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  1. i didn't even see the red that other people did. i haven't seen any crystals in the last 12 hours or so, though i saw quite a few yesterday, and even managed to catch a couple of them. i have very slow broadband (lately it's been .4mbps), so was amazed to get them. i did get one from the ap, and traded for another. it seems like they are really getting scarcer now, though maybe i'm just not seeing them before they're grabbed. i saw a silver today, and another yesterday, and i hardly ever see them. i never see golds, maybe one a year if i'm lucky, and i'm yet to catch one, after several years of playing.
  2. i finished the game, but it all seemed a bit pointless. i think i missed some parts, but got to the end anyway.
  3. thankyou, that is good to know thankyou to everyone involved in making this such a fun event. i'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's houses. i just wish we could keep on playing, and maybe donate spare furniture to perl and bill and galys, and all the other rather bare houses. i loved the quest and the mini games, especially herding cats and sledding
  4. you just have to keep delivering parcels or sledding or wrangling kitties etc until you get everything. if you start getting things repeated, clear cache/hard refresh, and you should get them all in the end. i got the large art nouveau window about second last of everything. i thought i'd never get it. there are two cat beds (cat), with different cats your blue house looks very nice.
  5. i finally got the green sofa! (alhira couch) another million parcels for perl and galys. i still don't have everything.
  6. thankyou for the extra details, birdz i finally managed to escape the black screen glitches, and completed the game, yay! since then i have been running my feet off delivering parcels, most of them to perl, and a few to janus and galys. i'm really wishing that perl could just go and get her own parcels, as she lives just across the road from the post office. she keeps asking how my decorating is going...well, it would be quicker if i didn't have to keep fetching parcels for her. up to a dozen now. i don't mind delivering parcels to janus. he probably finds the stairs difficult or something, and he kindly waits just near the post office. i'm a bit worried about what might be in the parcels that galys is getting. maybe i've been reading too much outlander. i think of her as geillis.
  7. i've had the same problem today. finding patch got me no rewards, just froze. same with sledding. i think i got one thing for finding bord. keeps freezing. i did make it through day 6 in the end, after numerous attempts when i kept getting a black screen. now today's won't load. tried all the usual things. apart from that, i've been loving the game and the artwork is wonderful. i love the chapter headings. thanks for the cat toggling advice. i now have cats in my cat baskets, and cats in my windows.
  8. the cat bed i have, that had the disappearing cat, was cat bed (cat). i now also have the (human) bed with cats printed on it. but no actual cat. i'm also wondering what happened to the nice little cat that we got at the end of the game last year. me, cat obsessed? never
  9. i got the cat bed on the first day, and it arrived complete with a lovely black and white cat in it. the next day, i still had the cat bed, but the cat has disappeared i wantz my kitty! i'm hoping it's a glitch, and the cat will return.
  10. i still haven't found him. i couldn't find him on the first day. on the second day i thought maybe it would reset and i would have the interaction with him where he says let's play. no, he didn't appear, when i wandered around near the dragons on the beach, so i assume he's still hiding from the day before. pesky little thing. *sigh* oh yay!!! i found him at last, on the beach
  11. i've caught six cats, but i can't find the seventh one. it just won't appear, i've been wandering around in circles calling "here kitty kitty" but no kitty are they all supposed to be fairly near the dragon like the others were, or is it further away? ok, i'm thinking the missing kitty is a glitch, but i don't want to go back to the beginning again *sigh* started again, got them all this time. that was definitely another glitch.
  12. i finally realized i was in the wrong place. now have gone to the post office, delivered package to bill, moved some furniture (got stuck in a glitch with one chair in top right corner of the first room. froze everything ) then i tried to go north and the game got stuck before i reached the sledding part. i haven't seen my kitty or the dragon. i'll wait a while now till attempting more. i hate getting stuck in glitches, but thanks to the game creators for fixing them.
  13. thankyou now if i could just work out how to get the things from the post office, so i could deliver them...
  14. i went to the post office, but joe just keeps asking me if i've done all my present shopping, and doesn't mention anything needing delivery. *sigh* perl is in a house to the west of the centre bit i think. i went inside a couple of houses. i too need a map. think i'll draw one as wander around.
  15. i think i might not play the game just yet. i remember last year i kept getting stuck in glitches at the beginning. maybe i'll wait for a while.
  16. haven't caught an egg yet. lag and slow internet not helping at all. i might have to wait awhile. edit...ha ha ha i just got one, yay!
  17. lovely eggs, and there's decorating too. i love the decorating games, and this has exploration and decorating, yay!!!
  18. dc midnight is 4pm for me, but i'll probably be staying up late tonight anyway, waiting for my other eggs to hatch, so i can breed or catch some more.
  19. same here, and i too look forward to the dc holiday event, and it's always a fun distraction from rl. only a few minutes to go now...
  20. i still have quite a lot of dragons left to breed. i bred a pretty even gen holly not long ago, and i have several more 2g holidays to breed. i've bred both my aegis dragons, but lots of others left to breed. just waiting for other eggs to hatch to give me space. i'm trying to catch mistletoes in the ap, but there are so few of them. i'll breed my messy ones near the end of breeding, so they can be last in the ap for people who need things to freeze.
  21. i caught a celestial sibling of that one https://dragcave.net/view/iZWxP
  22. i found this pretty egg today https://dragcave.net/lineage/3ni8l thankyou oilbird. i'm going to continue it
  23. yay, new dragons! i was away for two weeks without internet, so only found out about them today. luckily they are still around, so i've now caught four of my favourite, the azures, and one of each of the others.
  24. i found this gorgeous blue lunar, too late to influence. i'm hoping it will be male, or else i might cry http://dragcave.net/lineage/JuuYl thankyou tjenni