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  1. 20 minutes ago, sorenna said:


    Can I ask why?  Doing that would break every 'sequential' lineage project anybody might have going and been working on for years, so what's the upside?  I've seen people doing, say, Prize or metal spirals where the males and females are Valentines starting with 09s and going up to the present, because they alternate each year.  And there's things like this EG I have, where the Valentines make a pattern in the lineage because of the gender changes, and I've seen similar multibreed EG projects with Christmases.


    What would be the benefit of introducing a holiday dragon that has the "right" gender for the pattern but derails the possibilities for breeding with that pattern? 


    I think it would be nice if the nonstandard holidays followed a pattern of their own, if there's more than one of them, but I don't think they should be included in the overall sequence, because it would mess with people's breeding plans.  If there's something I'm missing, though, I'm open to info!



    just an example of a lineage that would be broken if anythign breaks the pattern in any way: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZvLz4 and it's yet another reason I'm actually not okay with those holidays suddenly being of the other breeding groups instead.
    And this is not about my own scroll, all I do is val x val and such, and as soon as the limits are finally gone, I'll just go for 5 CB set that would fit my scroll's pattern much better than the sudden non-PB sets and of 6. But I'm still pitying the lineage projects such as the 2 above and others...

  2. I'm fine with halloweens and only with those. Because unlimited and because both genders.

    but I'll hate the day we get non-standard released of the other 2 holidays if we do. Unless it's a double release of M and F breeds of the given group (so 2 pygmy breeds, etc.). As for me personally, as soon as the CB limit is all gone I'll become indifferent for my own sake but still, the one-genderness for those tiny breeding groups doesn't sound fun or neat.

  3. 3 hours ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    But the parents of ALL those eggs are still all on the same scroll. As such, it is still ONE breeder having added eggs to the AP


    Which I don't think is bad as a rule.

    At time it is, at others it is not.


    I'm going to mass breed my entire scroll (1 pair per breed/alt) just to see if my worries that my breedings might die with this kind of limit in play were valid(though with the ways it's introduced I feel it will be ok and they will mostly survive?) or that my worries were unreasonable (just like worries of some other people about some other suggestions such as no CB limit for holidays and many others)

  4. I wouldn't like props in the sprites (I don't like Whites for having that stick there^^; )

    but if it was a separate sprite attached as an item (the way Flight Rising Familiars display) then I'd be fine with it but I'm afraid it would need some extra mechanic or something to justify it, even if sth as simple as using a "Train" BgSA (Breeding group Specific Action) on the given drake individual and after accumulating enough of the action the drake would receive its breed specific object as its trainign reward (and ours for persistency) but I'm also afraid this would mean even less drakes done because the item would be extra sprite work

  5. Quote

    lack of proper capitalisation or extra spaces, e.g. "blackdragoness", "BLACK DRAGONESS", "D r a g o n e s s"

    I like extra spaces as in "D r a g o n e s s" - if both parents are like this it looks neat. I don't use this because I have a pattern that allows each name I choose to be untaken, but it is aesthetically pleasing to me:P


    so much subjectivity

  6. Just now, Fuzzbucket said:

    That's all that drakes need. For those who aren't OK with them as they stand.



    I don't see that "clearly" at all.


    then see how "many" of those 3 types were released over the years and how draks don't help it.
    also, consider a situation what if TJ decided all breeding groups need even release count per year. Divide the year by 3 groups and by 4 and see the difference of how many pygmies or splits the first option allows vs the second one.


    Also the disappointment drak releases cause vs the excitement a new pygmy or split causes.

    I don't like when illustrative examples get ignored like this and I need to repeat them... guess I'm tired of the suggestions forum again.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Silverwatermist said:

    I asked this earlier in the thread, but does anyone know if this is actually the case, that it would be that easy to change? It's not just a text bit, it's the entire lore that the designs of the Drakes were built on artistically


    Many of the breeds from the other dragon groups sound rather primitive to me description-/lorewise, athough technically should be somewhat sapient (at least to some extend), many just... feel very feral instead, monstrous even. It feels like the draks could work along with those either wih just that shared bit removed.

  8. 2 hours ago, Murkydepths said:


    The reason I picked drakes for this is because of all the breeding groups, Drakes have nothing that sets them aside visually that regular dragons do not have. Truthfully, I'd like it if two-headed's could also breed with regular dragons, but they have slightly more of a reason to be a separate breeding group since all of the group has two heads which no regular dragon has. Pygmies have a much smaller sprite style (aside from pumpkins, which are super old) which gives them a visual reason to be in a special group, and they wouldn't be terribly effective for lineages with regular dragons anyways because of the size disparity. Plus - pygmies are super cute, so people will adore them regardless of restrictions. I'm suggesting drakes (and maybe two headeds in the future...) get merged with regular dragons so they get MORE love. Right now for the Drakes, being special is actually a hinderance. People keep referencing regular dragons as if they're below the other breeding groups because they're numerous, when they're actually the most popular form. 


    Draks are just western dragons with a textbit that would take a few seconds to remove per breed and just a few eggs to enlarge.

    Meanwhile splits and pygmies stand out at a first glance and are as diverse as the regular breeding group, just need more focus from spriters.


    And let me remind this: too many projects (here: breeding groups) result in not enough resources and focus put into each. And, clearly (as we can see), 4 is too many.

  9. Quote

    particularly if we increase the release volume for two-heads and drakes.


    TBH with drake diversification project +other complaints how underpopulated they are and yet STILL like 1 drak release per year average, I just wouldn't count on that at this point.


    4 breeding groups just don't work well in practise (because of the way they were handled before AND continue[!] to be), I believe it would be better to shift the focus to fewer breeding groups instead of forcing the current count for the sake of keeping few of the antlered-western-dragons-called-DC-drakes separate and still keep all but main SO underpopulated.


    Besides, even with breeding groups reduced to 3, in order to make the 2 remaining underpopulated groups fairly diverse/rich, the releases over the year would have to limit the main group to below 1/3 of breeds released over the course of 1 year and this trend would have to stay there. Which I don't see happening. And especially with 4 (can you imagine less than a quarter of year-long releases being the main group? and for many years to come? or anything towards that? I don't.)...

    I just don't see a point to keep this for its own sake while nothing significant is even being done to populate them while all it takes is to change horns into antlers, erase a thumb and add some struts to any DR, especially the membrane-wiinged westerns (others subtypes aren't as numberous so I see why not those but still, to drak-transform most of them would simply need the missing limbs added). Perhaps it's that people don't really like unsapient minds for their creations after all, and draks' lack of intelligence/sapience is just not worth being there? The lore could easly use this text-based trait for the noncollectible lore fauna instead.

    TBH draks aren't any less design limiting than any other subtype which has limb count requirements, and antlers vs horns is NOT a big deal. Draks have wing type requirement but so are wingless (actually wingless are more limited here because no wings allowed). Yet still very few are being made, forget released. Vast majoroty of year-long releases are and will likely remain the main group species just as they have been so far or comparably.

    I personally disagree with splits needing to be separate (just check how irl polycephaly works, those animals produce normal offspring and work with normal mates) and can see the point in pygmies (sprites and bodyparts being SO tiny) but splits at least have that extra head to separate them visually, unlike draks which are not obvious at all. I bet that if we checked on the players who don't consult forum or wiki and ask them to tell what makes a drake visually "distinctive"(ahem), they just won't be able to tell. Few might notice the struts at best but that's it, forget they noticed the lack of thumbs or that antlers have any say it that since many regulars have them too. They'll point smaller eggs, which are relatively recent anyway but the hatchings and adults are pretty much just westerns.


    Too many projects at once (here: pygmies, splits and draks +the regulars being the natural main project) mean one doesn't actually do any of them justice or neglects some when trying to develop the others (true for DC, regulars outruled the 3 other "projects"). We can see this all the time here, not just with smalll individual creators and their creative projects, myself included (I had 3 art-related projects at some point in 2020, and I had to ditch one and still have trouble maintaining 2 because one is sort of stealing the resources of the other, DC in practise is analogical despite many artists working +with DC you also have the volunteer's freedom of preference aspect which naturally will favour one potentially "cooler" project over the rest, which is the main breeding group here. Majority of people doesn't like when their work is just doomed to be less loved for simply being part of the less appreciated category, and the few who are the opposite just aren't enough +usually also make regulars as well).

    In short, DC doesn't handle 4 breeding groups well and, based on observations, I don't believe it will change. 3 breeding groups would be hard, forget 4.

  10. I also always considered the drak breeding group AND "bodytype"(ahem, antlered western with struts and no opposable thumb which is hard to see anyway, really?) a forced and non-contributive thing.


    Designwise, they are normal western dragons, even closer to a regular (western) dragon than a maned western or feather-winged western are [which are ofc normalised out there (not only on this site)]. Following the drak logic, feather-winged western should have its own name and breeding group as well^^; (not to mention wyrms etc.) and nobody wants that and the game itself wouldn't benefit from that either.


    I'd rather see the drak lore tweaked to give them the same level of sapience as the other regualar dragons have - to eliminate the zoophilic aspect - and be done with it.

    The average of one drak release per year only shows it doesn't make sense to insist on keeping them special snowflakes just for 2-3 non-exclusive visual traits and a copy-paste 'non-sapient' textbit. They are way less different from a western than a wyrm is.


    And DC is NOT a biology-respecting game, existence of male-only breeds or interspecies breedings normally resulting in unchanged offspring instead of hybrid are just two of the many examples of the reality-contradicting biology and mechanics DC is full of. And while e.g. A x B = A adds to the game, the drak breeding group adds nothing and only limits the possibilities instead. Not to mention how their existence limits the usage of the word "drake" which is more commonly recognized as a wingless dragon and people were bringing this problem up over the years more times than I've actually had a chance to see.


  11. 19 hours ago, Silverwatermist said:

    Personally, I love the idea of an "incubate" for hatchlings that can only be used if Incubate wasn't, that sounds super reasonable and useful to me! But after reading the description for Mistras a few times, it doesn't strongly click for me as a match for this BSA, or not necessarily at least? I follow the logic of them being good at raising hatchlings, so maybe that helps them grow faster, but this part "They are known to adopt any abandoned eggs or hatchlings that they find and raise them as their own, singing softly to lull their young into a deep sleep" actually sounds like a growth staller to me, like a much nicer version of Stun? 😅 Like it would put hatchlings into a stasis rather than speed up their growth, so they could nurture them slowly.

    That's just my interpretation, however, and I still think it would work if the Mistra's creator thinks their dragon is a great match for this. They'd know best, after all. If not, I'd love to see another dragon with this BSA. I know I'd use it a ton!


    On the other hand, sleeping is a good way to regenerate in general, it speeds up healing, sickness or pain recovery, etc. and refuels energy, not just uses it up. Lack of sleep puts into a reduction of functionality, good sleep increases it.

  12. I'm finally done with my undeads goal (https://dragcave.net/group/13377) until the next subtype's release but it was such an unreasonably longterm pain... I achieved this only because of quite a consistency and having no other goal but breeding few frozens after new releases...

    I totally support this suggestion.

    The odds of a successful turn are riddiculusly low and they just need some kind of a way to increase them, and this suggestion sounds perfect, makes it a bit easier(I hope it's twice at least, as it's still low odds) but not too easy still. It would still take ages with it in place, just a bit less unreasonably long and wasteful.


  13. 5 hours ago, acm1923 said:

    So just to double check,  I traded for a couple eggs so if I influence them they will stay orange right? 


    I confirm this (I Influenced after their arrival and they are orange)

    as well as the Wiki's "which BSA makes which variant"
    I also influenced all, no effect (though, except orange and, if I remember well, red, I Influenced first, but the orange variant says Influence has no effect no matter when performed).
    Also, I see my bf's Teleported one which he Precog.ed after trading is blue (otherwise he'd have 2 orange but I see only 1 and he told me he's trying for more of the Precognition variants), so the last BSA of the effective 3 counts.


    (ofc I'm reffering to performing things on the egg stage, idk if that matters but all were from release day)

  14. 34 minutes ago, kerrikins said:


    24h floods could throw off the ratio hugely for breeds that are meant to be uncommon or rare, though. So the person who logs on just outside of the 24 hour timeframe wouldn't be happy either if the egg basically vanishes from sight for awhile. 


    To be honest, I think that this is why the market was introduced, to give yet another alternative besides catching, gifting and trading. Like I've been here for *years* and only recently got a purple dino through the market because I know I'd never catch one!


    If there was an 'easy' solution beyond just teleporting eggs onto people's scrolls, I think TJ would have introduced it awhile ago. 

    Perhaps the ratios also need an overhaul. Not just for this but also to fix the broken old common x recent common breeding and several other issues.

    The site was much smaller when the current system was introduced and it's unlikely that it doesn't need adjustments for the current userbase size etc.
    Like fixing one broken thing shouldn't be outruled for the sake of keeping another broken thing unfixed, just try to fix both.

  15. 1 hour ago, Spirulina said:


    For me quantity of dragons means you're here for long time. There are scrolls with huge numbers inactive for years. 

    Active player means someone who plays often, check site often.

    If you don't want to check at crazy time it's yours choice. As every choice it has certain sequence, in that case - you're missing beginning of new release. Simple. 

    Should I demand new releases on mondays when I have free evening opposite to weekends when I'm ussually at the barn without any internet connection? There are certainly people who'd prefer to have release on wednesdays. Or thursdays. So maybe initial flood should last whole week? 

    Or just everybody should be gifted with full set of new dragons? 

    DC is competitive. At least at major part. 

    You compete every time you try to click gold one before everybody else in the cave. 

    Of course there's also beautifull "community part" which I love, where people help each other and work together. 

    And I feel sorry new release instead of fun brings people frustration. Although I still don't believe increasing flood time would do the work.


    I'll just point a few chosen misconceptions again:
    I have just 5 each(just 2 adults) because it's my playstyle, I'm here long enough but I will never have thousands of dragons unless there's enough new breeds released to make this many with just 5 each.

    I'm active player and check often, I think I only missed the release day once for all those years.

    No, It's not one's choice not to check the site at 1am their time if they start their work shift at 7am and need to commute for 1h+ and can't afford internet or if their shift is 12h straight without internet access. You're very unmindful of other people and them having lifes and living somewhere else in the world.
    And nobody mentioned the day of the week, everone just asks this to be mindful of various timezones, that's it. Right now it's all good only for one set of timezones but not the others. Isn't also mindful of different job shifts and sleeping schedules even in those few timezones it's for... We just ask for this to be less idk USA specific and more inclusive and mindful for us in the rest of the world.


    And you're missing the point with the Gold too. It's a different situation than with the release floods timing that gives one advantage and other disadvantage based on TIMEZONE only. Golds are not a timezone thing at all, unlike the new release floods.

    I do believe 24h floods would do the work for the main issue we're having right now. It's about giving everyone an even field regardless where they live or when their shifts are. It has nothing to do with getting new dragons as gifts, it's about everyone having a chance to try to chatch the new eggs during the flood if only do they check the site on the release day - just anytime during it, not limited to a window so narrow that one can easly sleep or work through it even if they do check the site everyday.

  16. 1 hour ago, Tinibree said:

    I'm around at midnight for every release, unless it's a big release I don't have many problems getting pairs of eggs, but even then I wish for other people that the flood would be all day. This is a game but its not a competition. Imagine if you run faster than someone if you start at the same time, but they get an hour headstart, so of course they win, that's more what's actually going on. They flood ~12 hours on average, what's so terrible about just making that a full 24 instead? People like release day dragons, and some of them go from flood to rare (like the xenos, people who were asleep that night still haven't gotten some CBs). 


    People like DC because it's casual and not a competition.


    I locced this release in the first hour, they're still desirable to me! I'm gonna be hunting the ap for more lure eggs. It's not a one and done like a race, you set your own goals.

    well said

    it's a long-term game, not a contest/competition with 1st, 2nd or whatever place, and varous people start hours ahead or later than someone else and it's not about who will catch one of their own first-first, an egg caught in the first hour of the release is no better than someone's who caught theirs 4h later, it will just have a chance to hatch a bit sooner but it's not a winner vs looser thing, the first catcher's egg doesn't influence my dragon caught 6h later in the end. And goals are varied, yes. I'm done with mine but someone else from earlier hours may be missing 8 each and another 999 of each  - just because their goal is different than mine but my finished goal doesn't influence them unlike with a competition/contest. And it's not fair that a someone with a job and unmatching timezone didn't even have a chance to catch theirs during the exclusive flood when it's easiest but others could try that just because they are somewhere else or have better workhours or no job like myself right now. It's not one's fault or achievement to be able to be there or not (speaking of anyone checking the site anytime during the release day ofc.)

    I finished my zombie goal, does that mean that everyone else who's still working on theirs lost to me? nope. Because DC is not a contest.



    Spirulina said:
    "It's simply not possible to adjust to everybody sleep pattern, work, time zone, disabilities, internet connection etc etc"

    No. it IS possible to do that, just make it 24h straight and it's achieved!


    I'm usually anytime between 6-12h in when I'm jobless, when I have a regularly scheduled job and the release happens on Monday, I just can't possibly be there to hunt, not all jobs/workplaces allow mobile phone use and not everyone has a phone that's modern enough and mobile internet access in their offer... timezone shouldn't rule anyone out.

  17. Aryena and Billie mini-madness:


    I managed to multiply the last 2 and it was the best part of the event and the moment I actually enjoyed it, it felt so rewarding to be able to share my work around!


    after no working duplication method was left, I tried to produce those simple ones but got bored very quickly:

    939192340_AryenaandBilliequickcookies.png.15c5c680c312e0f13d582e7bffc35559.png <-the few recipients got very confused I bet:v (unless they Googled 😧 )


    This WIP anti-racist project turns 15 this year!

  18. 8 hours ago, VioletWhirlwind said:


    Aside from that, the new derg is very pretty, and cookie decorating is fun, if a little laggy.  Would be nice if I received a bit more than four though (I have sent 20 as of right now). 

    Same here, I didn't get many random ones compared to the ones I've sent to randoms myself... the rest are give-backs from forum recipients who wanted my cookies...which aren't random.
    Before I sent to forum people (meaning after I sent 14 to randoms), I got 5 from randoms... that was why I headed to the forum in the first place

    Meanwhile my cousin only sent to me but received 5 before he sent 1 to random, my bf had the same situation (1 to random) and got 4 from randoms.
    Seems like anything above 4-5 we sent to randoms went to those who didn't send much themselves and that's why we received less randoms than we randomly sent? as if the "rng" tried to achieve 4-5 (random?) cookies received per user regardless how many they sent themselves

    the numbers are weirdly similar...

  19. 5 hours ago, MoxleyRTZ said:

    Seeing people trying to ask for a female holiday 2020 dragon in trading.... there is no female 2020 holiday.

    only shows how cool and importnant it is to have both genders for each breed,

    CB Female 2020, 19, 16, 15, etc. and CB male 2018, 17, 14, 13, etc. have been on my wishlist ever since I found out they don't exist

    and a CB blue winged Solstice too :v
    And 4th and 5th GoN on my scroll

    and frozen Sinomorph hatchies.
    My scroll's pattern is dying for all of those and a tiny bit more, I'd trade arm and leg for them


    [just in case anyone doesn't understand me: I know I can't ask for those in trades :v doesn't mean I don't wish I could have those regardless]