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  1. Are they rare? I missed the release .-.
  2. Kinda forgot the date and I've been surprised with a cave filled with valentine's day eggs <3
  3. When I came back from highschool today I was talking with a friend and he began a discussion about fnaf and I randomly went for the milionth time on Scott's website to find that he changed the pic again. And I even believe he's changing it daily or such, I'm not sure yet. Anyway, the thing is that I had a moment of genius, saved the pic in my phone and made it ligher and lighter. I found that the file automatically saved as "dontwakethebaby" and you can see the Puppet hidden in it. I want to put the photos,but I simply suck when it comes about that I searched a lot for others that did this with the new photos,but I couldn't find anything. Now I want to ask if any of you got the other photos? I really need them now •_• Btw, if you find the same thing with the new photos, tell me. I can only search for them from this phone, so it's not too much information. Also sorry if there is a special thread for games. I couldn't find it. And also sorry if the post is long and makes no sense, I'm sleepy
  4. I randomly came in and found the release in time lol
  5. I also thought that They are AWESOME.Oh,the hoarding feels •_•
  6. Locked myself with eggs again ^^
  7. I'm off to hunting new eggs.Mine hatched yesterday,but I was too busy to catch any lol
  8. You'll never see holiday types out of their season,unless it's a glitch lol
  9. They gendered so fast *.* But what's up with the other two eggs?
  10. Got another egg after experiment ^^
  11. When I first read the egg release description I read that they keep spriters away and that really confused me Caught 4 eggs form the Alpine. In a few hours I'll hunt for those in Forest too,but I must wait for my experiments lol Also,thank you TJ and spriters ^^
  12. A friend told me about the release.Glad I'm not late at the party though ^^
  13. I'm still not ready for hybrids because I only have a few cbs on my scroll and mostly of them are paired up for lineages, but I would be really ok about them since we wouldn't have the new breed catching problem Anyway,I still think we need more breeds in volcano though.
  14. Well,I am currently working on an insect based dragon breed with different variations. I'm not sure but I think they will be pygmies though, since insects are small too. I can also include the Mosquito there
  15. It's been a long way,but my experiment turned and I managed to save it with help from a friend ^^ Now I can finally complete a IOU
  16. Banned for taking the naming oath only now!
  17. PinkSpinosaurus Fuse with Godzilla.
  18. I think there might be,but we need to splash even more. *goes to hoard Shallow Waters to make a giant splashy splash and summon the evolved badge*
  19. Luminas mostly,no matter the lineage,I just love those ^^ Also Soulpeace eggs.
  20. Years ago I learned to play the piano and I also had a few guitar lesson.However,I did not have enough time and I had to stop and remain only with what I know now ._.