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  1. 36 minutes ago, SarkhanVol said:

    Now we just gotta wait for a Game of Thrones release set. A new dragon for each of the Noble Houses of Westeros. #HouseTargaryenVolcano #HouseGreyjoyCoast #HouseStarkAlpine #HouseLanisterForest #HouseBaratheonDesert #HouseTyrellJungle

    yes! i love that idea. i would hoard starks and targaryens :)


    i'm really enjoying the harry potter theme with these new eggs. i like the slytherin and ravenclaw hatchies best.  i just wish i'd realised a day sooner that there were eggs. i'm usually around at the beginning, but now i have to wait a whole day and three hours before anything hatches :(

  2. i once traded a lawnmower for a year's worth of lawnmowing :) 


    i'm loving that we can now save up shards to buy a gold, even if it takes a long time. it took me 6 years to get my first gold, and that was through trading. i've never been able to catch one with slow internet. luckily i find chickens much easier to catch, so have a flock of chickens and chicks :D


    i'm a bit sad at the changes to the reds, as i loved the medieval heraldic look of the old ones, and they are my oldest and longest lineage. the newest additions to my red velvet empire all have names derived from medieval words for red. i've sent some of their eggs to the ap.

  3. i just did what dracaena suggested, and tried a hard refresh for the bsa page and the sort page, and it  has fixed both of them :)

    thankyou dracaena :)

    i use chrome, and have windows 7. 


    i just tried breeding something, and had the endlessly flapping dragon problem, but a hard refresh fixed that too.

  4. thankyou Process for giving us a list of all the dragons and flowers, and especially the way each dragon is listed with the flower they delivered. 


    the first of my hatchies will grow up in an hour :)

    i've named mine 'floral delivery dragon' and 'florist's assistant' . 

  5. 6 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    Me too. I wish TJ would manage to leave the flower pages open somewhere...

    yes, i wish the flower names and descriptions would stay. it's like a botanical reference for the plants of Galsreim.

  6. Just now, Fabula said:

    Oh, yay! Maintenance is over and the Copper was waiting with the flower! ^.^

    that happened to me too, my dragon was there with the flower, after being interrupted by maintenance halfway through flower gathering.   good patient dragon :) 

  7. i have one eggy, but will have to wait a few hours till one of my other eggs hatches, before i can catch my second. 


    the flower game is working really slowly for me, probably due to my slow internet.