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  1. I'm not fully coming back yet, just... I dunno... It's still gonna be awhile before I get back into things again.
  2. Hi fortune! I can't tell whether I'm hungry or full
  3. Whoa it's been such a long time- sorry...
  4. Sorry about that roughly 3 week hiatus from me, I'll try my best to get some time to get down here properly as soon as I can.
  5. The only Terry Pratchett book I've read is only you can save mankind. It was pretty cool
  6. ((Sorry if this was late or crap or both, I've been pretty busy getting ready for school and stuff. Sorry.)) "So, how do we get to the place from here?" Miteki asked as he stuffed a few cans into his backpack. "I don't know, just give me second, and shut up." Talia replied in an annoyed tone of voice. "Oh, sweet. can I take that?" He completely ignored how he was being asked to shut up and nodded over to the pitch black badass looking rifle. "Nice, it's even got a suppressor." "Take whatever you want, the real question is whether you can use it or not." Talia answered. "Probably can." He switched the lever on the side of the weapon from safe to it's semi-automatic mode, and pulled the slide back. "Yeah. I can." "Take the road and then a left turn..." Talia muttered to herself. "Got it, What did you take?" "A couple of canned food stuff and this gun and this katana thing." "The 'katana thing' is mine." Miteki muttered a small 'Oh' to reply. "Whatever, let's go." She walked towards the door and looked back. "Hurry up." They stepped outside and looked around. She could hear a lot of gunshots and screaming. Not all of them sounded entirely human. There were a group of buildings on fire just a few blocks away. She looked along the road. "Yeah, we can go now." Almost immediately after she said that they saw several people running towards them growling and making not so human-like noises. "One of them doesn't have an arm..." Miteki muttered to himself and they continued running. He swung round and aimed at one that was catching up to them and pulled the trigger. The infected person stopped running and fell down dead. "Left turn!" Talia shouted and roughly pulled Miteki to the right direction. They soon saw soldiers in front of them who quickly dispatched the remaining infected. "It was right here and it took us thirty minutes to locate it." "You mean it took you thirty minutes to locate it." "You didn't even try." She snapped back angrily as they stepped into the enclosure. There were barbed wire and fences surrounding them. "This looks like some kind of POW camp." She muttered as she looked at her surroundings. They could see a few people further inside. "Scan them." A soldier walked towards them and was studying them carefully. "All clean sir." "Good. Welcome." He said to the duo.
  7. Spirit wards? Stealth wards? League of Legends? It's been a long time since I played that. Now I want to play CS GO. Hi guys! School starts next week. Kind of excited. At least my English teacher left... Mistress Fortune? Miss Fortune? League of Legends?
  8. I am slightly more than partially back If I ever was partially back before? Hmm. I'm starting school next week, so just a heads up. Speaking of raining, we had a typhoon here a few days ago. My dad says it was around as strong as hurricane Katrina.
  9. ((Does this mean we're starting or is that just a mini-timeskip?))
  10. Perhaps give me some... Perspective. Hi guys!
  11. ((Do we have an OOC? Oh and when do you plan to begin the zombie apocalypse? Sorry for the load of questions... Oh crap this is crap)) "Would you like to try the new drug?" That was the most common sentence on the streets now. Now he was being offered 'the new drug'. "Free trial." "No thank you." The only answer he gave them. He then walked away. He gave a few glances at the shops and the advertisements here and there, but most of the advertisements were on the streets were on the Fountain of Life. He didn't exactly want immortality, and besides that he was still just a university student who was on a tight budget anyway. He continued past the TV shop, and refused another offer for the 'new drug'.
  12. ((Where is the zombie apocalypse centered at? Or where is the majority of the RP going to take place in? We should have a suicidal running zombie that is covered in green globs of glowing acid that explodes when it gets close to people or when you kill it (Starcraft Banelings yeahh) I am at a serious loss as to how to post right now, so I'll just hang around for a bit...))
  13. Miteki sat back. He had been clicking rapidly for the past few hours, and finally looked away from his computer screen, instead looking at another screen. It was saying something about the Dr. Alan Leonards and his immortality medicine. Or something. He didn't really follow the news about this stuff. He looked at it for a few more moments and turned back to his screen. ((I'll figure out how to put in Talia))
  14. Yeah, and you pretty much won't see me for a week because I'll be off the computer for that time, due to a trip. Meeting my sister in HK.
  15. Due to some personal problems I may not be as active here or on the forums in general. I'm not sure how long this will last. I may be just not active, very inactive, or perhaps even completely inactive for I don't know how long. I hope this will be fixed soon, but in the meantime expect me not to be online or active very often. I seriously have no idea what is going to happen to me from this point on. As of now I will try my best to post, but please don't expect too much from me. Sorry guys.
  16. I used to watch SCII. I supported the Korean dude who- what's he called again? He's really good with his bio terran build. He lost against Bomber, in the World series, but he's won a bunch of other tournaments... Got it. He's Taeja. He's awesome. MC is he still active?
  17. Greetings! My sister is having fun in America. The rain is clearing here. Anyone support or at least watch csgo pro matches? I'm starting to. I love EnVyUs.
  18. I think they act pretty much like humans yes. As for character maximums I'm not sure, but he did seem to allow me to make two so I think two is fine?
  19. All that is needed is a Boomer like infected, and then something like the Witch, and then this becomes a Left4Dead 2 RP. Yes I am going to make another character. I have decided. I'll try and get it up now... I might not be able to finish it now, but... - Username: SULDhasno - Character Name: Talia - Gender: Female - Age: Looks about 20, is actually about less than a year old - Type: Doll - Series: Series II - Description: She has long red hair that she usually keeps in a ponytail, with a set of matching olive eyes. She is really quite tall, about on the average of 22 year olds, and with her usual cold-seeming face she does verge a little on the intimidating side, which she can sometimes be. - Personality: A little on the arrogant side, Talia comes out as a slightly hot-headed person who isn't really the type you want to mess around with. Also a rather reckless person who is perfectly capable and quite likely the most probable to step up to a 1v200 situation, of course the 1 side being her. She is quite good, no, very good at ending things like lives and can do it rather easily. Fortunately she enjoys ending zombie apocalypse victims more than ending things like people. Although she is quite capable of recklessly jumping into a horde of zombie apocalypse victims guns blazing she is actually very intelligent, although sometimes she doesn't bother using it. - History: - Other: Can I still have a digistruct-ing katana?
  20. Thanks! I'm not sure if I'm still going to add in another guy, I probably will, but I'm not sure when that's going to happen... Yeah, I know that silencers are mainly to suppress muzzle flash and the sound is still about 130 decibels. Or something. Ok, so it has to be a hit to the head. Reminds me of what's it called Contagion or something. I think it's called that. I am seriously a game nerd that ironically doesn't spend a lot of time playing video games.
  21. Sorry, I don't get what you are referring to with the apostles and archangels. But thanks for the clarification. Although, I still have another question. Sorry for firing so many at you. Is shooting or decapitating them or otherwise damaging their head the only way to kill them or is it like L4D where even a body shot may be enough? EDIT: Is my dude accepted? My char sheets tend to be on the short side... It would be cool if it had silencers that actually make as much noise as all those video games make them out to be...
  22. This reminds me of Left 4 dead 2 I've only played that once Count me in! EDIT: Reading through this again, this seriously sounds like Left 4 dead 2 For becoming infected, is it like almost immediately or is it sort of a few days before the symptoms start to occur? And does it only happen by getting bitten or is it like world war z where even just a scratch can cause it? Oh yeah, and which of them can infect as well? And do the reapers make a list based on what happened before they became all zombie-like or is it just random? I'm going to try and get a sheet up - Username: SULDhasno - Character Name: Miteki Kurasuma - Gender: Male - Age: 18 - Type: Human - Series: - Description: He has short spiky black hair and a set of matching dark brown eyes. He seems pretty tall, which he is, partially from the usual style of his hair. Average build, a little bit on the scrawny side. - Personality: A easy-going and relaxed person. Be it in the middle of a match in a game or a life or death situation he still keeps his somewhat apathetic or bored expression on his face. A rather 'meh' attitude to most things. Despite how he looks like he couldn't care less about it he takes gaming very, very seriously. May seem overall intimidating with him being tall and with his face expression but he actually is a relatively friendly person. - History: Went from learning the alphabet straight to learning how to play counter-strike. Pretty much had a normal childhood life, aside from constantly topping his classes and playing video games and doing homework in his room almost simultaneously. He accomplished both with flying colours. All his teachers liked him, and hardly any students hated him. It may be because a possible confrontation with him possibly out of jealousy and overall violent tendencies caused a couple of broken noses. Of course, the victim came out relatively unscathed. - Other: I might make another?