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  1. that happened to me too. the screen froze with the first garland, but i was able to fix it with a refresh the rest of the game was glitch free for me, yay! i played a couple of hours after the start, and i think some of the earlier problems were fixed by the time i began. now i want to go north and visit borg
  2. same here. i went out to explore and only my garlands are on the lamp posts. the mayor's ones have disappeared.
  3. if you go back to the store afterwards, you can get more mushroom poppers. i restocked, just in case i need them. or in case i get the munchies after all these adventures
  4. the previous few days have been glitch free for me, so i'd thought it was ok till today's glitches. i think sometimes it's just a matter of which direction you approach something. i went exactly the same way (as far as i can recall) the times i got stuck by the tree, and the next time i went a long way away from that tree and avoided the glitch. i can't work out why i got stuck at the cave though, as the next time it was fine. i'm still not entirely clear what the waterfall was, a few days ago. i thought it might have been the long straight bit of ice you could skate up and down, which unhelpfully led nowhere. it was to the right of the ice maze, i think?
  5. yes, i had a few problems too. twice i got stuck next to a tree near the red toadstool, and had to go back to the start with a reset, and the other time i got all the way to a cave entrance, and the screen went black. luckily that time i had the game open in another tab as well as the one where i was playing, in case of glitches, and was able to restart in that tab. i'm having two tabs open for the game when i play now, as sometimes i find it's the only way to continue, when the usual reset/hard refresh/clear cache remedies don't work. i managed to play all the way through without a glitch on the fourth attempt
  6. you should get the 'day complete' message . i just finished and got the day complete message that little dragon is so cute, i wish i could do it all again
  7. i totally agree. when i was pushing those snowballs and they broke, vala kept saying "we'll have to start over" and i wanted to shout "WE??? you mean i'll have to, you lazy *%#" then poor snowa goes home to an empty cold house, not even a fire in the fireplace or a kitty to keep her company
  8. the same thing happened to me but i managed to get away and go back home. he's obviously not taking rejection very well at all. i hope he doesn't get any worse, especially as i live nearby. i'm thinking i should check he's ok, but maybe take a friend next time
  9. i just went to see the snowman i made, and it was still there, but i didn't see anyone around except for the kitty. so i played around chasing the kitty, trying to lure it home with me. it wouldn't follow me, so i headed back home. i stopped at romeo's house on the way and he got a bit deep and meaningful i was quite glad to get home, but wish i could have taken the kitty back with me. i want to light a fire in the fireplace, after spending the day in the snow. brrrrr.
  10. ~Off-topic spam removed~ Please see the emotional support thread.
  11. joe's cat odin has a pop up mrrrow as well as the sound, so i was hoping other cats woul too. maybe it's because they're wild cats . really hard to type with one hand...my real kitty is on my lap and purring loudly
  12. thankyou, i've now done that, and i'm now safely home without the pocket watch i was a bit worried the game would go back to the start, and i'd have to do those snowballs all over again
  13. i'm worried about ending up with the naughty option, even if i choose to be nice like i planned. i 'm at the point of choosing, so should i refresh the page first? i loaded the game right at the start. the nice option is the top one.
  14. did you water your tree and then go out the door of your house? someone should turn up. the pocket watch is much later.
  15. it didn't meow at me. i tried to interact with it. i didn't get a pop up meow, but i don't have the sound working on my computer .
  16. i chased the kitty too i wantz the kitty now i'm up to the pocketwatch choice. is it ok to choose now?
  17. i'm still trying to do the second snowball i swear that cat is laughing at me every time i fall off a ledge and have to go around, or when the snowball hits an invisible rock and breaks. the kitty is running up and down outside the snowball area.
  18. i'm still redoing snowballs. *sigh* but came here and read about the bug, so i'm glad i was slow to start today and that the bug is now fixed, because i'm trying to be nice all the way
  19. and a merry christmas and happy new year to you too
  20. i played today's game more than an hour ago, then left my little green person back home. about ten minutes ago, i decided to wander around the village, and went to the flower field and to see if symon had changed his mind about the "ham". he still didn't want it, but the game is working for me. if i try to load another window, i get the bad gateway, but i seem to be able to wander around the flower field, though i can't pick any more flowers. maybe it's ok for me because i was already playing. i hope it gets fixed soon for everyone.
  21. lol, yes, i saw that too i'm egglocked, so can't catch the new ones for a few more hours. they are very pretty.
  22. i love it! i haven't laughed so much in ages
  23. i had to refresh the page before it would work. try going back home and refreshing the page, if you haven't tried that already.
  24. yes, it's fixed now. it was fun while it was there though, looking at everything
  25. that was so short! i thought it would be much harder, after yesterday's puzzles. i feel i'm missing something, but i got the day complete thingie that's odd about all the things in the backpack. i just checked mine and there are loads of things now.