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  1. Sorry for the long wait everyone - I was unable to log in until now. Member Updates: The following Member has been added: chandelotic Welcome to the lineage project! The following pm links have been fixed: EragonSaphiraRider, Laura-Lana, OutlawQueen Everyone else has been moved to passive members provisorically. Don't worry, if you want to be reactivated just make a post here and I'll move you back to active members Student Updates OutlawQueen's students added OutlawQueen's breeding pairs listed Laura-Lana's students added (even if I totally forgot to fill out the forms for them *hides under table* ) chandelotic please fill out the form (like OutlawQueen not like Laura-Lana) once your egg has grown into a dragon and you've named it. Update complete Please check the information I've added for you and tell me if I got it right. Thanks
  2. Huh must have been my ipad not showing the right button. It's back now... Wierd
  3. So I went to add the Hogwarts breeds itno my Stripes of Hogwarts breeds allowed list post... only to not be able to find the edit post button.. its one made by this account, so what gives? None of my posts can be edited.. Oddly this one could... with a side note: I don't check this account often so if someone's able to help, please ask EragonSaphiraRider as that is my main forum account.
  4. Hogwarts News! 5 Feb 2015 The Hogwarts House Cup is coming! Rules yet to come, and will be added to the first post when it is sorted out. Soon, other breeds will be allowed into this lineage! Watch the first post for more details 25 Feb 2015 Thread has been updated Noticed an error with the link for Helga Hufflepuff. This has now been rectified ad the link finally goes to her lineage page!
  5. ANNOUNCING THE ARRIVAL OF OTHER BREEDS INTO THE LINEAGES! The main focus of course is still STRIPES, however, I thought with the coming of the house cup, if a stripe bred to the following dragon breeds produces an egg of said breeds, you'll get bonus points. My stripes will once more be the starting pairs, therefore, I will be making a list of of dragons in the breeding pairs section for you to choose from! All eggs produced from these lines will be 3rd gen at shortest, and will take time to be worked out as I must work around refusals and what not! CB dragon's of these breeds DO NOT get to be named for their house! So no cassares named 'ekf Hufflepuff' for example All offspring however must carry the house name relevant to the house the STRIPE parent is in! Also, introducing muggleborns and half-bloods! Stripes born from non stripe CB x lineage descended stripes would be halfbloods as would the non stripe offspring If the non strip offspring is bred to another non stripe eligible bred, it makes the offspring a muggleborn as all CB non stripes are considered muggleborns. The lists of eggs eligible for each House stand as: Gryffindor Proposed Breeds: Black Tea Brute Sunstone Red dragon Royal Crimson Leodon Hufflepuff Proposed Breeds: Cassare Harvest Alt Undine – yellow Sunsong Golden Wyvern Melismore Dragon Ravenclaw Proposed Breeds: Blue Banded Blusang Coastal Waverunner Electric Frostbite Razorcrest Wyvern Slytherin Proposed Breeds: Canopy Fever Wyvern Neotropical Terrae Regular undine – green Lacula Dragon Death Eater Proposed Breeds Falconiform Wyverns Grey Stone Tri-Horn Avatar of Distruction Announcing the Stripes of Hogwarts House Cup The idea is simple. Every summer and every winter we'll count how many new (1th semester) students have been added to the houses and award the house cup to the house with the most new students. Purebloods, halfbloods and muggleborns count, so if you like a certain house to win you can deliberately increase their chances by breeding halfbloods or muggleborns. The first Summercup was awarded on Jun 2nd. All 1th semester students have been upgraded to 2nd semester students. Student Count (2.June 2015) Gryffindor: 29 Hufflepuff: 20 Ravenclaw: 21 Syltherin: 12 Death Eater: 27 Woha! Gryffindors and Death Eaters were quite close. But Gryffindor won the Stripes of Hogwarts Summer Housecup!
  6. MEMBERS Active Members: EragonSaphiraRider Laura-Lana OutlawQueen chandelotic Passive Members Qor aka Gauge Lizzyluna FluffyPillow aka DragonClaw12 Narvix aka Scattercloak ViolentSaint89 aka Violentsaint Avarule lescht aka lesch Stellaluna22 Death-By-CatBurger aka 7th_utopia dragons2266 (waiting for first egg) RoseKit aka rosekit Bohem Paige201208 Dragontamor yipyipbrrring Petra1999 Aie Sycamore caribousneaky951 aka JAWSOME123 Jazzi9753 geod23 Sea Pancake aka seapancake chatbugdweeb aka chatdweeb switjive17 Pendragon Storm Skyflyer Winterslam Lysambre Lethendralis Honorary Members from old thread Tsuuu Aio-Chwan Kataan Justyne Isanor Hikari BREEDERS EragonSaphiraRider - all starting pairs (Halfblood/Muggleborn producing pairs) Erosaf's Second Scorpius Slytherin and Erosaf's CB Arrie Marks Offspring Example Erosaf's 2nd Helena Ravenclaw and Erosaf's CB Majorco Colls Muggleborn Example Offspring Erosaf's 2nd Tara Death Eather and Erosaf's CB Sepenire Shaltz Muggleborn Example Offspring Erosaf's 2nd Cullawan Gryffindor and Erosaf's CB Padraic Oberti Halfblood Example Offspring Erosaf's 2nd Jhanna Hufflepuff] and Erosaf's CB Tarron Whitely - Cassare Starter Pair Erosaf's 2nd Lord Pa Hufflepuff and Erosaf's CB Isobel Martins - Harvest Starter Pair Laura-Lana - 2nd gen pairs Jessie Lovelace and Sirius Gryffindor Offspring Example Remus of Gryffindor and Edmira Edgecombe Offspring Example -3rd gen pairs Loki Lovelace of Slytherin and Zarina Zabini Offspring Example Ebon Death Eater and Amaani Offspring Example Mordred Death Eater John King Ravenclaw and Diane Delacour Offspring example 4th gen pairs Zelda Zabini of Gryffindor and Seasmus Finnigan Offspring Example New Breeders Lizzyluna - 2nd gen pair Stephen King Gryffindor and Mosaico Bizantino Offspring Example - 4th gen pair 0rder of the Phoenix and Crouchin'Squib Hidden Hufflepuff Offspring Example Can breed higher gens too, all nicely named Purebloods. Avarule - 2nd gen pair Quintus Quirke the Death Eater and Kaissa Quirke Offspring Example -3rd gen pair Zara Bristol the Death Eater and Acton Bristol Offspring Example Rhonwen Vail the Death Eater and Arden Vail, Nora Boone of Hufflepuff and Bastion Boone, Adrian Quirke the Death Eater and Caitlyn Quirke, -4th gen pair Quentin Quirke of Hufflepuff and Cerys Quirke Offspring Example Joseph Vail the Death Eater and Ryan Vail, Susanna Law of Gryffindor and Brian Law, Simon Boone of Hufflepuff and Cassandra Boone, Cory Quirke of Slytherin and Ida Quirke -5th gen pair Arran Bristol of Gryffindor and Tamsin Bristol Offspring Example Death-By-CatBurger -2nd gen pair (Ravenclaw Halfbloods and Muggleborns) Basil Fronsac Ravenclaw and Vedasp Offspring example -2nd gen pair (pure) Ermine Hufflepuff and Lycosidea Offspring example Rosekit Raven Death Eater and Kabe - Foreign Exchange stuedent Bohem Xexistanai Ravenclaw & Mrs S Price (4th gen Stair with Stripes in different colours) OutlawQueen Purebloods: Ravenna Ravenclaw x Maldabann Sapphire Ravenclaw x I have some puPkCin pie Topaz Hufflepuff x Rsbew Emma Hufflepuff x Z'Robin Seraphina Slytherin x Otelvadankni Lloyd Girffendor x Hester of Candor Newkirk Ravenclaw x Mary Margaret of Candor Muggleborns/Halfblood: Klaus Gryffendor x Z'Rebekkah Sycamore: Pureblood: 3rd gen from Death Eater 2nd gen/starter couple Muggleborn or Half-Blood: 5th gen Slytherin from Terrae spiral CB STRIPE CATCHERS EragonSaphiraRider Tsuuu Lineage Thread Updaters Hogwarts Stripes Lineage Group EragonSaphiraRider (founder) Laura-Lana - thank you for the help previously, you've earnt this! WAITING LIST Slytherin Couple OutlawQueen, 2nd gen Pureblood Chatbugdweeb Pureblood Mochi, 2nd gen Pureblood pendragon, 2nd gen pureblood Gryffindor Couple OutlawQueen, 2nd gen Pureblood Mochi, 2nd gen Pureblood Ravenclaw Couple Chatbugdweeb Pureblood Mochi, 2nd gen Pureblood Hufflepuff Couple Mochi, 2nd gen Pureblood Death Eaters Couple OutlawQueen, 2nd gen Pureblood Chatbugdweeb Pureblood Eggs not collected - These members need to message EragonSaphiraRider if they still want an egg Kataan - in regard to a Hufflepuff bred egg Hikari - in regard to a Gryffindor bred egg Isanor - in regard to a Slytherin bred egg Death-by-CatBurger - in regard to a Death Eater Egg, as the bred egg grew up on EragonSaphiraRider's scroll while awaiting pick up Jazzi9753 wants a 2nd gen egg from all starter couples (Nov 30 2016) - an egg was sent but it grew up on EragonSaphiraRIder's scroll. (24 June 2017)) Inactive Members (please re-request your eggs as you have been removed from waiting lists) switjive17 Storm Skyfyer AnnoyingTiger888 Pendragon yipyipbrrring dragons2266 THREAD MOD'S EragonSaphiraRider Laura-Lana OutlawQueen
  7. THE FORMS I WANT TO JOIN Forum Name: Scroll Name: How many CB stripes do you have? If you don’t have any I’m happy to try and catch some for you. I seem to have luck at the moment for it [COLOR=red]I WANT TO JOIN [B] Forum Name:[/B] [b]Scroll Name:[/b] [b]How many CB stripes do you have?[/b] If you don’t have any I’m happy to try and catch some for you. I seem to have luck at the moment for it[/color] REGISTER MY STUDENT Forum Name: Scroll Name: Blood Status: purebred if only stripes in lineage, half-blood if stripe from non strip CB parent, muggleborn if not a stripe from stripe x non stripe pairing Student’s Name: Lineage Link: [COLOR=purple]REGISTER MY STUDENT [B]Forum Name[/B]: [B]Scroll Name[/B]: [b]Blood Status[/b]: [B]Student’s Name[/B]: [B]Lineage Link[/B]:[/color] I'D LIKE TO BE A BREEDER Forum Name: Scroll Name: Pairs You Can Breed: Edit: To make things easy for me with updating - If you have a confirmed Hogwarts breeding pair please submit the lineage of one of their CHILDREN as well as the names of both dragons . Example: Jessie Lovelace and Sirius Gryffindor If your Hogwarts dragon doesn't have a specific mate or you haven't chosen one yet, submit the dragons name and it's lineage Example: Bejr Death Eater [COLOR=indigo]I'D LIKE TO BE A BREEDER [B]Forum Name[/B]: [B]Scroll Name[/B]: [B]Pairs You Can Breed[/B]:[/color] I WANT AN EGG Forum Name: Which starting couple?: Just name the house please Purebreed, Halfbreed or Muggleborn?: Which generation do you want?: For eggs laid by the starting couples fill out 2nd gen, Halfbloods or Muggleborns have to be 3rd gen at minimum, fill out 'any' if you don't care about the generation. Other wishes: You can leave this blank if you don't have other wishes [COLOR=orange]I WANT AN EGG [b]Forum Name[/b]: [b]Which starting couple?[/b]: [B]Purebreed, Halfbreed or Muggleborn?[/B]: [b]Which generation do you want?[/b]: [B]Other wishes:[/B] [/COLOR] ADD MY BREEDING PAIR Scroll Name: Your scroll name Forum Name: Your forum name Parent Names: Names of the breeding pair Possible Offsping: pureblood, halfblood, muggleborn Example of Existing Offspring:lineage link of an existing dragon from the pair. Eggs are acceptable [COLOR=green]ADD MY BREEDING PAIR [B]Scroll Name[/B]: [B]Forum Name:[/B] [b]Parent Names:[/b] [B]Possible Offsping:[/B] [B]Example of Existing Offspring:[/B][/COLOR]
  8. HEADS OF EACH HOUSE GRYFFINDOR Purebred stripes from Gryffindor Erosaf's CB Lady Lily Gryffindor and Erosaf's CB Godric Gryffindor Half-blood stripes from Gryffindor Erosaf's 2nd Cullawan Gryffindor and Erosaf's CB Padraic Oberti (red dragon) Halfblood Example Offspring HUFFLEPUFF Purebred stripes from Hufflepuff Erosaf's CB Helga Hufflepuff and Erosaf's CB Lord Hor Hufflepuff Half-blood stripes from Hufflepuff Erosaf's 2nd Jhanna Hufflepuff] and Erosaf's CB Tarron Whitely - Cassare Starter Pair Erosaf's 2nd Lord Pa Hufflepuff and Erosaf's CB Isobel Martins - Harvest Starter Pair RAVENCLAW Purebred stripes from Ravenclaw Erosaf's Rowena Ravenclaw and Erosaf's CB Roran Ravenclaw Half-blood stripes from Ravenclaw Erosaf's 2nd Helena Ravenclaw and Erosaf's CB Majorco Colls (bluesang dragon) Muggleborn Example Offspring SLYTHERIN Purebred stripes from Slytherin Erosaf's CB White Slytherin and Erosaf's CB Salazar Slytherin Half-blood stripes from Slytherin Erosaf's Second Scorpius Slytherin and Erosaf's CB Arrie Marks (Fever wyvern) Offspring Example DEATH EATERS Purebred stripes from Death Eaters Erosaf's CB Lady Sarah Eater and Erosaf's CB Lord Voldemort Death Half-blood stripes from Death Eaters Erosaf's 2nd Tara Death Eather and Erosaf's CB Sepenire Shaltz (stone dragon) Muggleborn Example Offspring THE STUDENTS The owners of the 3nd semester students will be in FireBrick, the owners of the 2nd semester students will be in navy, 1th semester Students will be normal black GRYFFINDOR Purebred Gryffindors Sirius Gryffindor - Laura-Lana Zabini Zelda of Gryffindor - Laura-Lana Erosaf's Roran Gryffindor - EragonSaphiraRider Pepita Gryffindor - Lizzyluna Stephen King Gryffindor - Lizzyluna James Gryffindor - Winterslam Gozkalis Gryffindor - Qor Stebahn Gryffindor - Qor Remus of Gryffindor - Laura-Lana African Melody Gryffindor-Lizzyluna Luna of Gryffindor - Laura-Lana Fawn Gryffindor -Qor O Sole Mio Gryffindor - Lizzyluna Erosaf's 3rd Holly Gryffindor - EragonSaphiraRider Don't Worry Gryffindor- Lizzyluna Kyle Gryffindor- Lizzyluna April Winner Gryffindor- Lizzyluna Atarum Gryffindor - Qor Jace Morningstar of Gryffindor - Laura-Lana Erosaf's 2nd Fidoraz Gryffindor- EragonSaphiraRider Zahra Gryffindor - Lizzyluna Red Fire Gryffindor- Lizzyluna Aussie Gryffindor- Lizzyluna Gerbera Gryffindor- Lizzyluna Honora Halliwell of Gryffindor - Avarule Iona Syndergaard of Gryffindor - Avarule Erosaf's 2nd Gloria Gryffindor -EragonSaphiraRider Marek Montague of Gryffindor- Laura-Lana Roneus Gryffindor - Paige201208 Calliope Gryffindor - bohem Rhyssa Queen of Gryffindor - Laura-Lana Erosaf's 2PB Larry Gryffindor - EragonSaphiraRider Sven Gryffindor - bohem Yunpo Gryfindor - Lady-Emrys Usxon Gryffindor - Qor Harry Potter Gryffindor - gigglymonkey12 Hermione Granger Gryffindor - gigglymonkey12 Ron Weasley Gryffindor - gigglymonkey12 Madge Meridy of Gryffindor -Avarule Callum Quirke of Gryffindor-Avarule Nick Cortazar of Gryffindor -Laura-Lana Aurora Dawn Gryffindor - Lizzyluna Erosaf's 2nd Paul Gryffindor- EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 2nd Cuilawan Gryffindor- EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 2nd Glora Gryffindor- EragonSaphiraRider Ailsa Dane of Gryffindor - Avarule Jasmine Pyle of Gryffindor - Avarule Lavender Brown of Gryffindor - Stellaluna22 Red Erik Gryffindor - Lizzyluna Pikachu Gryffindor - Lizzyluna Logan Quirke of Gryffindor-Avarule Gaiamens Gryffindor-Lizzyluna Blair Roselyn of Gryffindor -Avarule Susanna Law of Gryffindor -Avarule Orinda Fitzroy of Gryffindor -Avarule Minerva Gryffindor -Bohem Russell Blacksheep Gryffindor -purplenewt Teddy Lupin of Gryffindor -Laura-Lana Allegro Gryffindor - Redfox00 Gracie Goldstein cyn Gryffindor -Sycamore Reginald 'Regy' Rosier cyn Gryffindor -Sycamore Marek Flint cyn Gryffindor -Sycamore Tesse Prewett cyn Gryffindor -Sycamore Aegis Macmillan cyn Gryffindor -Sycamore Titania Rowle cyn Gryffindor -Sycamore Friedrich Snell cyn Gryffindor -Sycamore Jesse McCree of Gryffindor -Chatbugdweeb Adea Fejzullahu cyn Gryffindor -Sycamore PB Saso Satomi Gryffindor -Sea Pancake Jesse McCree of Gryffindor -chadbugdweeb Thomas Gryffindor -OutlawQueen Klaus Gryffindor -OutlawQueen Erosaf's 2nd Baron of Gryffindor -Eragon Saphira Rider Lloyd Griffendor -OutlawQueen Lilliana Gryffindor -OutlawQueen Gregor Avery of Gryffindor- Laura-Lana Rick Noname of Gryffindor - Laura-Lana Mistra Pierce of Gryffindor- Laura-Lana end Gryffindor Half-blood Gryffindors Freddie of Gryffindor - dragontamor Erosaf's 3rd Lisa Gryffindor -EragonSaphiraRider Muggleborn Gryffindor Erosaf's 3rd Delta Gryffindor- EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 3rd Jake Gryffindor - EragonSaphiraRider Pheobe Gryffindor-OutlawQueen HUFFLEPUFF Purebred Hufflepuffs Sasha Bravus Hufflepuff - Aoi-Chwan Justin the Hufflepuff - Pavasaris Crouchin'Squib Hidden Hufflepuff - Lizzyluna Jolore Hufflepuff - Qor Hifqrax Hufflepuff - Qor Frieda Finnigan of Hufflepuff - Laura-Lana Iijiane Hufflepuff - Qor Be Joyful Hufflepuff - Lizzyluna Pansy Hufflepuff - Lizzyluna Erosaf's Master Hufflepuff - EragonSaphiraRider Spark Of Imagination Hufflepuff- Lizzyluna Trianna Hufflepuff - Narvix Claudette Hufflepuff - Qor Erosaf's 2nd Horus Hufflepuff- EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 2nd Hespita Hufflepuff- EragonSaphiraRider Dandelion Hufflepuff- Lizzyluna Quentin Quirke of Hufflepuff - Avarule Victor Whitelaw of Hufflepuff- Laura-Lana Charites Hufflepuff - bohem Fuoco Incantato Hufflepuff - lizzyluna Melanie Hufflepuff - Paige201208 Hazel Hufflepuff - Qor Hestor Hufflepuff - Outlaw Queen Nora Boone of Hufflepuff-Avarule Kenton Quirke of Hufflepuff-Avarule Baird Bristol of Hufflepuff-Avarule Yes Please Hufflepuff - Lizzyluna Erosaf's 2nd Eema Hufflepuff- EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 2nd Max Hufflepuff- EragonSaphiraRider Angelus Hopfkirch of Hufflepuff - Laura-Lana Circenn O'Brien of Hufflepuff - Laura-Lana Dobby Hufflepuff - Lizzyluna Ermine Hufflepuff - Death-By-CayBurger Rose McCall of Hufflepuff -Avarule Witchy Moon Hufflepuff - Lizzyluna Simon Boone of Hufflepuff -Avarule Ellery Quirke of Hufflepuff -Avarule Melou Greymark of Hufflepuff-Laura-Lana Tarran Hufflepuff -Paige201208 Jarok Hufflepuff-Paige201208 Ebenezer Hufflepuff -Bohem Crook Cat of Hufflepuff - Laura-Lana Clark Kent of Hufflepuff-Laura-Lana Cedrik Loss of Hufflepuff -Laura-Lana Vox Rosier cyn Hufflepuff -Sycamore Jorim Thorn cyn Hufflepuff -Sycamore Garvey Burke cyn Hufflepuff -Sycamore Jeremiah Thorn cyn Hufflepuff -Sycamore Justice Pure cyn Hufflepuff -Sycamore Aubrey Oldwyn of Hufflepuff - Aie Erosaf's 2PB Horatio Hufflepuff -EragonSaphiraRider Athan Hufflepuff -Qor Nymphell of Huffelpuff -yipyipbrrring Caprice Newport cyn Hufflepuff -Sycamore Xenagia Fawley cyn Hufflepuff -Sycamore Trance Macmillan cyn Hufflepuff -Sycamore Brogan Bulstrode cyn Hufflepuff -Sycamore Topaz Hufflepuff -OutlawQueen Cedric Diggory Hufflepuff -Mochi Emma Hufflepuff -OutlawQueen Erosaf's 2nd Rebel Hufflepuff -Eragon Saphira Rider Merlin Hufflepuff-OutlawQueen Morwena Hufflepuff-OutlawQueen end Hufflepuff Half-blood Hufflepuffs Erosaf's 3rd Silken Hufflepuff - EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 3EG Gregorio Hufflepuff - EragonSaphiraRider Muggleborn Hufflepuffs Erosaf's Binky 3rd Hufflepuff- EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 3rd Beena Hufflepuff- EragonSaphiraRider RAVENCLAW Purebred Ravenclaws Erosaf's Cho Chang Ravenclaw Viviana Ravenclaw - Isanor Patil Ravenclaw 4G PB - Lysambre Glossop Ravenclaw 3G PB - Lysambre Royna Ravenclaw - Qor Stephen Ravenclaw - Lethendralis John King of Ravenclaw - Laura-Lana Evoc Rajavi of Ravenclaw - Laura-Lana Blueberry Squash Ravenclaw - Lizzyluna Be Good Today Ravenclaw - Lizzyluna Henrietta Healer Ravenclaw- FluffyPillow Zarek Zabini of Ravenclaw - Laura-Lana Erosaf's 2nd Gordon Ravenclaw- EragonSaphiraRider Picture Perfect Ravenclaw - Lizzyluna PB2G Filius Ravenclaw - Violentsaint89 PB3GST Gilderoy Ravenclaw-Violentsaint89 PB3GST Quirinus Ravenclaw-Violentsaint89 Berthina Ravenclaw- Qor Luci di Viareggio Ravenclaw- Lizzyluna Saphira Ravenclaw- Laura-Lana Kimmy Hoy Ravenclaw - Lizzyluna Noah Morgenstern Ravenclaw - purplenewt Seraphina Morgenstern Ravenclaw - Laura-lana Canens Ravenclaw - bohem Aurelius Blackthorn Ravenclaw - purplenewt Cho Chang Ravenclaw - gigglymonkey12 Roger Davies Ravenclaw - gigglymonkey12 Orla Quirke Ravenclaw - gigglymonkey12 Doncey Ravenclaw - Bohem Isabelle Cross of Ravenclaw-Avarule Basil Fronsac Ravenclaw - Death-By-CayBurger Gabrielle Ravenclaw - Lizzyluna Erosaf's 2nd Helena Ravenclaw- EragonSaphiraRider Poppy Payne of Ravenclaw- Avarule Elisabeth Queen of Ravenclaw - Laura-Lana Clouds in July Ravenclaw - Lizzyluna Pavel Ravenclaw - Lizzyluna Jet Pilot Ravenclaw - Lizzyluna Surprise Ravenclaw - Lizzyluna Jessica Jackson of Ravenclaw- Avarule Dynamo Ravenclaw -Lizzyluna Darion Quirke of Ravenclaw -Avarule Phillis Summer of Ravenclaw -Avarule Xexistanai Ravenclaw - Bohem Merida Mab of Ravenclaw -Laura-Lana Sakura Yoshie of Ravenclaw -Laura-Lana Cipher Malfoy of Ravenclaw -Laura-Lana Nicodemus Ebon of Ravenclaw -Aie Rafael Abbott cyn Ravenclaw - Sycamore Richard Rosier of Ravenclaw - Laura-Lana Edeviar Ravenclaw -Qor Ravenna Ravenclaw -OutlawQueen Xenognosia Fawley cyn Ravenclaw -Sycamore Motte Prewett cyn Ravenclaw -Sycamore Zosimus Rowle cyn Ravenclaw -Sycamore Hermione Granger of Ravenclaw -Laura-Lana PB Radomira Ravenclaw -Sea Pancake Veneratum Rowle cyn Ravenclaw -Sycamore Sapphire Ravenclaw -OutlawQueen Newkirk Ravenclaw -OutlawQueen Ripley Ravenclaw -chatbugdweeb Luna-Moon Ravenclaw -OutlawQueen end Ravenclaw Half-blood Ravenclaws Muggleborn Ravenclaws Erosaf's 3rd Otella Ravenclaw- EragonSaphiraRider Ciri Morgenstern Ravenclaw - purplenewt Erosaf's 3rd Korra Ravenclaw - EragonSaphiraRider Celine Morgenstern - purplenewt Nathaniel Morgenstern - purplenewt Christopher Morgenstern - purplenewt Seth Morgenstern - purplenewt Divirk Ravenclaw - Death-By-CayBurger Benjamin Morgenstern Ravenclaw-purplenewt SLYTHERIN Purebred Slytherins Slytherin's Theodore - Tsuuu Loki Lovelace of Slytherin - Laura-Lana Fineas Finnigan of Slytherin - Laura-Lana Florin Flowerthief of Slytherin - Laura-Lana John Wayne Slytherin - Lizzyluna Fantastic Slytherin - Lizzyluna Asteria Slytherin - Laura-Lana Ramona Slytherin - Narvix Erosaf's 2nd Scorpius Slytherin- EragonSaphiraRider Take a Kiss Slytherin - Lizzyluna Erosaf’s 2nd Severus Slytherin - EragonSaphiraRider Draef Quirinus of Slytherin- Laura-Lana Stephan Slytherin - Paige201208 Erosaf's 3rd Vivian Slytherin - EragonSaphiraRider Silvaria Slytherin - Qor Erosaf's 2PB Gaia Slytherin - EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 2PB Rory Slytherin - EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 2PB Lilith Slytherin - EragonSaphiraRider Elizabeth Stern Slytherin - purplenewt Henriette Slytherin - Qor Kaa's Stare Slytherin - Lizzyluna Blaise Zabini Slytherin - gigglymonkey12 Podyjor Slytherin - Qor Pansy Parkinson Slytherin - gigglymonkey12 Andromeda Tonks Slytherin - gigglymonkey12 Rita Seeker Slytherin - gigglymonkey12 Tracey Davis Slytherin - gigglymonkey12 Leta Lestrange Slytherin - Mochi Tiara Slytherin -Qor Wyatt Slytherin -Lizzyluna Gemma Gold Slytherin -Lizzyluna Kieran Kisho of Slytherin - Laura-Lana Tishan Slytherin -Qor Erosaf's 2nd Taddoran Slytherin - EragonSaphiraRider Strahan Solind of Slytherin - Laura-Lana Lillith Slytherin-Qor Crukron Slytherin-Qor Melehan Graymark of Slytherin -Laura-Lana Rajah Slytherin - Lizzyluna Route 66 Slytherin - Lizzyluna Draco Malfoy's Taxi Slytherin - Lizzyluna Simone Harland of Slytherine -Avarule Cory Quirke of Slytherine -Avarule Damian O'Brien of Slytherin - Laura-Lana Vitria Valentine of Slytherin - Laura-Lana Sophie Trueblood Slytherin -purplenewt Blaise Zabini Slytherin-gigglymonkey12 Julian Blackthorn of Slytherin -Laura-Lana Shallan Quick of Slytherin -Laura-Lana Petra of Slytherin -Petra1999 Albi of Slytherin -Petra1999 Matthias Karish cyn Slytherin - Sycamore Sklansky Dark cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Leander Slytherin -Qor Ersatz Quick cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Vareth Rosier cyn Slytherin-Sycamore Erosaf's 2PB Zenith Slytherin -EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 2PB Marita Slytherin -EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 2PB Sally Slytherin -EragonSaphiraRider Sylve Prewett cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Grahmindol Graag cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Miiraak Graag cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Pruzah Graag cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Plwyfol Graag cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Tuniik Graag cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Kogaan Graag cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Marcelino Almeidas cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Claasja Prewett cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Seraphina Slytherin -OutlawQueen Zenith Slytherin -chatbugdweeb Snake Slytherin-OutlawQueen Alfonso Mulciber of Slytherin- Laura-Lana Marcus Flint of Slytherin- Laura-Lana end Slytherin Half-blood Slytherins Broxanorim Slytherin -Qor Prajijor Slytherin-Qor Coral Slytherin-Qor Bavia Slytherin - Qor Zale Slytherin -Qor Piper Slytherin - Qor Cleo Slytherin -Qor Qahnaar Graag cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Muggleborn Slytherins Erosaf's 3rd Fevourous Slytherin - EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 3rd Celebeth Marks - EragonSaphiraRider Kabash Graag cyn Slytherin -Sycamore Reykjavik Graag cyn Slytherin -Sycamore DEATH EATERS Purebred Death Eaters Erosaf's 2nd Trix Death Eater Ebon Death Eater - Laura-Lana Bejr Death Eater - Laura-Lana Lestrange Death Eater 2G PB - lysambre Marvolo Morningstar Death Eater - Laura-Lana Mordred Death Eater -Laura-Lana Latrodectus Death Eater - Angeles Doflyn Death Eater - Qor Ghost Pepper Death Eater -FluffyPillow Greek Myth Deatheater- Lizzyluna What If You Were a Deatheater- Lizzyluna Ron Weasley Isn't a Deatheater- Lizzyluna Rudebox Deatheater- Lizzyluna Valentin Morgenstern Death Eater - Laura-Lana Erosaf's 2nd Securus Death Eater- EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 2nd Angelica Death- EragonSaphiraRider Quintus Quirke the Death Eater - Avarule Zara Bristol the Death Eater-Avarule Oheleus Death Eater -Qor Alicia Dred Death Eater - Qor Black Flower Deatheater- Lizzyluna Rhonwen Vail the Death Eater - Avarule Erosaf's 2nd Tara Death Eater - EragonSaphiraRider Imagine Deatheater- Lizzyluna Beatles Fan Deatheater- Lizzyluna Jonathan Morgenstern Death Eater - purplenewt Xander Death Eater - purplenewt Fifty Death Eater - bohem https://dragcave.net/lineage/BwE0N - Laura-luna Seraphina Morgenstern DeathEater - purplenewt Alecto Death Eater - bohem Black Cat Death Eather - bohem Mangiamorte Death Eater - Lady-Emrys Corinna Morgenstern Death Eater - purplenewt Alecto Carrow Death Eater - gigglymonkey12 Moirrey Noemi Death Eater - gigglymonkey12 Jayne Agaue Death Eater - gigglymonkey12 Ember Gem Deatheater- Lizzyluna Uozivior Death Eater -Qor Ugewogeor Death Eater -Qor Erosaf's 2nd Tanniion Death - EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 2nd Mara Death Eater- EragonSaphiraRider Elspeth Ivor the Death Eater - Avarule Adrian Quirke the Death Eater - Avarule Maude Death Eater-Qor Reginald Royce Death Eater - Laura-Lana Obsidian Angel Deatheater - Lizzyluna Vodka Deatheater - Lizzyluna Quirinus Deatheater - Lizzyluna Creepy Deatheater - Lizzyluna Razor Death Eater - Death-By-CayBurger Kynlee Cole the Death Eater - Avarule Joseph Vail the Death Eater - Avarule Raven Death Eater - Rosekit Maura Mayes the Death Eater -Avarule Black Jade Death Eater -Laura-Lana Our Death Eater -Bohem Antonin Death Eater -Bohem Daniel Morgenstern Death Eater - purplenewt Odin Deatheater - Redfox00 Jon Kent Death Eater -Laura-Lana Sprite Death Eater -Laura-Lana Spriggan Abbott cyn Death Eater -Sycamore Zelotes Thorn cyn Death Eater -Sycamore Erosaf's 2PB Oak Death Eater -EragonSaphiraRider Xeransis Fawley cyn Death Eater -Sycamore Dietzl Macmillan cyn Death Eater -Sycamore Cressyda Carrow cyn Death Eater -Sycamore Lorcan Oxley the Death Eater -Aie Omnikron Death Eater- Laura-Lana Thanos Mehmeti Death Eater- Laura-Lana Eloise Pritchard Death Eater- Laura-Lana end Death Eaters Half-blood Death Eaters Erosaf's 2nd Gilraen Death Eater - EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 3PB Matira Death Eater -EragonSaphiraRider Muggleborn Death Eaters Erosaf's 3rd Uno Death Eater- EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 3rd Grumbling Death- EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's Sepen Death Eater - EragonSaphiraRider Erosaf's 4th Serenity Death - EragonSaphiraRider
  9. Welcome to the Hogwarts Lineage!! This is a purebred stripe lineage. Yes I know they have random egg colour choosing... and well, that’s a good thing. I’m making a bunch of CB white stripe pairs. One for each house, plus an extra house for the black stripes. The houses: Gryffindor – red stripe Hufflepuff – white stripe Ravenclaw – blue stripe Slytherin – green stripe Death Eaters – black stripe The leaders of each house? Lord Godric Gryffindor and Lady Lily Gryffindor Salazar Slytherin and Erosaf's CB White Slytherin Lord Roran Ravenclaw and Lady Rowena Ravenclaw Lord Hor Hufflepuff and Lady Helga Huflepuff Lord Voldemort Death and Lady Sarah Eater You may request a starting egg from any of the starting pairs, however you must name it according to its colour. So say you got a red egg from the Slytherin pair for example, the baby would be a Gryffindor dragon! Up to 5 eggs may be requested from the starting pairs by each member, one from each pair. It will be a STAIRSTEP or SPIRAL lineage with CB Stripes for the mates for each egg! My only requirement is that you do NOT kill or trade away the eggs which I give out. They must be named with the house they are part of in their name. Please do NOT inbreed these eggs either.