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--- Wishlist --- Doofa --- Will trade BIG for CB 2headed with any form of pool code. Also seeking: sun, ray, cam, scott codes/variants. -IOU's accepted-

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    My prizes will be retiring from trading with your choice of mate, and I'm not taking lists anymore, unless you have a 2headed CB "pool" code or other extreme rare offer. May consider some prizeswaps, ray, scott or cam code (variations welcome, pm!). Thanks for understanding.

    Cammy last bred Oct 05, 2019, 7:55 pm EDT

    Doofa last bred
    *If I owe you a bronze shim from Sakuhana, please pm me, as that pairing is impossible since my prize is female- forgot who it was, sorry!*

    CB all caps: https://dragcave.net/group/60712
    CB coded: https://dragcave.net/group/98755
    Lineage coded: https://dragcave.net/group/92825
    2g prizefails: https://dragcave.net/group/59886
    2g prizes: https://dragcave.net/group/59885
    3g prizefails: https://dragcave.net/group/61911
    3g prizes: https://dragcave.net/group/59887
    Spriters Alts: https://dragcave.net/group/92828
    Zombies and revivals: https://dragcave.net/group/83097
    Thuweds: https://dragcave.net/group/98756
    Coded Parents: https://dragcave.net/group/98757
    Zombie Base: https://dragcave.net/group/98758

    Have I forgotten my end of a trade? Please pm me, as I'm human and have simply forgotten.
    I never intend not to fulfill my end of a trade. Or breeding requests :)
    Will breed on request (most dragons), pm me, I don't bite!
    my encyclopedia notes-
    25x hellhorse hatchie
    31x chicken hatchies
    5x hatchie 2012 holiday
    all snow 2016 holiday
    2x hatchie 2018 holiday
    dark lumina brown adults
    13x Sakuhana Wyvern
    all zombies
    My frozen needs-
    all gold shim
    m, f silver shim
    s1 bronze shim
    m, f gold tin
    m, f bronze tin
    m tercorn
    f coral pygmy

    m aeon
    m azure glacewing
    s1, f green biakala
    m, s1, f blue baikala 
    m, f balloon
    m, f batua
    f black tea
    m bleeding moon
    m blue banded
    f brute
    f candelabra
    m carina
    m, f cassare
    m, f coastal waverunner
    f common pygmy
    m, s1, f red copper
    m, s1, f brown copper
    f green copper
    m, f dark myst
    m daydream
    m diamondwing
    f dorsal
    m, f duotone
    m, s1, f dusk pygmy
    f electric
    f ember
    f falconiform
    m fell
    m, f fever
    m, s1, f red firegem
    m green firegem
    m gold floret
    m, f galvanic
    m, f geminae
    m, s1, f glaucus
    m, f day glory
    m, s1 night glory
    m, s1, f glowback pygmy
    s1, f gold
    m, f gold horned tangar
    m golden wyvern
    m, f greater spotted drake
    f green
    Avatars: Creation f
    Destruction s1, f
    Change f
    m, s1 honey drake
    m horse
    m, f howler drake
    m, f ice
    m, f imperial fleshcrowne
    m, f khusa
    m, f kingcrowne
    m, f kyanite pygmy
    m, f leodon
    m, f lumina
    s1, f luminox
    m, s1 gold lunar
    all other lunar except female white
    m, s1, f magelight
    m magma
    m mariner
    m, s1, f melismor
    m, s1 mimic
    m, f mint
    s1, f mysfit
    m, f monarch
    m, f moonstone
    m, f morphodrake
    green neb
    m, f nhiostrife
    f nilia
    m ochredrake
    m olive
    s1 pipio pygmy
    m, f plated colosus
    m, f pink pyrope
    m, f orange pyrope
    s1, f pyrope
    s1, f razorcrest
    m red finned tidal
    m, s1, f red tailed wyrm
    m, f tan ridge
    f rift
    m risensong
    m script
    f seawyrm
    f seragamma
    m, s1, f setsong
    s1, f sinii krai
    m, f skysilk
    m skywing
    m, s1, f red, m, s1, f green spinel
    m, f spirit ward
    m, f spitfire
    f spotted greenwing
    m, f stone
    m, f storm
    m, s1, f stormrider
    green f
    blue m, f
    black m, s1, f
    red f
    f striped river
    m soulpeace
    m sunrise
    m sunset
    m swallowtail
    m, f tarantula hawk
    m, s1, f tatterdrake
    f terrae
    m, f tetra
    m, f tsunami
    ALL two headed lind
    m, f ultraviolet
    f vampire
    m, f vremya
    m water
    f whiptail
    m astrapi; m, f chrono
    ZYU- s1 alpine, m, s1 coast, m jungle