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    My prizes are open to trade requests!! Links found in my signature.

    Cammy- Male Silver Tinsel
    Doofa- Female Bronze Shimmer
    Note: I usually do not breed to commons, though may make exceptions

    Have I forgotten my end of a trade? Please pm me, as I'm human and have simply forgotten.
    I never intend not to fulfill my end of a trade or breeding requests :)
    Will breed on request (most dragons), pm me, I don't bite!
    my encyclopedia notes-
    19x hellhorse hatchie
    31x chicken hatchies
    dark lumina brown adults
    all zombies
    The following CB all caps dragons are needed for complete scroll goals. Will trade for these!

    Aeon m
    Arcana f
    Baikala blue f
    Baikala green f
    Balloon m f
    Bauta m f
    Black Truffle m
    Cantor Pink f
    Cantor Red m f
    Cantor Blue f
    Cavern Lurker f
    Copper brown m
    Copper green m f
    Copper red f
    Dorsal red m f
    Fell m f
    Fire Gem Blue m f
    Fire Gem Green m
    Fire Gem Red f
    Floret Gold m
    Floret Purple f
    Gemshard Blue m
    Gemshard Red m f
    Glaucus m
    Glory Drake day m
    Glory Drake night f
    Green m
    Honey Drake m
    Ice f
    Kyanite m f
    Lunar herald bronze m
    lunar gold m f
    lunar blue f
    lunar silver m f
    magi m
    nebula blue f
    nebula purple m
    nhiostrife m f
    ochredrake m
    pargulus red m f
    pink m
    pyralspite pyrope f
    pyralspite spesspartine m f
    red finned tidal f
    red tailed wyrm m f
    ridgewing tan m f
    seasonal fall m
    seasonal spring m f
    seasonal summer m
    seasonal winter m f
    shadow walker m
    sinomorph m f
    siyat blue m f
    siyat purple m
    spirit ward m
    striped river m
    sunrise f
    sunset m
    thunder f
    twohead lind blue f
    twohead lind green m f
    undine m
    witchlight f
    xeno astrapi m
    xeno chrono m
    xeno gaia m
    xeno pyro f
    xeno thalassa m f
    xeno aquilo f
    Zyu black f
    Zyu pink m
    Zyu red m
    Zyu white m f
    Zyu yellow m