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  1. the new backgrounds are wonderful. and the pinks!!! i wonder where the other eggs are hiding?
  2. these, yes please i'm thinking an aurora dragon would be a bit like a solstice and lunar herald hybrid. two of my favourite dragons combined. *dreams* and a cat dragon, why not? though my cat thinks i waste too much time here, that would be better spent playing with her i'd love a new pygmy dragon, maybe a purple pygmy? only an hour and twenty minutes to go, maybe...
  3. oh, the dark ones are beautiful! thankyou odeen. i love these in both versions. i have so many lineages planned. i think they would be good with solstices, aegis, shadow walkers, blue nebbies, moonstones, blue lunars, silver lunars, chronos, male silvers, frostbites, falconiforms, and royal blues.
  4. ooh yes, celestials and shadow walkers would be gorgeous. so would celestials with silver lunars, or solstices, or moonstones... they are beautiful
  5. i'm very happy they are still dropping, as i love the hatchies, and i'm looking forward to seeing the adults and finding out more about them. i'm hoping i will be able to get a few more when my current batch of eggs hatch.
  6. i managed to get my first batch fairly easily, to my amazement, without trying too hard (it took an hour), and yesterday caught three more very quickly. i kept missing them after that, but got a couple of xenos and a blusang, which are usually quite hard for me to find. i catch on the 5 min drops, and in between. usually if i'm not online at the start of a new release, it's hours of frustration till i get my eggs. this time i was about 12 hours late. maybe everyone was egglocked by then. i would love to have your broadband speed. mine is around 3mb (.43mbps) , worse at busy times. australia is now rated 60th in world broadband speeds, and i live in an area with very slow speeds. i only see an almandine or gold about once a year, and silvers and coppers slightly more often, and i'm here a lot only 6 hours to go till tj's hatchies grow up
  7. but they are so pretty! i soooo want them to be real.
  8. i picked up some lovely moonstones x shadows yesterday, and a moonstone x radiant that i'm giving to a friend. i hadn't noticed the mass breed event in time to breed for it, but i'll try to breed a few later today.
  9. finally have them all, yay! the last one was the kitten with balloons. i wanted that one sooo much.
  10. it doesn't bother me not knowing what the references are. they are all interesting anyway, though like fuzzbucket, i googled undertale, just to find out what the eggs were, after all the talk here. i thought the black and white mask egg might have been a reference to the house of black and white in game of thrones, but apparently i'm wrong, according to something someone said here (sorry, i forget who).
  11. they appear on whatever page you happen to go to, if you refresh after enough time has passed since the previous one. i usually look on the biome pages, as the pages are smaller so they show up easily, and you don't have to scroll down in case it's hiding at the bottom. i find a lot at the top of the page, in the left or right corners. as i'm refreshing pages often in the biomes anyway. i love the kitty eggs. i still haven't got the one with balloons.
  12. i have no idea what most of them are, but i'm loving all the eggs. and i just got the 3 of swords egg, yay!
  13. i love the antareans! their wings are gorgeous. love the sapphires too if only i could catch a few more eggs. i haven't seen any of either of them today, and only one antarean yesterday, which i missed. i do have slow internet. i hardly ever see rares. i hope these will become a bit more plentiful, though i think demand will make them rare.
  14. i went back and replayed day 6, and now have the presents and the whisker, so a total of 40 items. also, the mystery space has gone from my inventory, yay! i'm trying to breed my mutamores with silvers, but so far have not got an egg from either of them.
  15. i have 34 items, then a gap, then my statue that got added last. so 35 and an invisible thing
  16. i got stuck in a loop for a while on the last day, after clicking through the first page of houses, i had to redo it, but the second time got me onwards to the second lot of houses to click through, to deliver the presents, and i made it to the party at the end. then i went back to redo day two, to get the statue. i had to do it twice before i got the statue, but have it now, yay! so have 35 items, but no whisker, just a space for something invisible
  17. got my three items today, but i'm sad that i couldn't go back to find the broken statue that i didn't pick up earlier now if only those ap eggs would last another day...they're already down to 6 days 21 hours, so i don't think they will still be there tomorrow, when some more of my eggs hatch. *pokes eggs*
  18. i left it too i tried to go back and get it later, but i couldn't. the game wouldn't let me get back to that part. i hope i can tomorrow.
  19. yay! got one. pretty eggs now i just have to wait for another egg to hatch in a few hours, before i can get another.
  20. greycat

    Secret Santa

    i tried both of mine, but only got a blue lunar herald if anyone needs it, let me know.
  21. greycat

    Secret Santa

    i was gifted a beautiful cb green copper and an avatar of creation today from my secret santa, harlequinraven so many pretty eggs!
  22. it's working fine for me now, but it wasn't this morning (about twelve hours ago). i think it hadn't been working for some time before that.
  23. I, greycat, swear that my Aegis sprites won't change once they have had offspring. i love the pacified ones, so Aegis Winterguard and Bluefrost Winterguard will both stay pacified.
  24. greycat

    Secret Santa

    i'm confused too about reporting the gifts. i don't know how to edit the spreadsheet to add my gifts. edit, yay, did it! my gifts are now on the spreadsheet thankyou ~x~ i've now sent five gifts, everything except the #1 requests which are impossible for me i'll repost my gift list here. Forum name: buckskinmist Scroll name: buckskinmist Wishlist: 1. CB Almandine, Neglected or 2nd gen Christmas Alt x White (Solstice, Mistletoe or 2015 Christmas) 2.CB Spessartine or 2nd gen metal (i sent a 2g silver) 3.CB Wyrms (Thalassa or Pyro) or 2nd gen pb Undine Alt or even gens with reg. Undines alternate with alt Undines (i sent a 3g pb undine from alt parents) 4.2g Avatar, cb Red or Pink (i sent a cb pink) 5.Even gen checker lineages. I love those, but I don't want any that are 5 or more gens long. Takes too long to breed mates for. I really, really need 2nd gen White x New Christmas 2015 dragon or Mistletoe dragon. I'm working on a White Christmas line. So far it looks like this: White Christmas (i sent a 2g white x mistletoe) 6.Any cb hatchling (i sent a cb red hatchie)