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My DeviantArt | My ScrollCan trade art services for certain dragons; pm me if interested!I can breed 2g from these holidays: Heartseeker, Heartstealing, Tri-color Snow Angel, Mistletoe, Aegis, CaligeneI will breed and trade offspring from my scroll; pm me if interested! Breedable dragon chart: My Breedable DragonsIOUs acceptable


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    I like drawing and writing, for the most part. I joined the DC site back in 2009, but played off an on for a few years before making this profile in 2015. I hope to become more active and have been taking my scroll a bit more seriously.

    If you're interested in any eggs/hatchies/breedings, feel free to contact me! I'm not confident that I'll log into my forum account often, so email me if you want a timely response. c:

    I accept and honor IOUs!

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    lorimmel -- 5RW0Y x Dzhf7 Shimmer