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  1. I just saw one of the current flow ones, but wasn't quick enough to get it.
  2. I totally missed this new release till about an hour ago. Managed to catch a couple of eggs in the forest, and one in the desert. Still trying to work out all the different eggs, and not sure about breeding. My fault for not being very active lately. Must go and read back a few more pages. Delighted that it all involves Xenos, one of my favourite eggs 🙂
  3. I totally missed this release, silly me. I was very happy when I managed to get some eggs today. I hope they are easy to find for a few more days, for those of us who need to catch up.
  4. No idea what I'm doing, but I'm up to round 14, and there's now a zombie attacking my tower. What happens when you get defeated? My line of red dragons is dwindling. I wasn't ready for Halloween, but I'm really glad that the game doesn't require lots of clicking,especially as I'm playing on my phone. I've had a break from dragons for a few months. I'm glad I came back for this.
  5. I was late to notice this release, and only managed to catch a few of the pygmies yesterday, all from the jungle. I traded for a chill egg, which was from the volcano. Yesterday I impatiently bit a misclick, and now I'm still waiting for the dead egg to go away. Sigh. Should have known better than to risk it. Haven't quite got my head around the moving thingy of these otherworldly ones.
  6. Oh my, I hope someone who needs it to gift can take that shimmer. Time zones can be a problem sometimes. I was trying to trade for a xeno, and was offered it while I was asleep. Now the offer has gone.
  7. I have a 2g pipio x dark myst hatchie, if anyone needs one. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  8. Yay! Owls, and the kitty statue is back. I dont have any room left, so I will have to delete something...
  9. i missed the hatchie wall. i saw the inpickupable cb egg wall, then came back and it was all low time commons. i'm hatching and releasing them.
  10. have 3g mistletoe x gold checker, will grow up in a few hours, though i might stun it. want bloodswap, offers? Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  11. yes, it's wonderful to finally have enough resources to repair things, and to build more elaborate things. now i'd like to redo the whole thing, though i probably won't i just got a heap of presents and crystals, after a few hours of hardly any. azure, your forest and garden and orchard, with claudius' castle, is one of my favourites.
  12. i've just experienced live action ice wall bombing...i was repairing my wall, and it kept being bombed again, in exactly the places i fixed who was that secret ice bomber??? i could hardly click fast enough, laughing the whole time.
  13. that's a brilliant idea. i keep having to repair things, so i can move them to find the resources. claudius likes to sit on the presents.
  14. i love the birds and dragons, but i wish there was a cat.
  15. thanks, stormwizard it seems there's a lot of us constantly needing more stone and also wood. it seemed to take me forever to get those stone walls built, and the repairs keep me busy and use up more stone. poor claudius has calmed down again. he's been upset a lot today.
  16. think i've worked out how to add a picture
  17. i've had a lovely time today, playing with snow wars, and making a walled vegetable garden with the available resources. my poor gardener is still living in a tent in the corner, and there isn't room for a potting shed. i can't remember how to post a picture, it's been so long since i tried. i really need more stone and wood. i would like a lot more trees. IRL where i live, it was 37 degrees c, about 99f, a hot summer day, so it was nice to spend time playing with pixel snow. too hot for real gardening outside.
  18. yes, i totally support this. i want to be sure i can remove all the weaponry and decorate, without having to keep repairing things.
  19. i have had several trebuchets, and even a siege tower, and lots of cannons, but i want get on to the decorating. i see them as the means to an end, not the main game. i've had to overrule my pacifist tendencies to do all this attacking, and now i just want to make a garden. sigh.
  20. i'm out of wood now too. i want lots of trees and hedges, and stone walls, but i can't see that i'll ever get enough resources for it. what about the tent? does it stay permanently, or can we upgrade to a castle and make the tent go away? i suppose as it's the entry to the battle and edit options, it has to stay, but it seems a bit out of place once we get the means for building solid structures. apologies if this has previously been mentioned. i skipped a few pages of the thread earlier.
  21. i'm also at level 50, and i need more rocks, because i used them up doing extensive repairs after heavy artillery attacks. i hope we can still get more things. just saw your post, grimm. that's terrible, i hope the glitches get sorted out.
  22. have  mistletoe x gold tinsel 3g checker want bloodswap, other prize checker, offers??? Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! have  mistletoe x gold 3g checker want bloodswap, offers??? Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! have solstice x radiant angel 3g checker want offers... 2g garland x gaia would be auto Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  23. i've finally lost the error page, and got the game to load again. phew. i think it's being a bit glitchy for a few of us. for a while i just had the heading and details of how to play, and a blank space in the middle. now i'm up to level 10, and can see all the new stuff that i don't yet have the ability to get. need more snow and ice...
  24. i can no longer play snow wars. tried to enter the game just after the hour, must have been when maintenance began, and now i just get the tombstone error message i'd got up to level 8, and had tried clearing cache, logging in and out etc.. later, finally, i got the loading page insead of the error message, and now it's working again, though it took ages to load.