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  1. there is the wiki and stuff, but it's just so inconvenient to constantly rely on the internet instead of our own heads if we can. I just picked a random year and random breed to illustrate that names speak louder than numbers and are easier to use:P And I confirm, I do insta-know what Garland and Mistletoe look like xD but if you just gave me the years, I'd have 0 clue and would need to check around if I wanted to picture them:P
  2. at this point I also can't recall which dragon it is when I see just the year, unless it's a Holly or the latest breed. But that's it. H.D.2017? No idea which sprite it is. Aegis? Idk which year it is but I know what the dragon/s look like.
  3. At least you can collect loads of them and own all the CBs from your project's lineage and take no risks except your own potential mistake. They seem to act like normal living dragons on the overall, aside to how they are made. Just confirmed than Naming and Unnaming works on mine.
  4. 2/2! Which makes 4/6 for the entire day Which means I FINISHED MY ZOMBIE GOAL for now! (until any of the missing subtypes gets released) The perfection made out of 90 zombies can be admired here: https://dragcave.net/group/13377
  5. I can't believe it, it's the last thing I expected to happen: after all those frustrating years since the zombie sprite update and expansion, I suddenly finished my entire zombie goal until any of the missing subtypes gets released! A set of 5 per subtype, that's 90 zombies! Each set made exclusively out of 1 chosen breed from 1 assigned biome Just admire the PERFECTION https://dragcave.net/group/13377🙀
  6. Same, my hatchi goal is all done, I'm only missing 2 adults and I'll be done until the missing types get released:P I just gave even safer numbers.
  7. at times some gender much sooner, around 200UVs here's the possible range: https://dragcave.net/view/nv6ej a still s1 vs aready s2 https://dragcave.net/view/S8FE5 So keep below 2000Vs AND below 180UVs to be safe
  8. Wait with hatching them until they are rather low time and don't let them exceed 200UVs (try to keep at below 180UVs), refreshing your own scroll gives regular views and speeds up the moment they hatch too (just notice that the max amount of regular views is the UVs multiplied by 15). Using Kills on those is a waste ifyou still have adults to make.
  9. It would make sense to be not tradeable, since some trades are exactly for zombie fodders, and those survivors are useless for that. Whoever would get such survivor in a trade while intending to attempt zobiefication, would get screwed - not only waste a dragon but also a kill slot
  10. I regret I can't remember if I ever actually tried to Teleport one instead of APing:/
  11. 2/4 (happened to get a success at the one I had 2 fodders killed for, I was just 4 adults short for my goal) now, waiting for 4 of my Kills to get off cooldown (due to excessive dodging on 17th, I had to try to use my last kill after 17th), I bet I'll get too many dodges to use even them today... Tonight's successes finished my Eastern Pygmy and Pygmy Lindwyrm sets 2 undeads left to go! (until we get the missing subtypes released)
  12. It matters for the consecutive years when you try to grab it from the Halloween biome - latest breeds are always in the highest demand exactly because people had no chance to get more of them (or any at all) in the initial year. To me it makes sense to make all holidays work the same. 3 days drop and no limits. And never-emptying biomes during release.
  13. Whenever I revived a timeout hatchling and tried to get rid of it so someone else could enjoy it(I release everything past a family set per breed/alt, unless a too useful BSA), it grew up within a minute or so(seconds at times, probably the S2s kept shorter and S1s a bit longer, can't remember for sure but that makes sense) if I didn't insta-abandon, idk what happens later when it hits the AP, I can't remember if I ever managed to teleport it to eg. my bf sitting next to me, ready to grab the mouse and paste the link I copied for him (we often exchange this way for the ease, so I can't recal
  14. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: VixenDra Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: FoE 2016 Brief description of treat: my favorite flower, lily I would like my art added to the database! Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: FoE 2016 Brief description of treat: a chick, because I couldn't find one among the former Eggs I would like my art added to the database!
  15. Thank you:) Sometimes I feel guilty I don't use pencil anymore:P (They are snuggles^^)
  16. It seems that most of forum users are already busy collecting past years' treats, so I'll go ahead and finally introduce my Treat for this year, because I've been dying to: Meet Aryena and Billie from my WIP project "Draffectill", that I started half of my life ago (2006) to tell a (sapeint)Dragon-protagonist fantasy story of the power of Love that reaches beyond the surface - a project with strong anti-racist vibes and following a general "what is essential is invisible to the eye" motif while featuring loads of magic and some weird, occassonally horrororish even, elements
  17. I guess most of forum visitors collected their 2020 treats?
  18. The Wiki has a very simple and quick sollution if you want to just get over it^^
  19. I'm tired of contemporary people suddenly calling everything they can't see any specific existent animal in "a dragon":/
  20. Wish I could just keep eggs from my clutches, I need them for my goal but the game forced them to the already clogged AP and they can't even reach its first page;-; they are always several hours "too young", I just want a chance to get them back;-;
  21. It's the past years', as the OP says:P
  22. "All old treats have returned" - you collected all 2020;s and now 2013's are droping for you:) When you're done with those, you'll start getting 2012's and so on
  23. I just have 1, been there since 2013, so it seems to be a first-timers' thing
  24. Would be a neat extra thingie somewhere near Encyclopeadia or sth, since it's already made