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  1. My tactic is Surname and then name. So for Surname, I always use dragon breed name and for the name, I am using the first letter of the code, if it is number then the first letter of that number, and just make up the name haha Hope it helps haha
  2. Well, I kept 4 eggs fogged for 7 days just to try to make that one special and guess what happened... all 4 of them hatched normally after getting unfogged in last 30minutes to live... yay hah....
  3. So, I wanted to get more zombies... Took 8eggs (some bread some random) and guess what happened... 7 of them died and 1 was abandoned by dragons 😓🙄 Such a good try...
  4. Okay, I understand more now haha thanksss
  5. I don't get it... Why would you randomly take 5 eggs from, let's say Jungle, and then abandon it after 5h?
  6. What is your own tactic to catch Papers, Cheese, Dinos, Silver or Gold? What brought you the most success so far?
  7. Hello everybody, I still don't know after many years involved in Dragon cave... How to catch papers, cheese and dinos? Is there any specific routine or time or something? Thanks, -ayuzo34