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  1. The more misleading it is to continue calling them that:o
  2. Why are you guys calling theym "hybrids" if they drop in the biomes? https://dragcave.net/lineage/xA0ss that's misleading to newcomers I'm super glad they aren't a sino thing, sino's lack of hatchlings ruined my scroll after so many years of my hard work:/ I'd be even more heartbroken to see any more of sth like that added, I already feel super discriminated as a player (patern-based playstyle) and was on the verge of quitting (and only the time already spent stops me)
  3. TJ includes hybrids in the release announcement posts, his are CB Also I can confirm that they drop in all biomes, I'll risk mine for proof:) https://dragcave.net/lineage/xA0ss
  4. in the worst case there's always the shard shop nowadays, it's a huge stress reliever
  5. A few times I accidentally made more zombies than I want (e.g. forgot I already had a S2 male eastern or whatever it actually was, especially easy during Halloween when there are lots of fodders and it's easy to loose track which fodders not to try if things turn along the way, happened) I have a minimalistic scroll and any doubled zombie must go https://dragcave.net/group/13377 and since they don't have a Release button... true one doesn't use Expunge a lot, but it's still needed
  6. For that a blocking feature is the closest-to-effective sollution. Block by username of the time of blocking that doesn't update, while the blocking feature actually blocking the ID in the background Just let the victims run away from abuse, e.g. viewbombing (which requires the offender to simply know the victim's scroll name) Also, the most persistent offenders will just multi-scroll (they are top level rebells, rules won't stop them), a new extra scroll won't cost them anything but if the victim did the same thing, their new scroll means loosing all of their former dragons(y
  7. Then shouldn't you support the blocking suggestion instead? will work MUCH more effectively than your current manual checking of every single trade, blocking will just filter things for you, and the site would automatically recognize the scroll ID if the feature is coded properly, you'll just need to block and use your saved-up time on something better Other thing is that neither blocking nor username history will stop this from happening. I also had this happen to me before, it was a 2g hybrid, I expanded the progeny considerably and at some point noticed the breeder suddenly kill
  8. You misunderstood(why am I always misunderstood?) - This is not how blocking works. You block an account (so the ID) even if all you see is the current username. Blocking's frontend can be a "click the block button" thing or "type in the current username and the site's coding will automatically block the ID behind it" - worked on the original Deviantart despite people changing usernames(and you can't browse one's past usernames either), and it's TJ's part to code it right (it CAN be coded right).
  9. NO! *screams in helpless frustration* I explained multiple times that NOBODY need sto see my old scroll name EVER and don't have the time to repeat myself all over again, please, don't insist on refusing to unserstand how much of an unreasonable demand it is and also how much pointless username change would be with this (to all cases other than Marionetta's type) and what the actual sollution to those wishes and fears is (reminder: scroll ID number based blocking system, we already have scroll numbers to code this with so we're halfway there). I can as well demand for all Sinomorphs t
  10. I breed 1 CB (or 2g if I didn't manage to get CBs or there's no obtainable CB at all) pair per breed/alt for shards, to expand progenies of my pairs (you know there are nearly 250 unique breedable breeds? I wouln't be able to work on the last thing that's left for me on DC save for last zombies and most recent release frozens if this suggestion was implemented) why do you want to restrict me too and the breed diversity I'm contributing whenever I breed my scroll to AP? AP can get monotonous also because of ratios or because certain breeeds are used for lineages more often t
  11. 0/5 0/23 since the last success day
  12. "Free for [whatever in exchange]" is an oxymoron. "give me [item] to get my free item" makes zero sense on like a basic semantic level. It's not a style of wording, it's just using a word incorrectly(against its core meaning). It's used solely as a misleading catch phrase. Win a free laptop, buy a $100 ticket to enter. But in most of "trades" it's more like "I'll give you my laptop for free if you pay me with your Iphone or car", like.... no. A thinking corpse makes more sense than "free for [some trading goods]".
  13. 0/6 0/18 since the last success day
  14. Got a PB egg from the blue! https://dragcave.net/progeny/d15yD
  15. update: the green ones attempted breeding, "no interest" blue ones still get the error
  16. Rare x Rare can breed true so that just can't be the case? https://dragcave.net/lineage/ICA1i Also, since I'm getting an error page it just can't be an intended behavior
  17. Am I the only one getting a bug when trying to breed 2 (blue) "seeds" together?
  18. I'm trying to breed my blue Pargulus pair but all I'm getting is: I waited a few hours but it's still occuring. Tried 3 times total so far. I also used fertility before the 3rd attempt and started from the other gender than before. No difference. The dragons in question still have the Breed action available. Please don't tell me I have to replace any of those dragons just because there's an error...
  19. 0/6(1 revival to release) Dodges are too many... 0/12 since the last success day
  20. This,I just need them to get males, but not alts, they are too rare and not even breedable
  21. Because the number of spawned eggs is way too low to last beyond a few seconds and TJ still keeps it like this regardless...💩
  22. 0/6(1 revival to release) I had over 20 dodges today... this...is...riddiculusly-stupid... unbalanced (I'm late to report but it was the better turn chance timeframe)
  23. Isn't there an analogical filter in the event already? I think all it needs is to embrace past eggs instead of just the current year's (like past sprites would just need to be added to the poll). The one somehow tricky part I see is to recognize when the current year is all collected and when to trigger past years' drops but at worst the past year's could be added on the last egghunt day for everyone. Anyway, I remember that the rule of Suggestions is "don't worry about programming when making suggestions, TJ kows better if he can or can't do it", so don't worry about that:) I'm sad