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  1. So has anyone gotten out of the bush? Help meeeee! I already cut the bush with the sword, but I can't leave!
  2. Can I find a complete list of items anywhere?
  3. Finally worked for me after clearing my cache. Thanks! Also for the item list, I got an Art Nouveau Fireplace and and Art Nouveau Wardrobe today. Edit; Also have a Miscellaneous Tsunami Plush.
  4. I went across the ice slidey thing and into the next room and I can't find anything else to do there.
  5. What are you supposed to do once you get to the top of the ice temple? Thanks for any help!
  6. Absolutely love the game and have completed 4/5 quests. Can anyone tell where the hide and seek one is? That would be awesome.
  7. 42 eggs... getting there! I think my favorite one is this one. c: