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    Secret Santa

    i've sent three gifts to my secret santa giftee, but i don't know how to attach a pic of a screenshot here, though i did take a pic of the teleports. i don't have a photobucket account or similar, so i'm hoping i can just put the lineage links and that will be enough to get a raffle ticket. Forum name: buckskinmist Scroll name: buckskinmist Wishlist: 1. CB Almandine, Neglected or 2nd gen Christmas Alt x White (Solstice, Mistletoe or 2015 Christmas) 2.CB Spessartine or 2nd gen metal (i sent a 2g silver) 3.CB Wyrms (Thalassa or Pyro) or 2nd gen pb Undine Alt or even gens with reg. Undines alternate with alt Undines (i sent a 3g pb undine from alt parents) 4.2g Avatar, cb Red or Pink 5.Even gen checker lineages. I love those, but I don't want any that are 5 or more gens long. Takes too long to breed mates for. I really, really need 2nd gen White x New Christmas 2015 dragon or Mistletoe dragon. I'm working on a White Christmas line. So far it looks like this: White Christmas (i sent a 2g white x mistletoe) 6.Any cb hatchling edited - removed the links. pm me if the lineage links are needed for raffle entry.
  2. greycat

    Secret Santa

    i have a cb magma available, if anyone needs one for their giftee. pm me
  3. oh my! or 'crickey!' as steve would say these enraged dragons are amazing. i have nothing dead on my scroll, so mine are staying calm, and i intend to keep them that way, but i love the concept.
  4. i enjoyed this event, even though at times it drove me crazy , probably because i've never played that type of game before, but also because of the glitches. i really missed having something to decorate though. maybe next year we could have a game like this year's for those that love it, and also something else for those of us who like building and decorating? the gingerbread house and the snow wars were my favourites, because you could endlessly redo and redesign them, so there was a lot of creative input. i was very happy that the kitty was added in at the end of this game though. i did want that kitty, so thankyou to whoever did that
  5. thankyou my aegis dragons have grown up, and i love that they are are a wintery blue, though in my part of the world it is a hot summer at this time of year. the solstices will probably always be my favourite, especially as i celebrate solstices rather than christmas, but i suppose i might be waiting a long time for a hot weather themed dragon at this holiday time i rather enjoy all the snow themes, the games as well as the dragons, because it doesn't snow where i live, ever.
  6. i just took my kitty for a last walk around the town, and then managed to do a screen shot of snowa and kitty back at home it would be lovely to be able to explore the whole map again.
  7. the first time i went to the party, i spoke to ronin, but no kitty appeared. i went back to my house again, no kitty. i went back to talk to ronin, he wouldn't even talk to me other people would, but not ronin. so i refreshed the page, and ronin told me again about the kitteh, and it appeared and followed me i haz a kitteh!!!
  8. i was hoping i could go back home and find a kitteh by my fireplace, preferably with a nice warm fire in the fireplace to warm up that cold house, after standing around partying in all that snow
  9. i want to know what perl said if you were naughty
  10. so there was a different outcome for the really naughty ones? that's interesting
  11. i went back to the party and talked to everyone again, but never got the end with the credits, or the thankyou for playing. i suppose i will just have to look on the wiki later. i got my present badge though, so that's the main thing. it's just that everyone says how great the credits are and i didn't get a kitteh...
  12. where's mah kitteh? renronin promised me a kitten i was able to talk to everyone, and got my present badge, but then got a black screen instead of the credits i've gone back to the party to talk to everyone again now...
  13. yay! i didn't have to redo day 11 again. phew! loving the party. especially quilt
  14. i'm scared to start today, in case i get the same glitch that made me repeat day 11 three times. but i want to go to the party...
  15. well no more exploring for me. having had to repeat day 11, i'm staying home. *snowa puts feet up and drinks mulled wine* i really hope that when day 12 comes along in a couple of hours, i won't get stuck in the time warp again and have to repeat day 11 once more.
  16. i just loaded the game today to do some exploring, having completed the adventure with steve on my previous visit. now steve turns up again, and it looks like i have to repeat the whole day
  17. it's beautiful! i'm looking forward to seeing the aegis in cross stitch. they will look lovely together.
  18. that is so beautiful! congratulations to Jen-Kollic and Odeen.
  19. exactly the same thing happened to me today. black screen. i went and made a cip of tea and then it worked. later on during the trek north, the screen took forever to load, so i went away for five minutes and came back to find it had, and i could continue. the only other glitch was near the end when it froze, and i foolishly refreshed with f5, and had to redo something. next time that happens i'll just make a cup of tea instead.
  20. i just finished getting through the green room, and steve said he'd meet me on the other side. then the page froze so i refreshed, just f5, and now i have to do it again aaaagh! later...much easier the second time
  21. i'm old enough to remember the days before the internet, and i never played any of those games. i've been doing fine with this game though, apart from the first day when i couldn't manage to start it, and the later glitches. the actual game hasn't been a problem at all. oh, some parts drove me nuts for a little while (ice and snowballs) but i managed ok. i've got add though, i really do miss having something more than a lampost to decorate, or something to build, like the snowfort and the gingerbread house of previous years. oh, and this is not at all meant as a criticism of this years's, i just like building and decorating
  22. yesterday i tried to get to both, but haven't managed to get to either of them yet
  23. i found mistletoes and solstices hard to get this year, so maybe they will be easier next year because everyone will be trying to get the aegis eggs
  24. gorgeous adults, though the solstices are still my favourite holiday dragon. i think i'll breed these with arsanis at valentine time.