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  1. I just have 1, been there since 2013, so it seems to be a first-timers' thing
  2. Would be a neat extra thingie somewhere near Encyclopeadia or sth, since it's already made
  3. it was a very long one, and not just because of the rune puzzle. glad the clues from the thread for the runes worked for me (though I did need a while of "processing" to understand what I'm supposed to do) - I'd never go through this puzzle without a full step-by-step sollution, literally never. Those are simply too difficult. I agree that the second cauldron instructions weren't much of help, one of them was literally misleading (the 'sun after its parents" like... nope, I still can't see how are those 2 the parents of that one, and my brain can connect the unconnectable at time
  4. same I'm having a real sruggle with the door runes:<
  5. succulents can be propagated from leaves, they grow roots later, I'm saying that the body plant comes before roots.
  6. in nature, root is usually not the first thing that grows, e.g. with succulents, the mother plant first gives babies and then when the babies get de-attached it is when they grow their own roots, meaning roots are born from the body of the plant, not vice-versa:P
  7. Anyone knows how to finish mine? my brain is clueless
  8. the doors and orbs seem different from player to player, my first door was to the left and my orbs didn't need a red and now I'm confused what rune alingment opens the door^^;
  9. one is greener/cooler than the other.
  10. try to use the return command (e.g. tab on computer) and visit the 4 rooms first.
  11. I'm afraid my brain is way too bad at those rune-like games, will probably need a full step by step sollution to get there;-;
  12. You're probably supposed to remember them I take notes in cases like this:P
  13. so much yes for past collectibles (hope it's not limited to just the years one has been in the game and covers all DC's history for everyone?)
  14. I can't believe this... all but 2 of my fodders avoided the blade, can't max out my kills for halloween 🤬
  15. Release date (except single genders as they don't match well with my pattern, thinking of moving GoNs and Sinos down too): https://dragcave.net/group/13377 (things that don't match such as BSAs are sorted in the every end of my entire scroll and things I'm working on are on top of the entire scroll but I ain't share as I hate my scroll username)
  16. same^^ just a confirmation so a good sign I guess? (last year I got no response and made it, hope it's just a nice tiny change in the procedure)
  17. Good to know then, thanks for clarification!
  18. sent mine on Friday(I was ready) and it's still not read. would be much more helpful if those were checked on regularly just in case... I really wanted to make it in 2020
  19. \ovo/ PS. I was ready and posted my submission rightaway!
  20. I did mean 2(I'm just not sure if I used English correctly or not), like I need 5 GoNs, being allowed 3 makes it 2 short for me
  21. If this doesn't come with multiple breedings, it'll be yet another thing I won't benefit from and IF at the same time it comes with removal of multiclutches as well, it will literally harm(slow down even further) my gameplay, as it's tied to me collecting offspring from my own pairs (3-4) - right now I'm relying on multiclutches and people trading some of them back to me. I just need my dragons to produce several offspring per year in some way. And my playstyle is continuously hurt (the adult-only sinomorph was the greatest backstab so far, aside to GoN limit being too low by 2), and I'm
  22. They were all redone from scratch
  23. "nox" is "night"/"darkness" in Latin and where "nocturnal" came from. Equinox would be the name for the date when the night and day are qual in length. and the switch-off spell for Lumos in the HP movies xD I will forever miss the former Mistra's heads, they were perfect and it's sad they got completely redone
  24. what the heck? TUESDAY release?:/