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  1. And last 4 of Aryena & Billie cookies:
  2. only shows how cool and importnant it is to have both genders for each breed, CB Female 2020, 19, 16, 15, etc. and CB male 2018, 17, 14, 13, etc. have been on my wishlist ever since I found out they don't exist and a CB blue winged Solstice too :v And 4th and 5th GoN on my scroll and frozen Sinomorph hatchies. My scroll's pattern is dying for all of those and a tiny bit more, I'd trade arm and leg for them [just in case anyone doesn't understand me: I know I can't ask for those in trades :v doesn't mean I don't wish I could have those regardless]
  3. I have 6 Aryena & Billie cookies left: 1 tree and 5 stars
  4. Oh, I wish my scroll could be named that^^; Just send back now you got the cookie**
  5. Didn't make nice new cookies for obvious reasons but I still have 8 total left if anyone wants
  6. There was a way to remove both multiply possibilities within 24h or so since respective forum info spread of each... like there was a way to destroy the fun so quickly but there's no way to let it be back in some way(even if it's by reverting one of the "fixes")? Priorities... a VERY sad image, delicately speaking not to mention the sound of silence from him
  7. "But my words, like silent raindrops fell And echoed in the wells of silence" ... ------------ eh, there goes the remaining holiday sprit and cheer *POOF* as if we had excess of it this year without that bummer on top of it all... And I thought 2020 can't get any worse. (last I've seen my mom was in May, I lost a job, can't purchase a bed, are a higher risk group and don't go outside, get frustrated and get rised aggression levels because of covidiots... I just tried to make a few virtual cookies and share them with as many people who liked them as possibl
  8. I like random animals:) (I'm very behind with Pokemon:P)
  9. Not surprising, Sig:) Ps. any preference which? (tree/star)
  10. oho the precious multiplier (RIP;-; ) didn't let me make more than 15 copies per design, unless I should have ignored the fact cookies beyond 15 were turning into a black rectangle?:P (no matter what I did, anything beyond 15 would black out like this)
  11. same. I did all the other events the previous time. I don't even know if candies are earned when a cookie is sent to a specific scroll or just the random users (that's what the page suggests but I forgot to confirm) I just enjoyed making the fancy desings and sharing them with those who liked them, now the spirit is pretty much gone, I don't have time to make more than like 1-2 per day now, and it's just not worth it now.
  12. Exactly:/ oh well, fun is over, can make no more fancy cookie designs then:v I expect there will be so much more basic 1-5min designs out there and less cookies sent on the overall. And after having made some fancy designs myself, I feel like there's too much downgrade to suddenly make basic ones again only, and it's not worth an hour+ per cookie I can only send to just 1 person... so I won't make more unless it's possible to mulitply them somehow again.
  13. oh well, fun is over, can make no more cookie designs then... I planned another Aryena&Billie but I won't bother now, they take over an hour. I wasn't sending to randoms except once or twice, so I still have 15 total left:
  14. but in those the change is so subtle it won't affect the lineage view much, unlike Aegis
  15. I still have some of both left:) + received these meanwhile<3
  16. Made another Aryena&Billie cookie - Star, I do have some of the Trees left too. Ping me saying which one/s you'd like : > If anyone's wondering why the peculiar bg colors, this is not the Earth:P Tree is early sunrise, Star is night. [If you don't get the requested cookie within 12h since asking, note me, I could make a mistake, the existence of cooldown increases the chance of it 😧] ----- I received these ❤️ TY! : >
  17. I'd rather see multiclutches reduced to 2 eggs (allowing thigns like SAs still abailable to regular players at all) and a 2-week breeding season (to sompensate for half the size of a multiclutch), still allowing 4 holiday eggs per parent a year but spread out over twice the time. This would also work best if accompanied by the AP tweak that would allow non-holidays to be caught instead of JUST holidays. And no CB limit.Those eggs just sit there 90% of the last day.
  18. Who wants Aryena&Billie tree-shaped cookie? :v (15 seems to be the limit no matter what)
  19. Doesn't work on Firefox, but my partner just checked it does work on Chrome (at least at the moment) Why is TJ being so mean to us and "fixes" good functions ;-;
  20. I just tired the multiplying Save-spamming trick but it didn't work for me:'<
  21. I tried this Save-spamming a moment ago but the trick didn't work at all, I have just 1 copy of the cookie I worked a long while on with intent to save and send out as many as possible ;-; this is not fair I support the suggestion, I need to send my time-consuming cookies to more users
  22. oh no, so I can't do anything to get some I already saved...;-; but good to know, ty
  23. wait how are you guys multiplying your cookies like this? =O