get sick.
  7. I, Fire_Shine, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. I plan to name all my dragons with a given name that relates to them, and then add a descriptive title such as "the Firebreather", "of Winter", etc.
  8. I'd love to see a candy-themed dragon. Especially cherry cordial, with red, chocolate, and maybe cream.