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If you want to fly, then fly. You weren't born with wings, but you can build your own and soar.

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    Hi! I guess this is the About Me part of profile building....

    Let's see, I adore music. I used to play piano, but it is currently buried under a mountain of junk, because my family moved, and there was no longer room in the living room or anywhere else, so they shoved it in a corner in my room and if my room is not spotless I cannot reach it.

    My room is never spotless. More often, I'm pretty sure it's a biohazard.

    I am almost constantly on the internet or playing a videogame, but I've only finished ...one or two video games in my life.

    I love Pokemon, cute things, watching art come to life (animation, drawings, sculptures, stories, fashion, music, who cares??), food, sweets, sleeping (SLEEPING IS IMPORTANT), anime, Dr. Who (I'm only on Ten, don't even THINK about spoiling things for me. He's still hanging with Martha so HUSH), randomness, overanalyzing things, people-watching (aka psycho-analyzing the interactions of people around me 'cuz I'm shy).... nature, hiking, water... stars, the sky..... magic...

    I love to write, but college has eaten my motivation so I don't write much anymore.

    Folklore, traditions, and family stories (not limited to my own) (you know, the kinds of stories you tell around the fireplace at family gatherings because boredom).

    some quotes I live life by: If they aren't gaping at you like you belong in an asylum, you haven't done your job. -- mom
    Why be NORMAL?! Normal is boring. -- my bestie from Kindergarten (I'm telling you, we held hands in the soul soup)
    [You are not obligated to do anything, to be anyone], but remember that fire burns, and when it rains, the earth gets wet. -- Buddha (well, the part in brackets is paraphrased, but I love this quote so much)

    [SIZE=1] DC Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/rainbowcloudsofdoom[/SIZE]