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  1. They are low not because some people win more than once, they are low because the competition is way too high since it's... too easy to enter, like all minimum activity players can enter, if there were WAY fewer entrants, your chances would get higher, and also too few are distributed while there's no other way to get a CB, while their trading value is still high. And there's a major problem that shall not be forgotten: If winners suddenly get blocked out from the raffles, there will be yet another tiny forever exclusive group of players capable of breeding sth others can't, in this case
  2. well, I AM often ending up with unwanted dragons to enter right now:v anything other than "hatch any egg" or "grow any adult"(in the release-free months) requires me to catch/breed and rise things I do intend to release the following month, so like nothing new would happen. I myself would prefer any way to up my chances of winning and this suggestion would do that - less entrants, less competition, more odds for me winning. The current rsffle requirements are so easy the competition is just... feels like all minimum activity players enter them, making it even harder to win, and for those
  3. just an example of a lineage that would be broken if anythign breaks the pattern in any way: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZvLz4 and it's yet another reason I'm actually not okay with those holidays suddenly being of the other breeding groups instead. And this is not about my own scroll, all I do is val x val and such, and as soon as the limits are finally gone, I'll just go for 5 CB set that would fit my scroll's pattern much better than the sudden non-PB sets and of 6. But I'm still pitying the lineage projects such as the 2 above and others...
  4. I'm fine with halloweens and only with those. Because unlimited and because both genders. but I'll hate the day we get non-standard released of the other 2 holidays if we do. Unless it's a double release of M and F breeds of the given group (so 2 pygmy breeds, etc.). As for me personally, as soon as the CB limit is all gone I'll become indifferent for my own sake but still, the one-genderness for those tiny breeding groups doesn't sound fun or neat.
  5. Which I don't think is bad as a rule. At time it is, at others it is not. I'm going to mass breed my entire scroll (1 pair per breed/alt) just to see if my worries that my breedings might die with this kind of limit in play were valid(though with the ways it's introduced I feel it will be ok and they will mostly survive?) or that my worries were unreasonable (just like worries of some other people about some other suggestions such as no CB limit for holidays and many others)
  6. I wouldn't like props in the sprites (I don't like Whites for having that stick there^^; ) but if it was a separate sprite attached as an item (the way Flight Rising Familiars display) then I'd be fine with it but I'm afraid it would need some extra mechanic or something to justify it, even if sth as simple as using a "Train" BgSA (Breeding group Specific Action) on the given drake individual and after accumulating enough of the action the drake would receive its breed specific object as its trainign reward (and ours for persistency) but I'm also afraid this would mean even less drakes do
  7. Oh my, those beauties may be difficult to pair with 2022 male if he's not dark (finally time for a black with e.g. red accents?) and thin 😧
  8. I like extra spaces as in "D r a g o n e s s" - if both parents are like this it looks neat. I don't use this because I have a pattern that allows each name I choose to be untaken, but it is aesthetically pleasing to me:P so much subjectivity
  9. then see how "many" of those 3 types were released over the years and how draks don't help it. also, consider a situation what if TJ decided all breeding groups need even release count per year. Divide the year by 3 groups and by 4 and see the difference of how many pygmies or splits the first option allows vs the second one. Also the disappointment drak releases cause vs the excitement a new pygmy or split causes. I don't like when illustrative examples get ignored like this and I need to repeat them... guess I'm tired of the suggestions forum again.
  10. Many of the breeds from the other dragon groups sound rather primitive to me description-/lorewise, athough technically should be somewhat sapient (at least to some extend), many just... feel very feral instead, monstrous even. It feels like the draks could work along with those either wih just that shared bit removed.
  11. This. Draks are just western dragons with a textbit that would take a few seconds to remove per breed and just a few eggs to enlarge. Meanwhile splits and pygmies stand out at a first glance and are as diverse as the regular breeding group, just need more focus from spriters. And let me remind this: too many projects (here: breeding groups) result in not enough resources and focus put into each. And, clearly (as we can see), 4 is too many.
  12. TBH with drake diversification project +other complaints how underpopulated they are and yet STILL like 1 drak release per year average, I just wouldn't count on that at this point. 4 breeding groups just don't work well in practise (because of the way they were handled before AND continue[!] to be), I believe it would be better to shift the focus to fewer breeding groups instead of forcing the current count for the sake of keeping few of the antlered-western-dragons-called-DC-drakes separate and still keep all but main SO underpopulated. Besides, even with breeding gr
  13. I also always considered the drak breeding group AND "bodytype"(ahem, antlered western with struts and no opposable thumb which is hard to see anyway, really?) a forced and non-contributive thing. Designwise, they are normal western dragons, even closer to a regular (western) dragon than a maned western or feather-winged western are [which are ofc normalised out there (not only on this site)]. Following the drak logic, feather-winged western should have its own name and breeding group as well^^; (not to mention wyrms etc.) and nobody wants that and the game itself wouldn't benefit
  14. On the other hand, sleeping is a good way to regenerate in general, it speeds up healing, sickness or pain recovery, etc. and refuels energy, not just uses it up. Lack of sleep puts into a reduction of functionality, good sleep increases it.
  15. I'm finally done with my undeads goal (https://dragcave.net/group/13377) until the next subtype's release but it was such an unreasonably longterm pain... I achieved this only because of quite a consistency and having no other goal but breeding few frozens after new releases... I totally support this suggestion. The odds of a successful turn are riddiculusly low and they just need some kind of a way to increase them, and this suggestion sounds perfect, makes it a bit easier(I hope it's twice at least, as it's still low odds) but not too easy still. It would still take ages with it in
  16. oh no why? (hope it's the LAST time we see this line)
  17. I confirm this (I Influenced after their arrival and they are orange) as well as the Wiki's "which BSA makes which variant" I also influenced all, no effect (though, except orange and, if I remember well, red, I Influenced first, but the orange variant says Influence has no effect no matter when performed). Also, I see my bf's Teleported one which he Precog.ed after trading is blue (otherwise he'd have 2 orange but I see only 1 and he told me he's trying for more of the Precognition variants), so the last BSA of the effective 3 counts. (ofc I'm reffering to performing thin
  18. Perhaps the ratios also need an overhaul. Not just for this but also to fix the broken old common x recent common breeding and several other issues. The site was much smaller when the current system was introduced and it's unlikely that it doesn't need adjustments for the current userbase size etc. Like fixing one broken thing shouldn't be outruled for the sake of keeping another broken thing unfixed, just try to fix both.
  19. I'll just point a few chosen misconceptions again: I have just 5 each(just 2 adults) because it's my playstyle, I'm here long enough but I will never have thousands of dragons unless there's enough new breeds released to make this many with just 5 each. I'm active player and check often, I think I only missed the release day once for all those years. No, It's not one's choice not to check the site at 1am their time if they start their work shift at 7am and need to commute for 1h+ and can't afford internet or if their shift is 12h straight without internet access. You're very unmind
  20. well said it's a long-term game, not a contest/competition with 1st, 2nd or whatever place, and varous people start hours ahead or later than someone else and it's not about who will catch one of their own first-first, an egg caught in the first hour of the release is no better than someone's who caught theirs 4h later, it will just have a chance to hatch a bit sooner but it's not a winner vs looser thing, the first catcher's egg doesn't influence my dragon caught 6h later in the end. And goals are varied, yes. I'm done with mine but someone else from earlier hours may be missing 8 each a
  21. Aryena and Billie mini-madness: I managed to multiply the last 2 and it was the best part of the event and the moment I actually enjoyed it, it felt so rewarding to be able to share my work around! after no working duplication method was left, I tried to produce those simple ones but got bored very quickly: <-the few recipients got very confused I bet:v (unless they Googled 😧 ) This WIP anti-racist project turns 15 this year!
  22. I have the last 2 Aryena & Billie cookies to give before I go to sleep soon:
  23. Same here, I didn't get many random ones compared to the ones I've sent to randoms myself... the rest are give-backs from forum recipients who wanted my cookies...which aren't random. Before I sent to forum people (meaning after I sent 14 to randoms), I got 5 from randoms... that was why I headed to the forum in the first place Meanwhile my cousin only sent to me but received 5 before he sent 1 to random, my bf had the same situation (1 to random) and got 4 from randoms. Seems like anything above 4-5 we sent to randoms went to those who didn't send much themselves and that's why we
  24. Did anyone use the BSA after the full yellow? is there more than 4 variants or it's 4? I think I'll like the yellow best so I'd rather not check and rotate again xD