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  1. I'm definitely for it, especially the red and bold text on both pages.
  2. I think the main flaw of such system is a situation like this: Sb mass breeds their eggs. First, they breed very common and common breeds, they breed and breed and finally they breed rares, including prizes. This way it may be slightly easier to ger rare eggs, because commons already grew in numbers. Idk, that could be the logic of such breeding order. In such situaton rares and prizes may imply die. Because the cave-blocking breeds noone wants are blocking them from appearing on the AP more than ever. But I also think this is the ONLY limitation I could possibly not be opposed
  3. Update: I bred 2 other same-breed couples, both gave the egg of their own type: Xenowyrm type: Astrapi Mate: Astrapi - Result: Astrapi Xenowyrm type: Thalass Mate: Thalass Result: Thalass 5/6 bred true, 1/6 gave offspring of another type(Chronos->Pyro)
  4. In short, I bred 4 same type Xenowyrm couples, 3 pairs gave their own breed, 1 gave another breed. All were bred one right after another, so there is no way the time of the day mattered. I'll shorten the form, since there are no other options because all are bred within type. Xenowyrm type: Mageia Mate: Mageia - Result: Mageia Xenowyrm type: Gaia Mate: Gaia - Result: Gaia Xenowyrm type: Pyro Mate: Pyro - Result: Pyro Xenowyrm type: Chrono Mate: Chrono - Result: Pyro :/ When my 2 other couples grow up, I might update. But at
  5. I wouldn't use this personally, I hate breeding dragons like low animals, mine have souls and each loves their mate. Majority would be interested though, I've noticed people breed their dragons just like low animals anyway so they wouldn't have problems with using the option. Actually I think a better sollution to the low gens slowly dying out would be to make CB holidays of each species available in the caves again after 10 years after its release respectfully. E.g. Hollies would mass drop in 2017; in 2018 Youlebuck would mass drop and 2 days befre the next release Hollies would drop to
  6. This suggestion is destructive. E.g. I always try to get 3 of each new release, influence and incubate 2 and right after they grow up I breed them to find out if they don't refuse. The 3rd one is a spare, if the couple refuses I keep it but if the couple doesn't refuse I don't need it and I abandon it for other players to catch so a CB doesn't go to waste. If I had to wat any longer with the birst breeding of each new couple, I'd have to always waste a CB of each new release. And this is just one of the uncounted examples of how destructive any breeding limitations would be. The refusal
  7. Same. I discovered it purely by a lucky accident
  8. I'm bored to death when there are no releases for some more time.. e.g. I hate there is no January release, just Chrismas and then Valentine - both limited to 2 eggs per entire release. I have NOTHING to do after getting the Christmas egg until Feb 14... I have everything I needed for my basic goal: a MF couple per dragon breed (when possible:/), and I'm always just about to finish the other part of it: the 3 frozen offspring per PB couple (S1, S2 M&F). All I'm left are the GoN hatchies, Neglected hatchies(must be bred from my other couples, will take a while esp. as
  9. fathers of: http://dragcave.net/lineage/kJbU http://dragcave.net/lineage/jm3JR http://dragcave.net/lineage/OdmJR mothers of: http://dragcave.net/lineage/dM9m children of: http://dragcave.net/progeny/aMSI http://dragcave.net/progeny/Hpsl http://dragcave.net/progeny/1DNF some others are childrenless CBs like eg. the c-word with capital C and the rest lower case or dead like e.g. f-word all letters capitalised. Really, I bet all of us could have fun with inventing codes and discovering how many of them have a few dragons existing with different capitalisations...
  10. Sorry but there IS really sth wrong with the entire censorship on DC... We can't name dragons with innocent phrases which may accidentally contain a split voulgar or offensive word but the dragon coding may use them:/ e.g. http://dragcave.net/lineage/**** http://dragcave.net/lineage/**** http://dragcave.net/lineage/**** http://dragcave.net/lineage/**** http://dragcave.net/lineage/**** http://dragcave.net/lineage/dick http://dragcave.net/lineage/dIck etc. etc. to go on for ages Sorry but if we're to have our dragons named in a way that messes with the coensorship system punished(e
  11. I'm also very curious how they look like And I'm GMT+1 with classes starting in the morning and ending in the late afternoon, such a long wait... I can't wait till I can check my couple and (hopefully) release the spare for sb else to catch and enjoy if the intended couple doesn't refuse^^ Possible refusals are such an unnecessary stress contributing to our alreaddy too much stressful lives...^^;
  12. But wouldn't be any less special if it bred but only within the scroll (and the egg can onyl stay or be killed) - no other dragon does that. Just please, no more poor inbreedables;A;
  13. Or TJ was simply tired of all the whines flooding the thread edit: oh, or noticed there was a technical problem^^; eh... so I perhaps don't have anything valuable to trade...
  14. I know it's cruel but to be honest I hope I finally have sth valuable to trade... ^^; For the 1st time actually...
  15. I also think this one is unnecessary in some areas. Would also work better if it warned from breeding when you're locked. And yeah, looks out of place. Writtnen or drawn in ink or carved on wood or in stone would look nice, at least on the default, parchment skin.
  16. I also hope to get all before that...
  17. I feel like the release drops are way too small for the still growing number of players^^; Can't get the eggs...
  18. I just hope there'll be a fitting eastern male on next Valentines release... That my Corfuraria Draffectionate will find her partner within a year^^ Shouldn't we produce the single-gender holiday dragons in 'couples'? Like the female breed and the visually fitting male breed released one after another(or even better, since we have a limit o 2CBs per breed anyway, 2 fitting breeds of opposite genders could be released at once)?
  19. I hope that if the dragon is in breeding cooldown he won't be able to mate no matter what the event is intended for? I hope the event won't reset the breeding cooldown... This would be very mean if TJ forced such thing on the players... Especially as his Thuweds seem monogamous...
  20. So will I loose the monogamy of two dragons by taking part in this event or not? Besides, I feel morally disturbed to pick any dragon that already has a mate(I'd like to choose a pygmy for the sake of having an incredibly low chance to 'attract' a dragon that could breed with him, but all my pygmies are taken)... Why would he ever try to attract a random female while he already is in a relationship with the one female? I need to know what I risk if I take part in the event...
  21. That's why I'm asking about the consequences of the event - I don't want to loose two pairings...
  22. So this may ruin my strictly monogamous pairings? Will the event force me to breed the male I chose with the random female???? :/
  23. I'm for rising to 4. But against limitless. And for new-releases to be able to breed the year they were released... I personally need 1 CB per Christmas/Valentine because they have just one gender:/ But I prefer to have a spare either in case of refusal or if I had to change the pairings if some new release breed visually fits much better as a mate(I keep strict monogamy so I must change the dragon in such case). BTW would be nice if each year two genders were released: that fit each other like if they were of the same breed (could have just some dipomorhpism like different size of