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  1. I need someone to incubate this egg! Forum Name: TeaShell Scroll Name and Link Mystery101 PM Link: PM Incubate Subject's Link: Heartseeker Have you read all the rules?: Yes Who is incubating for you?: Frano
  2. Anyone here experienced in 2g prizekin trading? I caught this today when I was looking for 2g Heartstealers. I don't breed prizes, so I'm a bit out of my element. ^^; What would be the worth of one? I'm still toying with the idea of keeping this, but I don't have any CB Golds(are they even worth golds?) or anything like that, and I'm unsure what would be too much/too little to ask for.
  3. I was looking for 2g Heartstealers. Definitely got one but now I have no idea what to do with it: Lineage Thank you, DMCfan!
  4. Ooh I really like your style! Unsure how to describe it but it almost reminds me of the texture of colored pencil. c:
  5. Highfive, Rebs And done c:
  6. Aw thanks, I'm glad you like it! Commission I'm working on, decided to show some WIP shots of it before it's finished(there are a few errors that need to be corrected, like the black wolf seemingly stepping on the white wolf's foot)
  7. Aw thank <3 Just got done putting them all together, so here's all 16: click
  8. Aww those are good Kitten! The colors in the first really pop, and the cats look adorably grumpy. c: Did these not too long ago. 16 different variations total(they're for an off-site pet game). Also have some wolves sketched out so I'll be posting them when they're done. Also: This one was repurposing old linework, so some bits are a bit sloppy, but it was colored as a gift for someone off-site a week or two ago. c:
  9. My very first GoN! I thought I misread the text at first, I've been trying for almost a year now(February of 2015)!
  10. Thank you Lunevis! c: That's very kind! And yeah, I'm a fan of Sai! simpler than photoshop(which I never got into) and I just haven't tried much else. Also haven't had time to draw much of anything, but expect doodles in the next few weeks! College classes are starting back up but I'll post when I can.
  11. Was going to name him Flippar, but the name is already taken. I'll think of something though! This "ew" one though... no idea what to name him.
  12. Sounds cool! I'll have to give it a go then, maybe test it out after I finish my commissions. I got Sai as a gift from my parents a few years ago. Maybe you will too. c:
  13. Paint tool Sai. I recently got Krita to try it out, but haven't messed with it yet; is it a good program?
  14. Sorry for the confusion, probably should've clarified that in my post anyways. c: Also, this was a commission I uploaded to my DA gallery, but since it's also similar to the style that I'll likely be posting here...
  15. Thank you! And that looks really good, actually! Especially considering it was done with a mouse; you really nailed the whispy effects. c: Don't have time for detailed requests though. Maybe a sketch but I have commissions I have to do first, so it wouldn't be anytime soon.
  16. So to preface: Here are some really old works... ... and here is some newer stuff. And my DA, which sadly(thankfully?) doesn't have the super old MS paint stuff on it. I'll be posting finished stuff here as I do them, but there will also be some gorgeous doodles that aren't worthy of deviant art. Like this. It's a masterpiece. Joking aside I want to get better at dragons! This is Dragon Cave, and I'm posting an art thread that has no dragons. (there's also a distinct lack of humans and distinct overabundance of cats in my gallery) Hopefully there will be dragons in the future. And humans. And probably cats, because I can't help myself. I'll probably come back and make this post prettier when I have art that would fit well here. Maybe add FAQs or something if people have questions, but until then, feel free to talk to me/ask stuff/give constructive criticism(seriously, it's always welcome). ^^ (I do not offer custom art requests, but I am open to commissions or trades; pm me regarding this)
  17. Forum name: TeaShell PM link: pm me I can gift non-holiday offspring of the listed pairings; pm if you need one! List of Valetines I Can Breed: 2 CB Heartseeker 2 CB Heartstealer 6g cb Electric/Val 09 staircase(himxher) 3g Ice/Rosebud checker (sibling) 3g Marrow/Rosebud checker (himxher) 4g Ice/Rosebud checker (sibling) 3g Heartseeker/Albino checker (sibling) 3g Heartseeker/Black checker (sibling) 3g Heartseeker/Sunset checker (sibling) 3g Heartseeker/Balloon checker (himxher) *refused out of season; can only give val offspring* 3g Radiant Angel/Ribbondancer checker(sibling) 3g Radiant Angel/Blusang checker (sibling) List of Common mates I need: Need common bloodswaps of the blue pairings above, from nicely named lineages List of Valentine's I need: Need valentine bloodswaps of the pink pairings above, from nicely named lineages 3g Sweetling/Marrow checker with alt base, mate for her 3g Sweetling/Tri-color snow angel checker, mate for her
  18. Forum name: TeaShell PM link: PM List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed: - 2 CB Tri-color Snow Angels - 1 CB Mistletoe - 3g Snow angel x White Stripe checker (sibling to this) - 4g Ribbondancer x Green Nebula checker (sibling to this, bloodswap please) List of Christmas Dragons I need: - 4g Tri-Color Snow Angel x White Stripe checker(mate for him) -- top priority - 3g Ribbondancer x RA checker - 4g Ribbondancer x Green Nebula Checker
  19. TeaShell

    Lineage Advice

    I've had this female Silver Shimmer for some months now. I think her lineage is quite pretty, but am at a loss of what she could work well with... any ideas? I'm content if she never has a mate, but was just curious. c:
  20. https://dragcave.net/lineage/Z27mc 3g checker Marrow with Sweetlings- with an Alt sweetling base! Very happy to have gotten this, thank you bloodonmyfangs c: It'll be near impossible to get a good mate for her, but hopefully I can.
  21. Bred this egg today! Not much of a big deal, but I caught a 2g Rosebud from Ice back in 2012, and this is the longest/prettiest lineage I've managed to make(with the help of others of course). I can't wait to continue it next year. c:
  22. I really loved Radiant Angels when they came out and never really liked any of the light pink ones, but I have to admit that with some lineages they look gorgeous. I particularly like Rosebuds with Ice dragons. ^^ Another personal favorite is Arsani x Deep Sea. I also really like Heartseekers. I'd planned to breed them with Sunsets and Albinos, but I was able to nab a couple two-gens from Black dragons. I think I'll focus on breeding my own CB Heartseekers to blacks when the event is over. c: