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  1. i woke up too late to see the last halloweens in the ap i finally had one space free, so i hatched a few eggs and threw them back, but then caught a diamondwing hatchie which grew up instantly a second later. i've never had that happen before another three hours before the last of my gorgeous witchlights grow up
  2. i just noticed that the action page shows which gender a dragon is predicted to be, when precognition is used. so you can go back and check if it genders wrongly later, though so far every time i've used it it's been correct. i'd hate it if it wasn't reliable. maybe it's like using pinks, and only works 99% of the time?
  3. i wish we could rescue more eggs. i'd hate to see them die maybe i'll manage to get a few more tomorrow, when the rest of my witchlights grow up. i'm pretty happy that i got as many as i did, a total of 34 shadow walkers (my favourites), and only the last two of unknown gender. i'm going to breed heaps of aeons in time for the next holiday season.
  4. no but at least we can now see with precognition which gender they will be. i've thrown a couple of lovely eggs back to the ap because i found they would gender wrongly.
  5. i saw some last night, and missed them, but haven't seen any today.
  6. such beautiful and scary dragons! thankyou odeen *goes off to give her witchlights some scritches*
  7. i just bred a couple of pb 2g caligenes for the ap. i hope you get one. my last two eggs finally hatched, so i now have my seven new eggs, yay!
  8. at last managed to catch some. i was beginning to think it was impossible, with my slow internet, but now have four. people must be getting egglocked. it's getting a bit easier now, and the lag isn't quite so bad. happy halloween
  9. i have never heard of it before this, and i seem to be very slow to get the knack of it. i've tried about ten times, and each time i think i lose concentration or get bored and end up hitting the wrong tile my poor dragons are going to be forever plague ridden.
  10. i haven't seen any halloween eggs in the ap, and i know nothing about minesweeper i have to go out for a few hours, so i'm hoping the ap will be full of lovely halloween eggs when i get back
  11. cave is broken i've been loving it so far, and the banner is gorgeous. i wonder if our treats will disappear, since we have greedily grabbed them so quickly?
  12. https://dragcave.net/lineage/AAzOJ this one is now happily on my scroll, thankyou to dirtytabs and dragonpuck i found this wonderful royal blue recently https://dragcave.net/lineage/Lgdax , thankyou breeder. also this pretty lineage https://dragcave.net/lineage/lmChl thankyou breeder and this gorgeous combination of silver lunars and mistletoe https://dragcave.net/lineage/qRIQQ thankyou miral
  13. finally managed 3 diamond eggs, and a couple of leafy ones. those diamonds took ages for me, with a slow computer. i still need another alpine one. the diamond eggs are so pretty, i want to fill my scroll with them
  14. i would like to enter for the green coppers, prizes 1 and 2. thankyou for running this raffle
  15. i used the new version for a couple of days, to see if i could get used to the brightness, but it gave me a bad headache. i have now gone back to the pale blue, which i love.
  16. what a wonderful bsa! i can see this being really useful for s1 hatchies traded or grabbed from the ap. i love the glowing changes. my first aeon doesn't grow up for a couple of days.
  17. i love the kyanite pygmies!
  18. oooh, adults! i love them, especially the almeralds, because green is my favourite colour they're gorgeous. i need to find another aeon egg, as i've only managed to catch one of those. now for the rest to grow up.
  19. i've at last managed to get a pair of everything, except for the timey wimey one. i did get one of those today, but the second one still eludes me. my favourite is the green one, but i might change my mind when we get to see the adults.
  20. hi laura, i'm having the same problem i was beginning to think it was because i've been watching a program on tv about dr who i was late realising there were new eggs today, but managed to get a pygmy, a magical and a green. i've only got room for one more, till some of my other eggs hatch. of course i forgot there might be a release, and bred and traded some nice eggs yesterday.
  21. i found this wonderful deep sea http://dragcave.net/lineage/wYpOy thankyou sock puppet strangler
  22. wow, a new bsa! i wasn't even thinking of that possibility. yay! i love the bolts curly tails. i'm really wishing i had some cb coastals and electrics now, so i could breed myself some storm-riders. such gorgeous dragons. thankyou mysfytt.
  23. gorgeous dragons! i especially love the bolts, because they will look great in a lineage with astrapis. thankyou birdz
  24. i have spent years breeding mostly even gens and checkers, and i dislike the look of the new lineage view. i have lineages which have cb dragons named in pairs, and they just look messy now. the spacing between cb dragons now varies depending on the names, and it looks uneven to me. it's harder to see which dragons are pairs. like this one http://dragcave.net/lineage/NJ1s0 it just isn't as aesthetically pleasing to me, which is a big part of why i breed my dragons and spend so much time here. i would totally support an option to switch back to the old version. this affects all lineages, so it's not like a sprite update where you can stop collecting or breeding a dragon if you don't like the changes. it affects the whole purpose of playing, for some of us.