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  1. it worked for me i went too near the cat and got stuck, but a refresh freed me. i'd already had to go back twice from being stuck by earlier glitches, so i was greatly relieved not to have to start again. i managed to get back with the reindeer very easily, compared to the difficulty of negotiating the trees and rocks on my way to get the reindeer. i hope i'm not saying too much about the game here. one thing i miss from previous year's games is the element of creativity. while i'm enjoying the little quests, i'd love to have something to decorate. i really loved the gingerbread house, and building the snowfort. i liked the way you could keep doing it as often as you felt like it, and constantly change and improve the decorations. i enjoy wandering around the town in this game, but once you have seen everything, that's it for the day.
  2. i love this game, and i wish we could keep quark, but i now have a little quark of my own http://dragcave.net/view/b0oA2 is there a thread where the known game bugs are listed? apart from scattered through this thread. i know there are various threads in 'help', but i wondered if there was a list so that i don't pm one of the game creators about things they already know about. mostly i've at times had trouble trying to move in a certain direction, and the game jumping to a different part of the map, things like that. meanwhile i have a problem with the sound having vanished. i've had success with clicking the invisible reset button combined with a hard refresh when the game gets stuck, but i can't get the sound back.
  3. but i'm not buffy i wish there was a way to light the fire in my house. it must be getting cold there.
  4. have you tried going back there? i went back after i'd caught and returned buffy and gone home, just to see if i cold get a late night snack. as i'd already got all the food yesterday, there wasn't anything available when i went to the counter, but i think there would have been, if i didn't already have them all. the message comes up, but no food is listed
  5. oh noes. poor kitties i was hoping they just got to run away...
  6. yay, finally found and returned buffy i wanted to adopt all the other stray kitties and take them home. if there's a storm coming, poor kitties
  7. i had the same problem, tried different browsers, hard refresh, everything i could think of, but it inexplicably decided to work about eight hours later, when i pressed enter for the millionth time. no idea why. it still gets stuck sometimes, but i haven't had the blank screen again. good luck.
  8. i've got all the things from the store (i love odin), watered my tree, wandered around the town to see all the other houses, but i haven't got the completed message.
  9. the game is working for me now, yay! i've been trying every ten minutes or so, just in case it was fixed. i don't know why it wouldn't earlier, and i didn't do anything that i hadn't already tried a million times, but i'm very happy it works now. i have now gone out with perl to find a tree, whoohoo! thankyou to the game designers
  10. while i still have a blank screen instead of a game, i just noticed that the holiday 2015 badge has appeared on my scroll
  11. thankyou! i will go and breed some eggs for the ap
  12. i'm hoping that whatever is causing problems with the game (for some of us) will be fixed, as i was really looking forward to it. *sigh* nothing to do now i'm egglocked.
  13. i've still only got a black rectangle, now with a couple of other smaller rectangles and a tiny square i can move with arrows. no pictures, trees, anything fun. oh, but it gave me the name SNOWA too. it wouldn't let me change the name. i've cleared my cache, logged out and back in, still doesn't work. i usually don't have any problems playing the games here. i don't have any adblocks i have some lovely eggs from the ap, and some pretty ones given to me. now i must breed a few more of mine for the ap.
  14. greycat

    Secret Santa

    I want to sign up! Forum name:greycat Scroll name:lutestring Wishlist: 1.cb almandine 2.cb green copper 3.cb chrono or gaia 4. 2g avatar of creation from male white and female GON or from GON and blue or purple nebbie 5.2g xeno from different xeno parents (eg, a chrono from a gaia x astrapi, or any other random xeno combination) 6.cb red Breeding abilities:have cb silvers, coppers, blusangs, trios, alts lineages above 4gen, 4 gen stairstep prizes, have more recent cb holidays from the last couple of years (wrapping wing, solstice, mistletoe, cavern lurker, grave, caligene, arsani, radiant angel). can breed pb red lineages to 6 gens, 6 gen pb thuwed, pretty even gen checkers with silvers, coppers, and lots of others. Catching abilities: can catch commons and uncommons, but only rarely catch trios, blusangs, xenos. can't catch metals, spessartines or almandines. Trading abilities: not great, but sometimes lucky with trades. have traded a lot of bsa hatchies for rares such as cb xenos, or trade interesting codes or pretty checkers. not able to trade for really valuable dragons like low gen prizes or almandines.
  15. i hope you feel a lot better soon, and thankyou for holding this wonderful raffle. congratulations to all the winners
  16. i just had to add the little cauldron of mischief to my sig. they are wonderful badges, thankyou shokomon
  17. i've now got ten killer tomatoes (catra tamca). tomato fight anyone? and another pink scale i too wish we could trade. i'd send some pink scales to fuzzbucket.
  18. i've caught four of the pink scales. i don't think they are rarer than other things. it's just chance, as far as i can tell. it took me ages to get a mouseshroom, and the mutated pine sapling eluded me for ages. it was the only one i didn't have, but today i caught three. i could do with a few less leeches though. i get about five leeches to one rainbow water. i brewed a few leeches together just to get rid of some
  19. i just did this to a gold lunar http://dragcave.net/view/SGZ4a
  20. i agree that the new male horse looks good with the female hellfire, and i too have a lineage of those. the new hollies are gorgeous. the nilias though...i don't know if i'll get used to them, as i loved the old ones. these are like a whole new dragon. they look quite different in lineages. very pretty, but so different.
  21. thinking they would be useful in time for halloween, yesterday i bred a dozen pinks for the ap, and the day before i bred 25 reds. there should be hordes of them there soon, along with everyone elses, but i expect they will go really fast i've never seen even a row of them in the ap.
  22. oh, that's awful that they all died i'm still trying to get one more silver egg before i go to sleep, as it's getting very late in my part of the world.
  23. i've still only got three, though there are fewer people hunting now. there are way too many other eggs mixing in. *sigh*
  24. other eggs are mixing in already i just got a misclick in the desert.
  25. that's exactly what i do, though sometimes i change to a different biome when i get really bored