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  1. Staying up late?


    It's 8am in the UK, 9am in most of Europe, afternoon/evening for east Asian, Australian, Kiwi, etc players.

    it was 5pm in australia when they were released. so much easier than 3am laugh.gif

    i needn't have stayed up so late last night after all.


    i managed to catch five eggs, even with my slow connection, but the 6th is eluding me.

  2. i finally went to sleep a little after 4am last night, thinking there were sure to be new eggs when i woke up. still no eggs? oh well. maybe there will be some today. the old time suited my timezone much better than the recent release times, but maybe tj is shifting it around to random times.


    i have my scroll fairly full of eggs, but most of them i could dump. not dumping the silver that took me ages to breed, and the gold. i had a lot of attempts to get those.


    a blue moon release sounds good to me. maybe a blue dragon? laugh.gif

  3. if someone would mass breed the june release. I haven't gotten a one yet. and the only gemshards I have been able to get have all been greens UGH! and now all there are is mints.

    i've just bred seven gemshards, and a few shinies.


    i rather like mints, but not with balloons. i know someone who loves balloons though. each to his own i suppose. green is my favourite colour.



    *throws mad amounts of glitter*


    Anyways, you know what I hope for

    A rainbow-afied Xeno alt

    That would be awesome

    yay party! xd.pngpoptartFINALTINY.gif *throws more glitter*


    i put the xeno banner in my sig, hoping it might attract some eggs xd.png


    i think i'll give up trying to find them for a few days, and hope that they will be a bit easier soon. i still need another volcano and desert, and i want to hoard jungles because i love green and they're so pretty.

  5. There's a lot of good stuff falling though. Ices, coppers, and the like.... Maybe tradeable for glasses later ?


    Returns to seeking another CB gold xd.png

    i haven't seen any ices or coppers, or silvers or golds, but i did manage to get a paper smile.gif


    i suspect there are still some of the new eggs dropping, but i just don't see them. there can't be very many. i don't even see them and miss them. i never see almandines, coppers, or golds, and very rarely silvers, but i know people catch them. and i spend way more time here than i should laugh.gif

    i do have a slow connection though.

  6. i've only seen one today, since the flood dried up. i missed the start due to time differences and being asleep. then i only managed to catch one, due to my slow computer, but managed to get the rest a few hours later when everyone else got egglocked. unfortunately by the time they hatched, the flood had ended, and i couldn't get a second batch, even though i'd seen heaps just an hour or two earlier.


    crossing my fingers they will be more common again soon, as the hatchies are so pretty, i wantz moar smile.gif


  7. Has it been determined that these guys are rares? I was lucky and got 3, but we have to remember that everyone is going after the same egg in the 3 biomes so they go really quick. I do admit it is unfortunate for the people who missed it, but don't give up!

    it was much easier to catch them when there were a lot dropping. it's now that there seem to be so few that it's got impossible for most people. or those of us with slow internet.

    i usually try to catch new eggs on the 5 minute drops, but i've seen none for hours, and none on the hourly drops, or any other time.

  8. i feel very sorry for people who missed the release due to time zones and real life. the release started at 2am in my time zone. it was only by chance that i wasn't sleeping well and so i decided to check my dragon eggs. finding there was a new release, i stayed up till 4.30am to catch two eggs. it took me that long due to very slow internet. later in the morning i managed to catch three more, but when i tried again a few hours later they had all disappeared. i've not seen any in the last five hours or so. it would be a lot fairer for everyone if the new eggs kept dropping for 24 hours.

    i only ever manage to catch rares on release day, and i've never seen an almadine or spessartine since the release, and only two coppers.

    i'm still trying to complete my scroll goal of eight of each colour of gemshards. i couldn't believe there was a new egg when i hadn't even finished hunting the last one.

  9. Patxaran (silver tinsel) has attracted a desipis, a red, and a waterhorse.

    my shadowwalker has attracted the same dragons, in that order. desipis, red, and a waterhorse.


    the waterhorse turned up yesterday before i'd even had a chance to add more decorations.

    she liked the shinies, but wandered off to get more sweets. i added more shinies, but she didn't come back.


    i have the generic cave, which my shadowwalker is very happy with, but i would have loved to have the coastal or alpine caves. i've decorated my cave with lots of sea creatures and blue things, to try to attract a blusang.


    i've just learned how to do a screenshot and clip a pic, but now i have to work out how to post a pic here. i'm really enjoying seeing all the different caves smile.gif