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  1. Hi! My name is Logmister, and I'm a dragon hoarder with ADD Scroll Name and Link: Logmister10 http://dragcave.net/user/Logmister10 PM Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=216516 What list(s) are you currently on? Albino, Canopy, and Coastal Waverunner. What list(s) do you want to be added to or removed from? I would like to be removed from all three lists, and added to Glaucus Drake, and Tsunami Wyvern Do you have a goal number of dragons you would like to shoot for, and if so how many do you already have? I'd like to get 25 of each, and at the moment I have none of either of them Other notes to your breeders: I prefer CB, but I will take what I can get, thanks in advance
  2. Gift Report SomeoneSneaky -> Logmister Breed egg/hatchling of the gift: Canopy Dragon Lineage Link of the gift: http://dragcave.net/lineage/qOlc2
  3. Gift Report Dark_Angel12345 added a Canopy Dragon to my hoard. Lineage Link of the gift: http://dragcave.net/lineage/1wdSF
  4. I'll breed anything that people want though I'm probably not going to have any set partners, I'm more in this to help people, and if they want specific lineages, I'm not going to deny them I'm not on the Dorsal lists, but I still have points dedicated to them, so I'm requesting being readded to the lists, so I don't waste points I think I was forgotten when the forms were remade, and now I'm only on three Extremely Common lists :/ Edit: I just realized, red Dorsal is rare
  5. I will feed the Hoards Logmister10 - Logmister - PM I also hoard: ATM: Canopy, and both Dorsal types. Allow users to PM directly: Yep I want to breed on a specific day: Just when I can. Breeding Limits: By this, I'm assuming you mean what I have? I'll breed whatever you want, if the two can breed. I'm still (Obviously ) collecting dragons, and as soon as I get dragons, I'm open to breeding them.
  6. For some reason I'm no longer on the Dorsal lists, so could I be readded to that? They're two of the five dragons that I'm trying to get.
  7. Gift Report amthystfire Added a Coastal Waverunner to my hoard and its here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/fjDa5
  8. Gift Report ladymatch Added an Albino to my hoard and its here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/y4Lzb
  9. Mine looks like a magic meat market... ;-;
  10. I've been trying really hard to get a Desipis to stick around, I hope that's what I end up with, but I dunno, since it wants more meat, and I already maxed it out 0,0
  11. Hi! My name is Log, and I'm a dragon hoarder What list(s) do you want to be on?: Do you have a goal number of dragons you would like to shoot for, and if so how many do you already have?: I'd like to have at least two of each dragon which is a really high unrealistic number, but eventually at the moment, I have eleven dragons/hatchlings/eggs. Logmister - PM I honestly don't care what the lineages look like, I'd just like to get them. I suppose I'll start with Very Commons. For now: Albino Dragon, Canopy Dragon, Coastal Waverunner, Dorsal Dragon Purple, and Dorsal Dragon Red. Thanks in advance
  12. Generally your family should be able to tell you a lot of it, but there's also a DNA test kit on National Geographic. It's expensive, but I intend to do it when I save enough money.
  13. Mid-teens and 5'6. My grandfather is around 6'3. Unless I get taller, I'm gonna look like a clown, which sucks
  14. "I could care less", Self-pitying people, and when people assume they know literally everything that is going through my mind
  15. Native American, Irish, Mexican, German, and I think that's all
  16. Well, I'm only fifteen, so this may not be the best advice, but I feel that it will be easier to relate to. So, for me, what your parents are doing is extremely wrong. Honestly, whether or not they take your phone away, and do all this stuff, you shouldn't just let them control you like that. Talk to them about it, explain that it stresses you out, exaggerate if you must. And if they refuse to listen, try to fix it yourself. If they say "so you can be successful and we can have a normal daughter. You act like a Numbskull! Always going on about shows or characters in books. We won't have it, you will grow up normal." ask them if you aren't normal enough for them. Ask why you have to be successful over happy. Ask them why they're calling you a numbskull, why are they insulting their child?. With the whole "we want you two to hang out" thing, tell them that you don't want to, they can't really force you to hang out with him. I realize that it's Saturday now, and you probably already went, but if they try to force you to do it again. Good luck, I hope all goes well.