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  1. i just saw an omen fly past, as i was idly clicking the ap, while waiting for my hatchies to grow up. i hate being scroll locked. i wantz more witchlights, moar!
  2. it's one of my favourite parts of halloween too yesterday i used a couple of spaces to hatch ap eggs and then sent them to the departures thread, or to people i knew would like them, and hatched some more. i did lots, until i finally i egglocked myself with something i didn't want to pass on. there are so many pretties out there. i know some people don't like the wall, but i look forward to it every year. just wish we could have some extra spaces at halloween.
  3. wow, they're so colourful, and i love the stripey tail . great name too. hey, quinney, we posted almost the same comment at the same time
  4. i have 399 reds, or 400 if i count the frozen hatchie one . they have a lot of children, as i often send eggs to the ap. not nearly as many pinks, but it's been years since i ran out of them. i'm glad that i don't have to stay up too late to see tj's adults, especially as i stayed up way too late last night, catching and hatching ap eggs. i still have a few aeons left, in case the eggs go below 3 days again.
  5. there are some new eggs on the trading hub, at least one person is offering for people who missed them. or you can hope you catch one in the ap later, though i think it's a bit early for them to appear.
  6. i went out to my vegie patch again, and came back in to find some easy to get eggs at last having planted some spuds, i'm feeling a strange compulsion to plant pumpkins... the egg cracking sequence is wonderful. i'm glad i didn't miss that.
  7. i think i'll wait for the next hourly drop to try to get some more.
  8. maybe the hourly drop will be better, with a few more eggs.
  9. since i don't seem to be able to get an egg right now, i went out to my vegie patch and planted some spuds it's mid afternoon where i live, i wasn't trying to plant things in the dark i'm going to have all the spuds. now back to hunting.
  10. one click and they're gone i think i'll have to wait till people get egglocked. pretty eggs, if only i could catch one
  11. having a lot of aeons is also useful if the ap goes very low time after halloween, when they get too low to influence. i bred and caught some extras before halloween, just in case i need them. if anyone needs a 2g omen, i might be able to help. i have cb omens to breed. i've been stalking the ap, trying to find low time witchlights, or any witchlights i need for my lineages, but they are so rare, and i keep missing them. i haven't even seen omens in the ap, not a single one.
  12. yes, i'd love the chance to play again, and get the things i missed. i wantz potatoes! and the other food, and whatever else i'm missing. i was really hoping that it would continue today, or at least reset so that it could be played again. i never would have rushed through it so fast if i'd realised we couldn't play again. i did think i'd tried all the options, apart from not going back to the house at the beginning. maybe i just did things in the wrong order. sigh.
  13. yes, i found that too. a very sudden ending. i was hoping we might be able to go back to the event today, or that there might be a continuation somehow. i wish i hadn't done it all yesterday. next time i'll wait for spoilers. i'm such a perfectionist, i want all the items, not just the 15 i found.
  14. i only got 15 items i raced through, not realising we couldn't go back.
  15. Emotional Support Dragon the name is currently on one of my reds, but as soon as i get another cb pillow, i'll be moving the name to that one
  16. yay! working ok now for me too, thankyou
  17. i'm having that problem too. i use chrome.
  18. i've had some trades with rejected notifications, and others that are rejected without notification. i had one of each yesterday. i've been wondering why, and i see i'm not the only one.
  19. i love them both. the pipios are so cute, and the aethers are gorgeous. i love their blue colour.
  20. it was several hours into october for me, australian time, by the time the release finally happened i'd stayed up really late, and finally gone to sleep, then sleepily half woke and checked, and found i'd missed the beginning by an hour. i'm happy to see the return of the windy gusts, but i wish they weren't so hard to catch. very excited by the new pygmy, though i'd love it to be a rooster or a duck.
  21. i've just bred a heap of halloween mates, and will do more later, lots of xeno lineages, and some lunar heralds and i've already found some pretties in the ap.
  22. i'm getting this now. i excitedly tried to add my dragons when i got the usual page, and then got that message.
  23. I'm still getting the 404 error page