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  1. 6 minutes ago, ChimeBunny said:

    Worth noting to everyone that the Trojan Reindeer don't actually shoot! also I got to lvl10 by spending all my snow on cannons :') broke now

    trojan reindeer?  not seen them, but i've now swapped some of my snow for more cannons, and got to level 8. never been one for aggression, i kind of prefer building and decorating, so had been building walls with snowballs.

  2. it's finally loaded for me (on chrome) . haven't started playing yet, still working out how it all works. 

    i'm really pleased i finally got the internet back at home, late last night, after nearly two weeks without it. just in time for snow wars, yay! 

    snow wars and the gingerbread house were always my two favourite holiday events. 


    I Want to Sign Up!

    Forum Name: greycat  https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/216573-greycat/

    Scroll Name: lutestring  https://dragcave.net/user/lutestring

    Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/78357


    1.cb gold, cb silver, 2g prizekin from silver shimmer

    2. 3g from spriter's alt

    3. cb aeon, cb chrono, chicken

    4. 4g from spriter's alt

    5. 2g gold x snow, cb lunar herald

    6.  pretty even gen checkers, preferably nicely named, no "cb" names. i like silver lunars and green and blue dragons, no yellow dragons unless golds or gold lunars.

    7. cb gaia, cb pillow

    Breeding abilities: can breed a 2g prizekin or even a 2g prize, if dragons are cooperative, though few eggs in the last few months) , 3g prize checker or stairstep, if lucky, 4g prize stairstep.

    can breed pretty silver and copper lineages, other pretty eg checkers, 4g spriter's alt lineages, holiday lineages, up to 6g pb red checkers, 

    Catching abilities: not good. sometimes catch trios, coppers, pyralspites, can't catch silvers or golds, xenos, aeons

    Trading abilities: trading is a bit hit or miss. can trade for aeons and xenos,  and sometimes rarer dragons.

    Teleport abilities: have plenty of magis



    apologies for late signup, and not quite correct format. i'm having a few technical difficulties.

  4. 5 hours ago, The Dragoness said:

    No win for me this month. I feel kind of guilty for entering since I already have a CB Prize, but it's impossible to resist the urge. I would love to have a Silver Shimmer someday. Anyhow, congrats to this month's winners!


    Those cookies are adorable, by the way!

    i feel the same way. i keep entering because i'd love a silver shimmer, though i already won a cb prize last year. 


    fabulous cookies, nom. 


    congratulations to the winners :)

  5. saw this so i thought i'd have a try. bred most of my cb ones, and got no egg, then the second last pair gave me an egg, much to my surprise. so i tried the last pair, and got another egg. 

    so if anyone needs a couple of pb luminas, let me know :D

  6. i can't seem to catch anything other than shadows or cavern lurkers. the rest go too fast. i wish there were more witchlights. the lag is dreadful.


    when the page is just shadows and cavern lurkers, it reminds me of a patchwork quilt. maybe because i'm textile obsessed.

  7. 1 hour ago, RWyvern said:



    ...Then I decided, what if I bred them to each other next year?


    So I precogged and named them and they’re going to make the messiest children. They’re so far the only messy adults I’ll allow on my scroll, and I love them. And that’s how you convert someone to the dark side.

    i too have found myself drawn to the dark side. i had the same idea, breed my two trolomens, but mine are both going to be boys, so i'm having to get another messy to breed with one to make a girl, and then breed them. what on earth is happening to me? i find myself wishing they were messier...

  8. 6 minutes ago, SamuelMaybird said:

    I think my eggs are hitting the AP but I can't find them. I need to head to bed, if anyone finds an egg from Rain Ladened Honeysuckle or Snowsquall Tundra I'd be so happy. I've given up on the others, omens and pretty lines

    what lovely names :)


    i'll look out for them. i've been clicking on all the witchlights anyway. trying to hatch a couple more. 

    i can't believe it's under two hours now. (((((eggies))))

  9. i've kept a handful of hatchies to see if i win the gender lotto, but i don't have room for everything, so keep sending batches out to the ap. it doesn't seem to have made any difference to the times, eggs have now gone down to 2 days. next year i'll make sure i have at least 100 aeons :D . 

  10. i've been hatching and throwing them back for the last couple of days. i'm looking forward to seeing a hatchie wall :)


    there have been a lot of really nice things in the ap this year (for me that means pretty checkers, and spriter's alts), and i haven't seen many messies or stairs (which i dislike) , so i think more people have been breeding their nicer dragons. 

    i've been sending some especially pretty hatchies to the departures thread, so that the hatchies don't get lost at the end.

  11. i'm still hatching as many eggs as i can, and sending the hatchies to the ap, though i keep being tempted to keep some pretties.  i'll be sad when the wall ends, but i know that many are just wanting it to go back to ordinary eggs. 

    i didn't get around to breeding a lot of my halloweens, though i bred all my witchlights and a few very nice lineages. probably just as well. it's sad when they misgender. 


    that's a gorgeous lineage, adp :)

    i'm usually a collector of eg checkers and always looking for nice eg SA lineages, so i've always thought messies were a waste of time, though i do appreciate truly messy ones, and enjoyed the trolomens. i love the ones that were gifted to me, just because the whole thing amused me. i plan to breed some messies from them, which is a total change for me. meanwhile, i'm having a great time hunting pretty eg shadow lineages in the ap.

  12. i don't usually collect messies, but i would have loved one of the omen alt ones. i just read back the last few pages and cracked up laughing :D 

    heathermarie has made me appreciate messies much more than i used to. i actually look at them now, and if they are really messy and interesting, i don't just see them as freeze fodder.