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  1. no one even looked while i was asleep , so it's off to the ap soon soon...
  2. have 3g rosebud x gold checker want 2g soulstone x gold lunar, nicely named parents Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! i'll be asleep for the next 7 hours or so, will check when i wake up
  3. cherry blossom dragons would be gorgeous. i'm so excited, because my cb rosebuds will grow up in three hours. i've wanted those for such a long time
  4. thanks, cassie-fenix i'm scrolllocked with hatchies right now, till some of mine grow up, and frantically seeing what else i can manage to breed or catch before the end of valentine's breeding. i do this every year. get so greedy grabbing pretties from the ap, and then realise i still have to breed some of my own dragons for my lineages. too many eggs, not enough time!
  5. nooo, no being mean to heartstealers...i'm trying to find a 2g heartstealer x green gemshard or chrono. i'd hate to think they might end up as zombie experiments
  6. have 2g heartstealer x black want 2g soulstone x gold lunar 2g heartstealer x green gemshard 2g rosebud x silver lunar Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. have 2g soulstone x witchlight want 2g soulstone x gold lunar 2g rosebud x gaia 2g heartstealer x green gemshard i prefer nicely named lineages, no cb names, thanks Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  8. ooh, i love the idea of a gothic victorian dragon. i'm imagining something like a rosebud dragon that's turned goth, with red roses and black lace.
  9. still trying to get another sweetling and an "09. sigh. i've only bred one of my soulstones, and it only gave me two eggs. i haven't decided what to breed the other one with. yay! caught my second sweetling at last. and yay! finally caught my last '09 . now i have them all
  10. i think my favourite combination is rosebuds with shadow walkers...my two favourites, together. i like them with so many other dragons, silvers, whites, skywings, royal blues, moonstones...and i'm currently collecting rosebuds with marrows.
  11. i totally agree! every valentine's i fill my scroll with as many rosebuds as possible, and now i finally have some cb rosebuds too rosebuds forever
  12. yes, i was referring to my day, in australia, by which time you were probably asleep. i know fire was winning earlier (when i was asleep) . i should have been more specific either way, it was pretty close, the whole time, whatever way you look at it.
  13. i thought it was 70% filled, or close to it. it's been consistently 51 ice 49 fire all day. i tried to submit a puzzle right on the end time, but it didn't work. i'd thought the game might stay up till we completed the bar to get the epilogue.
  14. we didn't get the last epilogue you can read the story (but without the last bit) at http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Currently_Being_Released
  15. there are total fire bans this weekend for a lot of parts of australia. it's bushfire season.
  16. those of us in the southern hemisphere have woken up. i think most australian players like myself would want ice, because it's hot here, while you poor northern hemisphere people are freezing right now, so need warming up. i do know of one northern person who is team ice though, so there goes that theory. i need coffee. maybe iced coffee...
  17. and i'm back two more hard puzzles done, and more to come, for team ice!
  18. i'm awake now, and doing more puzzles for ice people who have said they lost puzzles from submitting too early, don't panic. just leave that tab open, and refresh the page a few minutes later, and it should go through.
  19. one more puzzle before i go to sleep, then i'll be back here again in the morning. go team ice! aaaargh, it's going to be 108f here this weekend. i need more ice.
  20. i'll be asleep for a while, but in the morning i'll be back, doing those hard puzzles for ice i've already got 3 lined up ready to be submitted.
  21. click on "account" at the top of the page on your dragon scroll, and "raffle status" is at the bottom right of the page. click on that to enter. you just need to have raised 3 dragons that month to enter. congratulations husky51 i've done another lot of puzzles for ice. i think the fire people have been slacking off today, so i had a break earlier and gave my brain a rest
  22. team ice are busy doing puzzles for the win yay team ice
  23. the harbin ice sculpture festival in china has it's official opening ceremony tomorrow https://www.icefestivalharbin.com/attraction-p9-harbin-international-ice-and-snow-sculpture-festival.html celebrating all things ICE
  24. never!!! yay, at last we are back to blue again
  25. yes, but it took me a while. i didn't notice till chapter 8 sneaking suspicions