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  1. i'm delighted that xenos are eligible for the raffle this month, as they are one of my favourites, and i'm usually breeding a few of them most weeks. i bred a lot of xeno halloween mates yesterday for the mass breed, and today i bred a lot of other xenos, 2g, 3g and 4g lineages for the ap.

    i expect that sometime there will be a raffle requirement that is for two headeds, or something else i never breed, but you can't please everyone :) . if that happens, i'll just breed some and send them to the wilderness when they grow up.

  2. i just saw this, and have bred a dozen or so shadow walkers, several of them with blue lunars, and a couple of witchlights. i'll do more later today. i have heaps of halloween checkers i can breed.

    i've reminded myself yet again to get my scroll properly sorted, and make notes of lineages needing mates. 

  3. 6 minutes ago, tjekan said:

    Weird. I refreshed the volcano at two different 5-minute marks and saw nothing at all. I usually always at least SEE the eggs, even when I'm not quick enough to grab them. Is anybody else having that?

    i just had a look to see, i saw them vanish in a second in one drop, and nothing in the others i looked at. 

    that's why i always try to get here at the first minute or so, as my internet is way too slow. i was frantic when i saw the cave had crashed, but it worked out ok for me for once.   good luck everyone.

    i sent a prizekin to the ap in my haste  for egg space though :D


    i'm very happy there's now pagination in the trading hub. 

  4. so we can't put 'haves' or even 'h' in the message, just wants? i had no idea the rules (wherever they may be) were so restrictive. while i understand the message at the top of the trade hub teleport says to put 'wants' , it doesn't actually say you can't put in a 'have' as well. maybe it's just the way i read it. haven't had my coffee yet,, and i only glanced at the preceding couple of pages.

  5. i'm getting an r.i.p error page when i click on the 'dragons' link to access my scroll. if i try to access my scroll from a dragon i own, via trading or clicking on an egg, i get the "can't seem to find the scroll you're looking for " message, as though i'm not logged in. i am logged in, it says so at the top of the page. everything else works normally. i just can't see my dragons. 

    i've tried logging in and out and back again. tried clearing cookies. still get the error page.


    40 mins later, it has magically resolved itself.  i can see my dragons now! :)

  6. 9 minutes ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    I take them as a challenge. Has worked well so far:

    Calendar: https://dragcave.net/lineage/EZIiF

    Progressive: https://dragcave.net/lineage/v79Th

    All indigo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/eOWm1

    All colours: https://dragcave.net/lineage/zCOMD

    All yellow: https://dragcave.net/lineage/SJLTF

    Inside-out "checker": https://dragcave.net/lineage/ipdR8


    I think annoyance is mostly a matter of perception, in such cases.


    they're lovely :)

    i especially like the blue lunars with blue nebbies. might have to do one of those...


    i've been naming my murder chickens:  psycho chicken, beware the murder chicken, and fear the murder chicken :D

  7. 2 minutes ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    Sure there is.

    For the calendar, go to Help, Time Reference. It tells you moon phases, if it's day or night, and if Sunrise eggs can hatch, it'll also say if the sun is rising or setting.



    it's even quicker to just click on the time at the top of your scroll page. it goes directly to time reference :)

  8. 13 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:


    i guess for people that can easily catch cb rares and uncommons in the cave, they don't understand our frustration. Or maybe they're hte lucky handful with CB prizes that can trade for anything they want, no matter the rarity


    and we're also apparently not allowed to voice our misgivings about another mystery mechanic involving a multi-variant dragon =P sunshine and rainbows and compliments only


    i totally understand your frustration. i certainly don't find green coppers or chronos or gaias easy to catch, let alone silvers or golds. in six years i never managed to catch a gold, partly because i never even saw them. i have slow internet. if i was lucky, i'd catch a silver once a year, even though i was spending hours hunting. now i have a prize, so can trade for silvers and golds, lucky me, but it doesn't mean i don't understand what it's like to see rares as frustratingly unobtainable. i don't understand how people can offer multiple golds and silvers. i used to breed multiple bsa hatchies to get silvers and green coppers, and a slow and tedious business it was. 

  9. 1 minute ago, HeatherMarie said:

    I don't mind time-based mechanics themselves, it's the *not knowing* that drives me nuts! Are they all hatching green because it's based on when they are laid and they were all picked up around the same time, or because it's based on when they *hatch* and they are all hatching at the same time? Is it like Lunars where only one color is available for a long period of time, or Fire Gems where it changes every hour, or Sun/Glories where it really is based on grabbing/hatching during night/day? That's the part that frustrates me to no end, getting a release like this and scrambling to figure out what the heck the mechanic IS. If I know the mechanic at least I can plan!

    yes, that's the thing that's driving me nuts too :D

    i expect tj finds it very funny :rolleyes:

    i'm consoling myself with the fact that green is my favourite colour, but i desperately want to know how to get some of those pretty blues and purples. 

  10. 8 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:


    that's an idea, i don't remember if the fire gem had one of each hatchling that was then frozen


    also one of my pygmy eggs has a entertaining code, too bad that v isn't another o or 0. (and it's fogged so don't bother trying, you darn viewbombers! )


    i love that code, especially as ovo means egg in a few languages, so it's sort of saying oo, egg!


    i've been dumping eggs and hatchies all over the place to make room for these pretties. caught 4 spotty ones, and a couple of pygmies. yay for new pygmies, and purple too, even better. 

    now i'm frantically watching cracks appear on my er eggs, so i can get two more. of all the times to be egglocked *sigh* .

  11. i'd be happy to breed a prize and other pretties for a forum raffle :) 


    natayah, i'm so happy you decided to gender your gold tinsel male, but maybe it was just so you could call him trump :lol: . the name really suits him.

    i'm never going to look at a gold tinsel in quite the same way now.

  12. 34 minutes ago, quinney said:

    Overclicked on the glassy ones and got 5, only  got 3 musky.  Glad to have them all but bummer, wanted 4/4!

    i did exactly the same thing. i'll have a glassy egg available in a couple of hours, for anyone having trouble getting them. then i'll try to pick up another musky.

  13. i've bred quite a few alt undines, and alt vines, but in six years of trying, i've never yet bred an alt black.  someone gave me one a few years ago, and i traded for one :)  

    i'd love to breed one for myself. 

    i often pick up black eggs in the ap, in case they turn out to be alts, but no luck there either. 


    edited to say that i just got my first alt black  :D  

    i bred three black eggs just after my previous post, expecting to send more alt fails to the ap as usual, and have now just noticed one of them actually turned into an alt. i'm so happy. only took six years. :nyan: