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  1. i manged to get a second one, so maybe it's getting a tiny bit easier, as people get egglocked, and others go to sleep. it's early afternoon in my part of the world, so i guess i'll be trying to get more eggs for the rest of the day, as soon as my ap moonstone hatches. good luck everyone who is still trying to catch eggs. it is so frustrating for those of us with slow internet. i hope the flood lasts at least 24 hours.
  2. i got one at last! now to get another six... i have a very slow internet connection, so it was a bit of a miracle, but at least it gives me hope to keep trying. *hugs silver eggy and wraps it carefully in a fluffy blanket*
  3. it's the same for me, they go soooo fast at the 5 min drops. i haven't caught a single one yet. i've got four cb golds that are due to hatch in 13 hours, and i haven't dumped them, as i am yet to fill the three empty spaces on my scroll with silvers. i'll probably still be hunting by the time they hatch. *wanders off to make a cup of tea while waiting for the hourly drop*
  4. yes, i just bred some blues and got gold eggs. i still need another cb blue egg, having been away when they last dropped, but i'm very happy that i didn't miss the silvers. i haven't seen any lunar eggs in the biomes, in the last day or so when i've been looking. probably they get snapped up so fast, my slow connection doesn't even glimpse them as they go.
  5. i'm getting the same message. it just happened in the last half hour i think, as i added some eggs earlier and it was fine.
  6. yes, yay for floods. i totally agree. it's the only way i can get them too, with severely bent fingers and wrists from rheumatoid arthritis, and a slow internet connection i thought of dumping two of my bronzes, but i can't bring myself do it. as long as the flood lasts for a couple of days it will be ok.
  7. i managed to catch a blue egg! four of my bronzes will hatch in an hour or two, so i will be able to try for more then. *pokes bronze eggys* i was so excited to see the blues flooding, yay!
  8. lol, i just discovered i have 304 reds and 70 pinks. they certainly come in handy for multiple egg releases like these ones. happy birthday riverwillows *passes over a piece of chocolate cake* it's interesting reading the speculation and theories about when the blues and silvers will turn up. i haven't quite got my head around all the variations of the two moons, and how they might influence the colours. i'm too sleepy, and must go to bed soon. it's very late evening here in australia.
  9. i'm so happy there is a bronze flood. at last i now have a breeding pair from volcano and from desert. thankyou tj! perhaps i shouldn't have bred my golds yesterday to get two 2nd gens, but at the time i really thought it was the only way i would get some bronze eggs on my scroll. i hope i won't be egglocked by the time the colour changes again. i haven't caught up on the last few pages, but i see that the moon phases are a little more complex now.
  10. i've been wondering if there's anything i could breed for a trade, but when the xenos were released, i tried offering all sorts of things (including a paper) and got no response. but, rather incredibly, i just managed to catch a mageia, my first cb one since the release, and i'm reluctant to offer it for a trade as i only have one breeding pair. *hugs mageia*
  11. i still haven't caught a bronze egg but my golds grew up, so i bred them and got two bronze 2nd gens and one no interest. i'm sorry if it doesn't help the ratios, breeding them now, but i'm now at the point of giving up trying to catch them. *kicks slow internet connection*
  12. i still haven't managed to catch a single bronze and i just missed a silver in the desert. the first i've seen in months. missed a couple of xenos yesterday too. *sigh*
  13. same here. i had hoped for a flood for each colour. this was one of my favourite releases, and i think the dragons are gorgeous, but this difficulty catching the brown ones (and presumably the silver and blues later on) has made it a bit disappointing for me. i've been trying for hours to catch a brown one, but i have a very slow connection i hope it gets easier, and i hope the silver and blues are easier, because this is not fun anymore.
  14. I love these dragons! they are all so beautiful, i can't decide on a favourite.
  15. i was wondering how long it takes eggs to get to the ap, thanks for answering that before i'd even asked i might do a few pinks too, just to pass the time while we wait... i'm trying to catch up on the last 20 pages of this thread, as it's fun reading all the speculation about the different egg colours. i think that the most likely theory is that they will be different every week, but i'm probably quite wrong
  16. i bred 36 reds for the ap. there's going to be a lot of reds there, but i'm sure they won't take long to be picked up i'm really excited about these moon phase dragons. i love the wings on the hatchies. my eggs will hatch in 8 hours *pokes eggs* . i'm in australia, so the release time was perfect for me (mid afternoon), though i was a couple of hours late due to chatting to a friend.
  17. normal eggs are back, looks like no new release after all. luckily for me, as i'm now egglocked with a misclick
  18. since midnight cave time. a little over half an hour. has this happened before? that there has been an empty cave for half an hour? i've only ever seen no eggs just before there was going to be a new release, so i'm thinking it's strange nothing has happened yet.
  19. come back eggys! preferably a flood of something pretty
  20. this is very strange. and i was just about to go out for a few hours, now staring at my computer...
  21. ooh, i love them! i can't wait to see what the females look like.
  22. i'm not seeing anything on top of the s1 heads either, or the errant pixel or spikes.
  23. some people manage to catch golds, not everyone though. i've been here three years and never caught a cb gold, even during times like now when they are reputed to be dropping more often. i haven't seen any during this new release, or the last one, so it seems close to impossible for me. i see one or two a year, and i'm here a lot. i love the colours of the new hatchies. i finally got a seventh one, but it took me quite a while, with all the other eggs mixing in. i have lots of sympathy for anyone late to the party, with a slow connection. it seems that the other eggs started mixing in much earlier than usual.
  24. my silver egg finally hatched, so i spent 40 minutes trying to catch another new egg, and then got a misclick so now i'm going to bed. at least i caught six eggs at the start.