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  1. Happy Birthday DC! New releases are so beautiful, thanks TJ!
  2. So pretty! I like Alpine's starry sky. Thanks!
  3. Well... I'm eaten. 😄😄😄 Happy April Fools' Day!
  4. Happy Valentine's Day! The new dragons are so pretty, hope they are good mates with Floral-Crowned dragons!
  5. I have raised 3 Sea Serpents (1 Deep Sea, 2 Waters) today Dec 29, but Monthly Raffle still said: Entry Requirements Raise 2/3 adult sea serpents. And now it's too late to raise another one. Help! https://dragcave.net/view/1WQ8E https://dragcave.net/view/FObQj https://dragcave.net/view/Mexyu It seems that only Deep Sea have this bug. If I had read this post earlier and chose 3 Waters, it seems too late now.
  6. Have: 8 CB ER Arcana hatchlings, 2 pairs influenced (z codes and TJ code(s)), 4 uninfluenced. Want: / a 2G Prize. (My dream is female Gold Prize x male Leodon.) PM me please! Thank you very very much!!!
  7. Have: a CB Winter Magi hatchling Please see other posts for my all trades. Want: / a CB Snow Angel hatchling or egg / a CB Garland 2017 = AUTO (I missed the new eggs.) / a CB Holly = AUTO Thanks very much for the trade!
  8. 5 CB eggs, enjoy! 2 Red Fire Gems Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 2 Green Fire Gems Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! a Paper Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  9. Pretty new releases! Thanks TJ!
  10. Beautiful and so many new releases! Thanks TJ and spriters!
  11. New releases are beautiful, and one is new hybrid! Thanks TJ!
  12. Happy birthday Dragon Cave! And I love the pretty eggs, thanks TJ!
  13. Happy Easter! Collected all eggs now, thank you, TJ!
  14. So beautiful eggs and descriptions. And I like the orange one, I'll breed them with shiny dragons. Thank you TJ!
  15. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! New eggs are beautiful, a bit like the snow falling I think. Thanks TJ!
  16. New release! I love this one's description, and now the golden hatchings looks so shiny. Waiting for the other colors, I think they're beautiful partners with Moonstones. Thanks TJ!
  17. I like this wards and the new egg! Late at night/when spirits are at play, these eggs glow bright/to keep evil away. Thank you, TJ!
  18. Oh, the new eggs are so beautiful! I prefer the colors of desert, jungle, and forest one. The coast one reminded me of Solstice, so pity that I have none CB Solstice. And it's a bit similar as alpine and volcano one. The hatchlings are also very cute, can't wait to see the adult dragons and hope breed them with Gemshards. I missed the release's day, but now I collected one of each biome and egglocked pleasantly.
  19. Finally I got 2 of each! Thank you, TJ!
  20. Happy birthday DC! Three new breeds! I'm locked and tried to hatch eggs.