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  1. I have the same, been wondering the same thing, especially since I had those before yesterday's part and that would mean it brought no new items which is weird anyone?
  2. I personally hate needing things from particular biomes(zombies and those biome-based tombstones), specyfying it, yet still getting only the wrong ones if anything, and IF I accept (because one of the unwanted critters from the offer is correct) I can't find swaps and I'm forced to release in the end:/ Same when my bf or cousin try. Come on, if the biome didn't matter it wouldn't be specified... We just don't have enough space there... that's why people got so spoiled and offer just whatever so notoriously - a few people explained those people's reasoning and it all comes to t
  3. Is there some easy to follow walthrough sollution available? I don't have time to read stories
  4. I hope this year's boy will look good with Sakuhana
  5. December 2020 :Time to start lifting the CB limits :v
  6. 1/5 just now (I didn't realise it was 31st already until now)
  7. exactly this and and what Uther_Pendragon said is also accurate. I just felt very insecure, especially when I have very few minutes to check in and just feel like suddenly someone might expect me to respond very soon while I'm just finishing my breakfast or coffee while being about to leave for work or other duties but may be perceived as ignoring someone when it's not true - which is also the reason why I hate that the Last Visited suddenly started reacting to me while I'm on anonymous mode, and moreover, with a creepy accuracy. I see the former mentions of this happening are fr
  8. ok, thanks then I'm reporting the * sign no longer shows for anonymous logins, which keeps me misled.
  9. I was gone, and how about this minute?
  10. weird, it only started happening to me during recent days, not back in July. Also, I see myself browsing this topic without the * :< the anonymous login basically doesn't work... it changes nothing now. And therefore is very misleading
  11. Banner by MonstrHugger A new discovery has been made in the world of Ostlea! This new creature can be found residing in Mystic Caverns where it will be mass dropping until Tuesday at 4:59AM by the site's clock. Please note you will not be able to use food on this creature until the massdrop has ended. This creature is permanent but, after the massdrop has ended, will only appear during the night. "The presence of this egg is very unsettling to you." Enjoy and don't forget to thank dragontamer44722, Lycanious, xxBurningxx, Gryff
  12. as in the title. It's been quite a few days since I login "anonymously" but my username shows in topics and online section (without the * sign characteristic for anonymous login) and "Last visited" refreshes to "just now". Please fix. Ok, so I'm not actually visible at elast to one user, so I guess I'm reporting the fact that the * doesn't show to me when I'm anonymously logged anymore, which misled me. Some kind of indicator that the anonymous login works or not is needed.
  13. I wanted to make a request or an egg commish if you feel like there's too much extra effort because of the human-face-likeness but wasn't sure if (human) likeness is your thing or not (like mechs are not my thing and I'd hate every minute of drawing one even if paid a lot, take a few times longer to finish etc. while I love drawing animals I haven't drawn before! wanted to see how you feel about human likeness, and it's not always about the skill itself), as his facial likeness is important to me, and portraits(that by definition are about conveying a person's likeness, unless you want to dra
  14. How do you feel about drawing people and keeping their faces similar to themselves? The twin girls you drew feel similar to each other but I'd like to ask you how you feel about portraying this guy's face: (chibi - triangular face, hearty forehead, slanted eyes, upward nose) If you feel like it's something you can and want to do, I'd like to request something of him and this Dragoness, Aryena, please: - important info: design of Aryena the Dragoness: -the larger opalescent stone on her neck is actually part of her body(grows between her
  15. All candy-based minigames are the first takes for me:P I'm just not sure of my house's 2 top hard-candy rows but whatever else I place there doesn't look any better to me - wish there was a larger meringue sprite, that's what I'd like on the top the most^^; I mostly wanted white-red on gingerbread plus some greenery and animals, but I liked the tiny sprinkles near the top of the roof. Also, didn't touch my 2018 fort, I hardly made it last year (couldn't spawn one crystal where I needed but it finally appeared somewhat near the end - tbh this event should be re-playe
  16. All candy-based minigames are the first takes for me:P
  17. 1. well, anythig that takes over a year to get 2 of is simply on the badly overdone rarity end. Undeads, for example. Ever since their release I kept working on them, and I'm still missing lots of adults, even the regular western. Undeads are light-years beyond any sensible raroty level. The kill limit is a joke on its own, but combined with the extremelly low success percentage it's just beyond words. And I'm not even refffering to the fact they require sacrifices, often of breeds that can be difficult to obtain especially if you want to make some kind of a tombstone pattern as well(ekhm, Kya
  18. cousin doesn't use forum, so: he offers: https://dragcave.net/teleport/528d4dd3a81b5126be0e06081372b56b 2g bronze Tinsel from brown Copper you need to offer: a Neglected if you can provide a ND but would prefer another father for the Tinsel, PM me so I can tell him what to breed next your ND needs to have at least a few hours before it grows up
  19. you know that will NOT actually help you win? There's way too many users enter, those like myself, who enter nearly every single month and never win, and newbies that register nearly everyday if not every single day. And heck, I need people to have 2 of the same prize breed so I can have a chance at finding PBs for my own scroll goal, and since I need a pair per type... and got just 1 by now while needing a total of 12 of those, unrelated... Not to mention it would be highly unfair towards people who haven't multi-won yet, because there already are people who did win more than once a
  20. Another 12 months of persistent entering resulted in 0 wins While my cousin won like idk, around the third he entered or so, not sure idk, maybe I should enter max 3 raffles every year to win? xD
  21. Idk, could that be just because I did see Birdz' SA? I remember that for a while I had Infinis' SA Caligene sprites unlocked - until it was just removed at some point:P and since Birdz didn't have the SA sprite show on hatchlings, it's not impossible that it's the SA I'm seing in my Encyclopeadia xD won't manage to click 15 of Birdz' SA to find out though, haha:P
  22. Why does the Encyclopeadia use 2 of the Wintertide sets? Just a mistake? (Like with the Solstices not showing the Day variant, just Wintertides showing an extra instad?)
  23. 0/6, 1 revival I had to release and lots of dodges fails in a row: 13