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  1. i've submitted 6 or 7 hard puzzles this morning, and have another four waiting to go (i just keep opening more tabs so i can keep playing, then submit them later). i hate the 15 min time limit. some of the hard ones are not so hard at all, though some still drive me nuts.
  2. i've been doing hard puzzles every 15 minutes this morning, trying to change the red to blue. come on ice!!! i actually got the same puzzle twice in a row. i arranged it differently the second time
  3. welcome to team ice, fuzz i think all my hard work at puzzles must be affecting the weather where i live, as last night we had a lovely cool change
  4. i'm in australia, and we have hot summers. i live in an area that often has bushfires in summer (thankfully not this year), so there's no way i would vote for fire. i'm looking forward to the end of summer and some cooler temperatures. i love winter. i'll admit we don't get the freezing winters that some of you are currently enduring odeen's alt is just as gorgeous as fiona's. these really are stunningly beautiful dragons.
  5. i've been doing hard puzzles all day, for team ice and drinking iced coffee
  6. how do i get one of those ice banners? team ice!
  7. i loved building snow forts too, as i've never lived anywhere where it snows. i didn't even see snow till i was seventeen. it's hot weather right now in australia, so i'm firmly team ice. the garland dragons are beautiful. thankyou fiona blue fire and odeen. i'm looking forward to seeing the spriter's alts. i find that if i open a new tab for each new tetris game, i can keep playing without waiting 15 mins. i just leave the tab open when the game is completed and don't submit them until more time has passed, so that they count towards the total. not that i'm doing that many, but i like to do a few each time.
  8. i'll admit to being very excited at the thought of cb rosebuds at valentine's. i've really enjoyed being able to get some previously unobtainable cb dragons. a big thankyou to those helpful holly heroes who have been so generous in gifting.
  9. i am also hopelessly hatchielocked from greedily grabbing ap eggs. so many pretties!
  10. ooh, lovely. or aurora australis, or hey, just aurora i wantz fruitcake.
  11. there will be a drop soon, on the hour, and then there are very short drops every five minutes. good luck
  12. have 2g wrapping wing x bronze tinsel want 2g or 3g mistletoe x silver shimmer 2g mistletoe x gold tinsel 2g from spriter's alt offers??? traded, thankyou have z code 3g mistletoe x gold want offers??? Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  13. i've given up trying to get another holly till i have more space tomorrow. filled up my last egg slot with a yulebuck instead.
  14. i didn't see any eggs in the last hourly drop, and haven't seen them in the 5 min ones since then either (though my cat jumped on my keyboard for the last one, so i may have missed the seconds when eggs were there) . only got back to hunting today, apart from a few feeble attempts yesterday on my phone. i need to catch up on the thread. apparently there's a problem with drops???
  15. i still haven't caught a cb holly, after many hours trying, but i caught a cb snow angel and a winter magi. slow australian internet is not helping i think i'll go to sleep now and try again in the morning.
  16. have 2g mistletoe x gold want cb holly Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. Have CB Caligene hatchi precoged female Want CB Shadow Walker hatchie or CB Pumpkin hatchi, any gender Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. my hatchie lost her green wizard hat and scarf, but now has them back. the hatchies in the shop were all naked apart from a pink ballerina, but now some pirates have appeared. the black wizard costume is still missing. oh bother, i went back to the page to buy a pirate costume, but now they have disappeared again my hatchie seems to have lost her green wizard hat and scarf again. maybe she's been using an invisibility spell.
  19. i've just sent a dozen reds and some pinks to the ap. i'll do a few more reds later tonight.
  20. only just saw this, so didn't sign up earlier. i've just bred some pb pink, red, blue and black zyus and a few blue zyus with celestials. also a couple of black zyus with halloweens and embers, but the embers just gave me embers. i bred a pink zyu with a pink, and bred a pink zyu with an aria, which gave me an aria. all sent to the ap. i had a couple of refusals, and a few no eggs, but i got lucky with celestial bingo, and got three blue zyus from a celestial. blue 5 pink 2 red 2 white 2 black 4 aria 1 ember 2
  21. thankyou to whoever nominated me. such a lovely unexpected surprise. congratulations to all the others listed
  22. i'm late with the mass breeding, but will do as many reds as i can, and some other pretties. this place won't be the same without you, sock