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  1. Okay guys I have been waiting for Guild to come back if anyone does things in the visintiy of my people please PM me. I'm still alive I just haven't been paying attention because of lack of admin. Can someone give me a recap?
  2. For those curious I found Ayano's headcanonn voice. Bonus there is piano and singing so this is exactly what she does. Thank You Lizz for being an awesome singer and giving my Magi a voice.
  3. And the central market it WAS. Shoes knocking on an enchanting cobble stone street the short girl look from shop to shop to shop. They are lovely! Truly..... After a moments her brows knit as she chew her lips. But Why must them all loo so similar! It's a mental wail and a fruitless on at that. Her cafe was in a smaller district of town. Here the streets her were lined with shops with light pink shingled rooves. Delicate scalloping decorates on most of their edges. Come On UTA think! Oniisan brought you to it once you.just.have.too.-" Her head whips back and forth helplessly lost when WHAM! S
  4. ((Not really sure where Saya is right now though Corney I appreciate you giving me some idea. This is still going to be hella short because of the reasons above and in unanswered previously asked questions.) Saya cruses a long on her dragon and produces three more rings of fire. She wobbles between her two boys, her dragon disappearing and reappearing, ahead behind or under her. She seems to have made a friend. "WELL boys~" She says to each of them. "Last one through the third ring, makes us supper!" And with this she motors off towards the first ring.
  5. Ayano awoke to the warm smell of tamagoyaki (rolled omelet) and sunlight cascading through her blinds. With a stretch she slips out of plush pink covers and to her vanity. You are awesome! Giving herself a grin and a thumbs up the adolescent trots out of her room, down the hall clad with paintings and photographs. Her bare feet pad soft carpet past her brother’s room(right) and further down, the study(left)eventually ending a few meters from the door. Here she take another left into the small kitchen/dining room/front room combo. Clapping her hands once at the beautiful display and hurrying
  6. ((Hello fellows! I'm new, my character just got approved. Her name is Uta Ayano feel free to check her out. My second post will be a response to the time skip this is just what she has been doing tonight/next morning)) A circle of intricate design illuminated pink to those with the eyes to see it shatters like glass! Shades too light to find earth’s physics appealing bust out words and fade along with the body of an adolescent girl. Everything was fading seal included. Ayano came next, falling out of the skyskrappers’s wall and landing with dull thud on another roof top. Here she kne
  7. (Can't post Saya till I know what people want from her) Vanil nods taking in his companions words and observing her body language as she closes herself off from him. Pity I would have liked to talk more. He yawns showing a full array of wickedly sharp teeth. But I guess it can't be helped. "If you need anything you may wake me." His voice is pleasant and soft as always like his face. "Do it gently and take a step back after you are sure I am roused." With this he leans over on his side and using his hand as a pillow curls up, falling asleep rapidly.
  8. (Saya and all the teachers have introduced themselves. Vanil did but very very early so if Az was late he probably missed it. I'll give you Vanil's explanation via Pm because it is kind of long Someone tell me they knwo OSR) Saya slowly drifts down from her dragon with an invisible but felt pout. Her eyes lid in distaste. "Awww c'mon guys~ I was hopping for a race! Why did you-" She looks at Azazel who seems to be drifting away from himself only to reform. "Yo Kid you okay?" He looks confused. Unlike Azazel Saya has an excellent comprehension of shade travel and this form is as
  9. (Coryn02, take your time I'm going to hold so you can get a post in. TG You didn't stop Vanil so I assume he made contact) There is a pleasing warmth to this ones hand. "Fair enough." Vanil turns his face from hers and smiles pleasantly at the void space before him. She is quite this one...still. "They are fascinating creatures are they not?" Her hand rest with his thumb on her palm, and lean fingers supporting the back, joined they rest i the space between.
  10. Hearing Viverra's voice Vanil regards her with a pleasant smile. A light winds blows as common this close to the void. Should I tell her about Patrice? It would be unwise. Maybe a half truth? His lips quirk at this. I am my fathers son. "Ahhhh For the good of my peers I will not take the traditional form and thus cannot join them. I was birthed of a greater demon you see." The latter part of his statement ends like an explanation. As if it were OBVIOUS that anyone would know being the son of a greater demon would unleash some hellish force should the male take to his natural state. Slowly as
  11. ((Saya's shade form eyes eyes)) Busy having the time of her life Saya pulls up directly in front of Asceil, a shockingly realistic heart surrounded by an aura of dark yellow beats in the center of her black shadowy form. Smokes twirls like a chimney from what would be the creature head and a bright flaming halo hovers like goal post. In her claws or well under is a void dragon. "Beatcha to it!" She hollars to the guardian as he passes her in the wrong way. There is a flash of teeth an nothing more as her 'lips' close again. She gives thumbs up as she passes Azazel and winks as if he were
  12. Saya looks over the group then looks to the repaired door and the fading teacher. "Welp I'm going! God Luck you guys!"... Bolting down the halls Saya is quick to follow on Asceil'd heels. "WHOOOO" And then one up him by diving off into the void completely. Vanil blinks sleepily at the space where Saya once was...he then looks to his screaming companions very much wanting to resume his name. "Are you guys going too?" (Sorry this was so small guys I was half awake but really wanted to post)
  13. (Also guys I just realized(Thank You Gyth) that Thad is a god...so just assume Az is in his place. If that is okay with Coryn? ) "Oh great you burn stuff too! Looks like we have something in common!" Grinning with enthusiasm Saya's ears click to the squeak behind the couch. Okay so I scared one....not bad. Turning her head about the room her words tumble nonchalantly. "Saya, Saya Ash. Didn't I already say that? and I broke the door because I felt like." Taking a deep breath she jumps off the table landing to close to Vanil who flinches and watchers her mornfully. Leaning down really low t
  14. I am sure void dragons are way cooler than this but if you made the purple pars out or miasma and the gold bits(save the crown/mask) lighting that flickered through the miasma. This how I picture Void Dragon. The black orb is what they collect soul matter in. Void Dragon
  15. (SO in my mind. Asciel is on a couch on once side of the room. Vivi is to his left next to the couch opposite of Az. Vanil is opposite Asciel. The coffee table is a little to the right smack in the middle of these two.) CRASH!!! With an unexpected shriek the door hinges of the demon dorm living room brake free sending the unfortunate door screaming across the room. There it collides with the coffee table in the center. It an explosion of action the door brakes, hald lunging forward and smashing against the opposite wall. The other half falls back onto the rub softly. “BOOM BABY!” In
  16. Coryn02 Google is your friend. Vanil's I found WAY long ago on a site called photobucket.com I thought it was cute so I saved the image.
  17. Player:Traveler Character name: Saya Ash Age: 18 Demon/Demigod:Demon Godly/Demonic parent(s): Asmodeus & Ash Asmodeus is the patron demon of Lust and a demon prince be he male or female. Ash is a random victim of charm. Ash is my random unnamed demon but hey makes no sense if your dad doesn’t have a name. Lust is obvious, Ash’s power is probably obvious too. He’s a fire demon, pretty powerful one but not like demon prince level power, just moderate,powerful enough not to get beaten up when he is fighting back for real. They both visit her though Amodeus rarer
  18. First off I am glad you like my suggestions! You will need to inform out awesome admin though because his profile has already been posted. I am in the process of making another character, I hope you like her. What do you think of Vanil? Secondly. It's your character so what you do or don't keep if up to you but here is my view on your last post. That sounds like a democratic government to me friend. Anything where a group of individuals gather to decided something seems like a democratic government. I just don't picture giant behemoth zombies caring enough to do this. Windig
  19. Gildraug (Man we have all the quiet male demons. I bet it is because the women are so fiery! Also I realized I want Vanil to be taller than Rune can you give him another inch or two? Also I think I am going to make another character if only to move us. I like sleepy character but they are only usefull in actively moving plots amongest positive energy characters. SO I'll get to work on that.) Coryn02 You wanted constructive criticism yes? Please feel free to give my character(Vanil) a review as well. For starters I really dig your birth story as you got the lore right
  20. ((Sorry that I am not super fast on the uptake to this. I unfortunately have just been really unenthused. We are sort of dragging through and nothing is really happening and our guardian obviously isn't going to make an attempt at it so we are all just sorta sitting and not doing anything worth posting) Vanil nods and greets each of his teachers in turn glad once the main group moves to the living room. He likeswise greets the wraith of a student who appears from the shadows(that would be Thad). I have questions, lots really....but it appears our instructor is would rather we not...so I w
  21. MrSpyro Point taken I did list that as a possibility in my above post. Fractional Pi Day For starters sorry to here you have been sick. I hope you get better soon. Also I did note that multiple people could use a grief seed if they didn't expend to much magic. Finally I know only one grief seed has been show so far but there have been multiple mentions of people having plenty of grief seeds or not being worried because they are so numerous. I could find and quote them but I don't want to call people out.
  22. Still building my magi but this was needed here. Also unless it got changed for the rp one seed cleans one gem fully or you can divy it up and get partial unless the users didn't use much magic. I don't understand why everyone has so many seeds. Witches cause disasters! Unless this city is doomed, a lot of people are dying, you are really good at scouring outside the city or tons of magi are dying people should not have an abundance of these things. @n@ Maybe the twins because they were here first and it is a big city but the rest of us?? Hell no! The turf wars are rough! For those
  23. "Vanil Pheles, I like art and sleep." Already tired duel colored eyes close brieftly as pesdo light filters down from the heavens. Here at the bottom of the world there simply is no moon, no sun a tad morbid but then again we are demons. (Sorry my responses are so puny we aren't really doing anything so I don't have much to reply too.)