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  1. I had an exactly the same situation! Just noticed I won a bronze Tinsel! so glad it's a bronze, perhaps I will win its mate someday in a few more years, much more possible than 2x silver or 2x gold^^ Won't have use of it until then but that's much closer to my DC dream coming true
  2. 2/5 Finished my Lindwyrm set Mising 4 zombies to reach my goal for all currently available zombies (Not sure if I regret I didn't try the rarer fodders, perhaps they wouldn't turn?)
  3. Actually me and my peeps sometimes hold on accepting for a little bit when we offer something of a higher value asking for higher amounts of something of a lesser value (e.g 2g prize for some Baikalas, like getting just 1 Baikala for a 2g Prize is not very fair but still better if Baikala is what one of us needs instead of another sibling of said 2g Prize) and get only 1 of what we wanted. There are times when that only 1 Baikala is the only relevant offer and is the only thing we can accept in the end and in some other cases there are 3 relevant offers one being bulkier than the others. And I
  4. 6h+ also covers 12h+ and over. And the worst part is the initiator often doesn't accept in the end and I (or my cousin or bf) don't have enough time to trade the valuable thing left after like 2 attempts...
  5. Trading is a nightmare I can't offer on trades because others don't react for 6h+ I can't initiate a trade because offerers don't wait even 1-2h, I keep coming back to outdated notifications and don't even know what was offered just becuase I'm an adult with adult duties:/ the fact we can only offer on 1 trade at once harms everyone, no matter which side of a trade one is on...
  6. 1/5 (about 9h ago) zombies left to reach my goal (without unreleased subtypes): 5
  7. I'm also only interested in getting a PB Thuwed, others have 0 value for my scroll exactly for not being PB I stalked the thuwed breeding page for years to get any of those 2 before realising he started to breed at random to ap at some point...
  8. The failure rate IS riddiculusly high: and it's not my longest fail spree as far as I remember... I've been trying to get a set of 5 each ever since the update... 4 freakin' years and I'm STILL not done (mind you my scroll is minimal, I only have 1 set per breed/variant +some useful BSAs I don't collect anymore for years by now, like I'm not busy raising other projects, it's JUST 5 per new release and the zombies...) PS. that's a hint everyone - if you're considering including the undeads into your scroll goal and be like "if only the text was different", better start so
  9. It's your choice only. I kill the pixels to get even better pixels I don't have yet At the same time I pair pixels for life and have them live happily in loving families (no matter what their breed is described like https://dragcave.net/view/HfNkt). And give my incompletable GoNs some moving descriptions https://dragcave.net/view/5kMvX https://dragcave.net/view/Bk0m7 https://dragcave.net/view/s51hS - my poor GoNs are suffering much more than the zombie fodders could possibly imagine (and it's NOT my choice my GoNs are a broken family because the game gave me no option to choose to co
  10. The sample progeny is very short (1 offspring doesn't showcase any consistency yet), I suggest expanding it to proove the point:) All I can contribute is 1 blue PB pair https://dragcave.net/progeny/adIK6 and 1 green PB pair https://dragcave.net/progeny/3LLAK that show the colour is consistent for a pairing, to confirm if they only breed true we'd need more big progeny samples or one that bred the other colour instead (can't help with any other combination as I only collect 1 life-mated pair per breed/variant and no extras)
  11. One more tip: If you want S1s, keep their views below 200UVs (which means not adding them anywhere until their timer is very ER), otherwise they'll gender behind the fog
  12. 0/5 0/28 since the last success day 😠
  13. Why was my comment made into a an OP of a suggestion thread I didn't make? I didn't consent to become an OP:/ why the person responsible for that didn't make their own thread instead of forcing me in?
  14. why on Earth was my comment made into a separate topic? like I didn't want to be an OP of any topic in the forum nowadays, ESPECIALLY in suggestions... Whoever did this, why didn't you make your own thread and just quoted me instead? :/ guess I need to at least adjust the misleading title
  15. would only be logical if it did - it lives in the biomes(is not extinct)=must reproduce(breed true here), it also makes sense if it can produce Xenowyrms since its the Xeno's ancestor breed, but still breeding true is logically more likely than producing Xenos INSTEAD of itself in this case though sadly not always logical is what DC is... still, I hope it's not yet another evil case one prediction though: if they can breed both true + xenos, they will produce more Xenos than its own breed, because everything hints that Staterae are a rare or even a true rare (low spawn rate on
  16. The June official release news post is... a disaster! I hate that we can't have an official RELIABLE source of information of how many breeds are released, at elast for cave-dropping ones! Why do we need to rely on luck, third party site (wiki) or wasting time for reading through many pages of user-made comments?! it's... as if I needed any more stress in my life, now I need to add "can't rely on the news thread to infrom me how many breeds I need to get from cave, June 2020 can happen again anytime", well "thanks":/ Hence I won
  17. I disagree about "There's nothing wrong with a surprise release." not every player uses forums and not every player who uses forums has the time (or will) to read through many pages of comments! I have my Flows ONLY because my bf was hunting when they were the only new xeno dropping and because we check the wiki if the first comment in the news thread doesn't say the biomes and descriptions - like in this very thread... we were close to miss the info! pure lucky accident:/ and not everyone is aware of the wiki. and stalk Silvi's Lair if there's anythign extra??? the last
  18. could someone link a TJ's S2 Flow again?
  19. it's still a wyrm guys xD, just maybe not necessarily a xeno one (as the sorting suggests)
  20. since CBs drop on us I think we should just stop calling them hybrids just in case, "flow" would work best regardless what they are meant to be, since it's a distinctive part of their description:) but it would suck as hell if our CBs were changed to normal new Xenos, people are already trading them! Like it's been way too long for that by now... also I strongly agree that mass drops are way too short, 24h shoudl be the minimum, especially since DC is a worldwide game...
  21. I have a CB! https://dragcave.net/lineage/xA0ss meaning they can't be hybrids or they wouldn't have a CB variant we(=not-TJ players) can own, as ALL DC hybrids are bred only (and the only player-owned CB hybrids are HM prizes from the old raffles, which are special-circumstances exceptions)
  22. I have a CB! https://dragcave.net/lineage/xA0ss and old Xenos also breed other variants at random when bred true https://dragcave.net/progeny/LqG5g, not to mention when bred to other breeds, I'd expect them to produce that all-biome egg as well as this would match to what Xenos already do. (Following the logic you mentioned ALL Xenos are hybrids... and I've never seen them referred to as such)
  23. The more misleading it is to continue calling them that:o
  24. Why are you guys calling theym "hybrids" if they drop in the biomes? https://dragcave.net/lineage/xA0ss that's misleading to newcomers I'm super glad they aren't a sino thing, sino's lack of hatchlings ruined my scroll after so many years of my hard work:/ I'd be even more heartbroken to see any more of sth like that added, I already feel super discriminated as a player (patern-based playstyle) and was on the verge of quitting (and only the time already spent stops me)